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  1. I have seen it at the UK nationals and yes it is very good, but also pricey.
  2. It would be nice if you could include some of the Aussie F-18s from Op Falconer (Australia in OIF). A company in Australia did make a sheet many years ago but they disappeared rather quickly and there has been nothing since.
  3. Got mine today and all I can say is wow. Roll on the Mirage sheet.
  4. The aircraft would only have been repainted as they went through major servicing at RAF St Athan. There was a dedicated team set up for these aircraft and only one went through the system when I was based there (87-89). As a major took about 6 months to complete I don't think that many went through by the time that they were retired and replaced by the FGR2s.
  5. I have just finished my EA-6B using this set, and found the detail very good indeed, and it did fit well after a bit of fettling.
  6. Could not agree more. Could this sheet be made available in 1/72, because again the only option that I have seen for bomb bay nose art from desert Storm is "toxic Avenger" and there are lots more better ones than that.
  7. That is Thumrait in Southern Oman. The Jaguars in the background are Royal Air Forces ones before the detachment moved to Bahrain.
  8. Got my kit today, so I will look forward to this sheet coming out.
  9. According to the Gulf War Debrief book he flew F-15C 85-0114 when he got his two kills. One being a MiG-29 on 19th Jan and the other being a MiG-23 on the 26th Jan. I do not know of a decal sheet bur if you go to the web site dstorm.eu there has a list of all decal sheets made.
  10. The Sqn hierarchy got very upperty when a picture was published in Flight Magazine after one of the aircraft was intercepted over Sweden by Viggens.
  11. Yet again another go. That is the lot now. Yes it is very rare to get pictures of 51 Sqn Nimrods, because at the that I was on the Sqn even the outside of the aircraft was classed as secret. We did have an offical photo of XW664 taken and even that was from a very obscure angle. Also note that in the black/ white photo showing XW665 it has the original hook type aerials on the tailplanes rather than the later bigger finlets.
  12. Hopefully this has worked as at the moment I am losing the will to live. Well only one it has. I don't know what I am doing wrong, but I do the same thing every time to try and get a picture to come up But some do not want to. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?
  13. Hopefully some of the pictures that did not get onto the last post. Sorry still not being able to post these pictures, will try when at home.
  14. Here are some of the pictures that I took of the 51 Sqn Nimrods at RAF Wyton around 1986/7. The badge on the fin was placed on a circular panel which was removed when the aircraft went for majpor servicing at RAF Kinloss and a plain hemp one put in its place. When the aircraft returned from this servicing the painted panel was then given to our Sqn artist (Steven Booth, who was then given the task of restoring it to its proper glory. He had a lrge metal panel in the shape of a goose which he then used as a template to get the correct position before he started. In the black and white photo tak
  15. I do have some photos from when I served on 51 Sqn back in the mid eighties. The reason the photos were taken is because we actually had all 3 aircraft serviceable and on line for once, so a flypast at RAF Wyton was allowed. Normally we were not allowed to take any pictures of the aircraft under any circumstances due to security and secrecy, but for this flypast we were but only of aircraft in the air. Somehow I managed to get a few whilst they were on the ground and will try and post in the next few days to see if they are of ant use to you.
  16. I have been looking forward to a sheet like this for ages, as I think that the door art on Col Whitley's aircraft is one of the worst from that time period. Could you also release it in 1/72, as again the Cols aircraft is usually to only option from ODS.
  17. Would any aircraft with nose art from D Storm and OIF be included?
  18. I have been looking for VF-32 TARPS line aircraft for years but have had no luck. To be honest there is not much out there for 1/72nd scale Tomcats A or A+ versions.
  19. There is a picture of a Tornado F2 prototype (Still in prototype colours) taking off from Boscombe Down showing the aircraft fitted with 4 drop tanks in a Tornado book by Jon Lake.
  20. I thought that this may be the case. The only reason I asked if there was a paint available is because on Brian's instructions above he gives paint mixes for FS30279 and 30140, but does not for FS33475. This led me to think that a commercial paint was out there. If someone could possibly give me a starting point that would be great.
  21. Can anyone help with a paint source for FS33475 and 30279? I think that the latter maybe similar to the colour painted on RAF aircraft in the Gulf Conflict of 1991, but I would like confirmation of this.
  22. Brian or anyone else have a clue with FS 33475 and 30279 as I cannot find these as commercial paints anywhere?
  23. Thank you very much indeed, really appreciated.
  24. Can anyone help with these questions? please.
  25. I am making this aircraft using the Wolfpak decals sheet, but I have conflicting advise on one of the colours of the paint scheme. As I also have the Afterburner decal sheet for this aircraft for a future build, I have consulted this and this is where the contradiction occurs. On the Wolfpak sheet the main colour is quoted as FS 33475 (FS 30400 being crossed out), whilst the Afterburner sheet says that it is FS 20400. I know that both companies that make the decal sheets do a lot of research or even have people who were there help them with the decal sheets, but which colour is correct? Anoth
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