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  1. Hello again. Sorry to say this but I have had another look at the photo of your model and almost all of the etch metal grills that you have added to the airframe is also Mk2 Chinook style only. The bits on the forward pylon are not required and the bits on the top of the rear pylon could be moved a little more forward. I will try and find a photo to show this.
  2. Some good work there, but the RAF CHinooks that operated in Op Granby did not have the cut out at the front of the rear pylon, that is Mk2 Chinooks that were delivered to the RAF from 1993 onwards. Have a look at the pictures that Tony has supplied and you will see what I mean.
  3. When I worked on them in the early 90s the back end was covered over as we had to remove it every AF to look behind it at STN 482 for cracks.
  4. I would have got this sheet if I did not have the one that I have already got. Looking forward to the Desert Storm special Ops sheet though.
  5. The markings I have got are from Hawkeye Models Australia, that I got through the Aviation Wrokshop many years ago.
  6. Thanks for that, as being an aircraft engineer for the past 30 odd years I dod know that some mods can be fitted only for them to be removed when they are not required. So it did clear up something. Yes you are correct in your guess that I am from the UK and do try to use the Queens English.
  7. Sorry just on first seeing the photos of the seat that you had built up they looked a different colour. I can now see that there were not painted.
  8. I am embarking on making a UH-60 Blackhawk from the Desert Shield/Storm period in 1/72nd scale, hopefully one of the sand coloured ones by using the Hasegawa kit. I have noticed from photos from the time period that some of the Blackhawks had the IR exhausts and some did not. Was this the case or did all have them fitted with them being removed when not reqired? I know that the Hasegawa kit that I am using does not have them included in the kit, and I cannot find a picture of the Blackhawk that I decals for so I cannot confirm either way as to whether it had them fitted or not. Any help will be grateful.
  9. Some nice work there. A couple of things though, the RAF version that you are making is a Mk1 which had all the back end covered over so you would not see any of the pipework, and the cabin seats were coloured red. Keep up the good work, an Ex RAF Chinook engineer.
  10. So 2 wing tanks and 4 Sparrows it will be. Seems strange to see a fighter Phantom without sidewinders. Thanks for all the help.
  11. I am in the process of making a F-4C of the Michigan ANG from the early 1980s period. I have the wing and under fuselage missiles sorted along with the wing tanks, but I am wondering what if anything to put on the fuselage centreline pylon for a normal alert aircraft. If anyone can help I will be very grateful.
  12. I will just have to wait a little longer.
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