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  1. Sorry to read what is happening, but I would always rather give my money to the decal maker knowing that 100% of this will go back into developing and producing more decals.
  2. I used the late model when I made one of these.
  3. Although not a FB the first F-111E (S/N 68-0050) at RAF Upper Heyford to be painted grey had a grey radome.
  4. Thank you for your answers, and I think that I have found the aircraft that I am going to make.
  5. I know that during the 80s that the colour scheme of the C-141Bs changed from the Grey/White to Euro 1, but were some aircraft still in the Grey/White scheme at the time of Op Desert Storm? I only ask as I am making a model of one from this time period and would prefer to make one in the Grey/White scheme.
  6. Thanks for that, one now on order, jus have to wait for Caracals sheet for a C-5A.
  7. Question. Can a C-5A be build from this C-5B kit?
  8. I have a couple of questions about C-5 as I am not sure of which version of your decal sheet that I should buy. I am wanting to make a C-5 from the Gulf conflict of 1990/1, and I know that both the A and B versions of the aircraft were used. What I do not know is what are the main differences between these two versions and are they obvious? I think that what I am mainly asking is could I make an A version from the B kit? This I ask because the price of the Roden kit has made me decide that I can only but one kit to make the model that I would like to. This would then lead me to ask which of yo
  9. Yes that maybe but they do not do some of the unusual schemes that the UMSC had in the Gulf of 1991.
  10. A suggestion for 1/72 and 1/48. CH-46. Many nations use these as well as USMC.
  11. According to the brilliant web site Dstorm.eu they were painted FS30219, FS30279 and FS36375. The following link gives the paints that match these colours. http://dstorm.eu/pages/color/usa.html Hope that this is of some help.
  12. Now in stock at Hobbyterra, but at $119.
  13. This sheet would be nice as a 1/72nd sheet.
  14. I put Tornado GR1B into google and found a few when looking through the images provided.
  15. Some nice pictures there. A couple of questions, does anyone make any decals for a Desert storm UH-1, and what kit and updates would I need to make one from this period? I ask because I have been unable to find any decals unless I have to cobble several decal sheets to do this, and most of the kits I see are either D or H versions. Not being up on my UH-1s id there any difference externally between these versions. Thanks in advance for any help.
  16. Try the web site dstorm.eu. There are many photos of many of the aircraft that were involved in the conflict.
  17. There are also some photos on the web site dstorm.eu. If you go to "Planes and nose art" you will find a section or all the countries involved, click on UK and then on Tornado GR1.
  18. I have one of these kits and the Scalemaster decals sheet., but now I have the Meng kit I have been waiting for a decal sheet like this.
  19. I will definitely get one of the 1/72nd sheets.
  20. We at Wyton went across to Alconbury in 1985, but I am sure that Alconbury came across to us in 1984. Our Sqn housed the TR-1s, whilst our ultra secret Nimrod R1s were parked outside.
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