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  1. Thanks for the answer, and I hope that you do as I would like some Desert Storm KC-135s on the display that I do.
  2. That looks very nice indeed. Will the sheet include KC-135s from Desert Storm and the subsequent operations with all of the nose art?
  3. That will be another model to the collection of Michigan ANG aircraft.
  4. I have been trying to find some from ODS, the brown/sand camoed ones, but so far nothing.
  5. Canuck Models products do a set of decals for the F-101 canopy seals.
  6. Expert Choice decals did both of these as I have them, whether they are still for sale or not I do not know.
  7. Have you thought of making the above in any other scale, say at least 1/48th.
  8. I would like to see some decals for the EC-130 (RR) from the 193rd SOG of the PA ANG that operated in the gulf around 1990/91, plus some other special aircraft that operated in Desert Storm.
  9. Really like the idea of these sheets, will definitely buy some of them especially for the AIM-54. Although a 1/72nd modeller I would also like to see them in other scales.
  10. As has been mentioned earlier the Tornado F3 did not carry any Alarm missiles during Op Telic,but the Tornado GR4 did and I have seen photos of them carrying 4 missiles, two under the fuselage and one on each of the outboard rails of the inner wing pylons. Hope that this helps.
  11. It would be good to see some Alconbury aircraft.
  12. I like this idea, also if some of the EC-130(RR) of the 193 S.O.G of the Pennsylvannia ANG of that time period could be done, that would be very nice
  13. Thanks for that. I shall hopefully have my two finished this weekend.
  14. Where can I find the correct details of the antenna fit of the Polish MiG-29? I have tried the web site references on the decal instruction sheet but it does not go there.
  15. Berna Decals do a sheet (Sepecat Jaguar Part 2) that has both a 3 and 4 tone scheme for french Jags. It says that the 3 tone one was used in the Gulf war, whilst the 4 tone one was used at Red Flag, but I do know that the 4 tone one was also used in the Gulf war as this is the one that I am making.
  16. I got one of the transport kits whilst on holiday in Krakow last week, very nice indeed with one of 14 helicopters to choose from.
  17. I know that to be the case as I have recently bought two kits, but I am after one of the other options on the sheet that being the North Dakota one. So that is why I asked if it could possibly be reduced to 1/72nd.
  18. Will this sheet also be scaled down into 1/72nd?
  19. Thanks for the help. I do have another question, which is does the 18A+ version have the double chaff buckets or just the single ones under the intakes fitted?
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