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  1. I have not even got that far as yet.
  2. I would agree that the Meng kit is a bit of a difficult build as I am having a trying time with one at the moment.
  3. So far so good, but I have only put a few bits together. I will let you how things progress when I have more done.
  4. That does sound interesting. Any Desert Storm aircraft included?
  5. Thanks for that it does actually confirm what I was thinking, after seeing various other jet aircraft look similar to this in that they have the airframe colour for part of the intake and then the rest being white.
  6. I am making the Meng F-106 and would like to know the colour of the full intake trunking. The kit instructions state the same as the whole airframe (ADC Grey), but would just like confirmation.
  7. I do not know about US Army Chinooks, but in the RAF we could fit mini guns to the front right and left windows and have the M240D on the ramp. If you can find some pictures of RAF Chinooks being used in the Gulf War 1991 by the Special Forces flight they may show them. The had tubes mounted by the guns to catch the spent cartridges. This combination has been used in many Operations post the Gulf one, or some sort of variation of it. Have a look here. https://www.aviationphotocompany.com/p934046062/h35de1aa2#h35de1aa2
  8. Any CH-46Es but especially the brown schemed ones that were used in the Gulf War 1991 in either 1/72 or 1/48.
  9. Thanks for that. I am looking to make one of the TARPs aircraft as I have all that I want for that apart for the markings.
  10. Thanks for the information. That would be my second option, but my preferred scale is 1/72
  11. Sorry to jump onto this thread, but I have been looking for 1/72 decals for a line VF-32 Tomcat from this time period. I can find decals for the CAG aircraft and markings for before and post this time period but not for Desert Storm. If anyone can help I will be very grateful.
  12. Second the Art Model kit.
  13. F-dcal do a sheet for the 72 Series, but that is all. It would however be nice to have a sheet including the SARIGUE aircraft.
  14. Especially if there are some Desert Storm aircraft that have not been done before.
  15. Battle Damage Repair. Used as old disused aircraft for training in this art rather than an in use aircraft.
  16. The Revell kit is the Airfix/Heller kit reboxed.
  17. Second that thought. Please include some from Op Falconer (Australian Op Iraqi Freedom).
  18. Sorry to read what is happening, but I would always rather give my money to the decal maker knowing that 100% of this will go back into developing and producing more decals.
  19. I used the late model when I made one of these.
  20. Although not a FB the first F-111E (S/N 68-0050) at RAF Upper Heyford to be painted grey had a grey radome.
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