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  1. We at Wyton went across to Alconbury in 1985, but I am sure that Alconbury came across to us in 1984. Our Sqn housed the TR-1s, whilst our ultra secret Nimrod R1s were parked outside.
  2. Having been stationed at RAF Wyton during the early 1980s, which is only a few miles from RAF Alconbury ( and also being on the base when our runway was being repaired) I only saw single seat F-5Es there.
  3. There were also Chinook HC3s. Each aircraft type has its own version designation, Chinooks being HC 1-6, and Merlin HC 1-4 so far. I know that the initial version of the Merlin is not HC 1, but something alse which I cannot think of at this moment in time, but you get what I mean.
  4. And never belonged to the Army, but the Royal Air force.
  5. I am sure that Dragon/Italeri do a 1/200 C-141B.
  6. Both sheets ordered.
  7. Looking fwd to the "Shifting Sands" sheet, especially the F-111E. Been looking to try and get markings together to make this one, now they are on a sheet. Many thanks for doing this. Would it be possible to do some of the Sand/Brown Ch-46s that were used in Op Desert Storm?
  8. There were a few C-141Bs that were in natural metal. These aircraft that was pressed into service straight after a major overhaul to serve as part of Op Desert Storm such was the requirement for air lift aircraft. They had no unit markings and some photos of them are at www.dstorm.eu.
  9. You would be better off getting the revel GR4 kit and deleting the applicable GR4 equipment to make a GR1. The GR4 also comes with more appropriate RAF weapons pylons than the IDS version. This I the way that I am going to go when I get around to making an Op Granby Tornado GR1.
  10. A big thank you to Dave as the decal sheet that he sent me arrived today.
  11. Thanks for that. The reason that I ask is that I ordered a sheet of these decals many moons ago when the idea for them was first put about. I got a message from Dave saying that they were being printed several months ago, but I have heard nothing since, especially after seeing this post. I have tried contacting Dave through e-mail and PMing him, but to no avail. I do also understand that Dave does all the work for the company himself, but a message would not hurt.
  12. ZG479/69 was the first of the Harriers that were deployed to Ahmed Al Jaber in Op Telic (OIF) to have a sharkmouth applied, and as you say in this case a smaller red/white only one. The Harriers that had the fuller (red/black/white) sharkmouth during this deployment were ZD408/37 and ZG859/91.
  13. The one on the Italeri kit and Model alliance (The Aviation Workshop) decal sheet is from an aircraft that was on OP Warden in the 90s and was only for a photo shoot. The other sharkmouths are from aircraft on OP Telic (OIF) in 2003. The Italeri kit has the wrong Ser No, whilst the Model Alliance sheet is correct.
  14. The aircrafts Ser No was ZD408/WK and it was applied for a one off photo shoot during OP Warden. There is a line drawing in the Crowood book on the Harrier on page 156, a photo in World Air Power Issue No 22 on page 6. The Aviation Workshop (Now defunct) made a decal for the GR7 Harrier with this scheme on, it being MA-72102 in 1/72 or MA-48102 in 1/48. Hope that this is of some help.
  15. I would also get one, as I would have preferred this scale to the 48th one already ordered.
  16. Does Jordan operate Hawks?
  17. That was the RAF St Athan Station Flight and a decal sheet in the 3 major scales has been done by Euro Decals.
  18. They also did a sheet in 1/72.
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