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  1. Can anyone help with these questions? please.
  2. I am making this aircraft using the Wolfpak decals sheet, but I have conflicting advise on one of the colours of the paint scheme. As I also have the Afterburner decal sheet for this aircraft for a future build, I have consulted this and this is where the contradiction occurs. On the Wolfpak sheet the main colour is quoted as FS 33475 (FS 30400 being crossed out), whilst the Afterburner sheet says that it is FS 20400. I know that both companies that make the decal sheets do a lot of research or even have people who were there help them with the decal sheets, but which colour is correct? Anoth
  3. Here are a couple of photos that I took at Saddam Hussein Int Airport at Baghdad in May 2003. I am not sure of what mark of H-47 and H-60 these are, but they were in the restricted area of the airport. I was on a party that was repairing a RAF Chinook that landed a little short of the airports runway after running our of fuel and was air lifted to the airport. The lads of the Chinook Sqn that were there were very helpful to us.
  4. Does this sheet include MH-60s and MH-47s from D storm and OIF, if so I will be looking at getting a sheet.
  5. As Floyd said it is for track and balance of the head and blade. We put swopped two Aft blades over one time not on purpose)before we took the aircraft on a ground run and wondered why we the readings that we were getting were worst than the previous run. It was only after the Chinook had stopped the run and the people who were doing the test walked off the rear ramp and looked up that the mistake was spotted. Luckily the Chinook did not go flying, although I think that the readings and the pilots may have felt something was odd before it would have taken off. On Royal Air Force Chinooks all t
  6. Kits-World decals are releasing two sheets that cover this time period in both 1/48 and 1/72.
  7. When the Tornados were used in Op Desert Fox as part of the UK Op Bolton, although flown by aircrew from a different Sqn the aircraft kept the Sqn markings from which they came from. This included aircraft from 12 Sqn in both the green/grey and all grey schemes with the big and small dart on the nose. There were also aircraft from 2,9,14 and 617 Sqns, all with the white triangle with the union jack within and full colour Sqn markings.
  8. Glad that the Iraqi scheme has been added to this sheet.
  9. Sorry to say that I do not know where you have got this information from and I am not trying to get into some sort of competition. Every article in books and magazines that I have read on the Iraqi Air Force has always stated that the shortened version is IrAF, this includes an article in Int Air Power Review Vol 26 and the book Iraqi Fighters by Tom Cooper and Brig. Gen. Ahmad Sadik (who served in the Air Force). I agree with your assessment that this Air Force maybe called IAF now, but surely this would be the Indian Air Force?
  10. That does look rather different, and it is IrAF. Has the IrAF changed its Roundel from the triangle?
  11. Thanks for the answer, and I hope that you do as I would like some Desert Storm KC-135s on the display that I do.
  12. That looks very nice indeed. Will the sheet include KC-135s from Desert Storm and the subsequent operations with all of the nose art?
  13. That will be another model to the collection of Michigan ANG aircraft.
  14. I have been trying to find some from ODS, the brown/sand camoed ones, but so far nothing.
  15. Canuck Models products do a set of decals for the F-101 canopy seals.
  16. Expert Choice decals did both of these as I have them, whether they are still for sale or not I do not know.
  17. Have you thought of making the above in any other scale, say at least 1/48th.
  18. I would like to see some decals for the EC-130 (RR) from the 193rd SOG of the PA ANG that operated in the gulf around 1990/91, plus some other special aircraft that operated in Desert Storm.
  19. Really like the idea of these sheets, will definitely buy some of them especially for the AIM-54. Although a 1/72nd modeller I would also like to see them in other scales.
  20. As has been mentioned earlier the Tornado F3 did not carry any Alarm missiles during Op Telic,but the Tornado GR4 did and I have seen photos of them carrying 4 missiles, two under the fuselage and one on each of the outboard rails of the inner wing pylons. Hope that this helps.
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