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  1. Hi Rusty


    Well I'm after 


    Douglas A-4KU -$20

    Douglas A-4E/F -$20


    please email me armandogiron@yahoo.com

  2. Hey, to anyone who has emailed or pm'd me. I apologise for not getting back to you yet. I've been dealing with some pretty intense personal issues that blew up a couple days after I made this post. I will be working through my pms and emails over the next couple days and get back to everyone in hopefully as close to the order as I was contacted. I apologise again for not responding.
  3. Hey all, after much time of not doing anything with modeling I'm getting out of the hobby. So over the next few days as I find time I'll be posting up my stash for sale to give you guys first crack at it before I put it up on fleabay. I'll be happy to send pics of kits if you desire. PayPal preferred. Buyer pays shipping. Pm me here or drop an email to rosshein 85 at Gmail.com 1/72 northwing modelcraft c-2 Greyhound conversion- $60 1/72 hasegawa e-2c - $30 Both as a package for $80. fujimi Vought F7U-3 Cutlass -$20 Grumman KA-6D -$20 Grumman EA-
  4. Thanks for the hard work getting this place back on line Steve! I never realized how much of my daily browsing routine revolved around arc. Glad to be back!
  5. An overreaction to something trivial on that site?..... Must be a day ending in Y. You should have seen the S storm when mpc announced they were going to stop putting the stars and bars in General Lee kits.
  6. The only thing I geek out on more than modeling is fishing. I used to be much bigger into shooting than I am now. The price of membership to my local range has just become stupid. So I'm limited to shooting trap and skeet from time to time.
  7. Kaman K-max. The Marines were using them (unmanned) to make supply drops to remote places in Afghanistan for a while. Wiki page Attack squadron from Poland do a resin kit in 1/72. It is a truly gorgeous kit, I don't think I've ever seen nicer resin castings.
  8. The whiskeys have been in service long enough with th USMC to have worn a number of different schemes. From the the old green gray and black, to solid sand and sand and gray in Dstorm to the current grays. Looking forward to the 1/72 sheet Kursad.
  9. Omega resin kits some J-7s. I've no idea what the quality is .
  10. It has typically taken 10-14 days to get to me here I'm MD. Although I did have one tied up with the customs trolls for over a month once. The last order, I did EMS shipping and had it in 3 days.
  11. You should look to your own advice, and find out where someone is from before making the broad assumption that because it was a statement bashing the supposed patriotism of another state that it must have come from a southerner. Our man 11bee is I belive a New Englander.
  12. I agree, but I still don't see any hope that the infrastructure for plug in EVs will ever be sufficient for the portion of the population that does not live in cities or own their own home. And as far as my feeling about the 3, i think it is an overly conservative but decent exterior wrapped around an interior that is minimalist to the point of making IKEA designs look over wrought. And that whacking great screen just kind of stuck on seemingly as an afterthought is painful to look at.
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