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  1. thats only shipping within the states. sorry.
  2. try using more thinner and spraying closer. it's most likely drying before it hits the surface causing the grainy feel.
  3. four P-47's two 47D's one academy and one tam tam 47D razorback tam 47M two tam A6M2's tam A6M3 tam A6M5
  4. i thin/mix in the brush. no problems. i'll normally tilt the brush to the side so the thinner gets all in there then stir it. i feel if you put the paint in first then add thinner N stir without tilting it doesn't thin it all the way to the bottom of the cup.
  5. looking good. i got the eduard and hobby boss kit.
  6. i never built a hasegawa A6. all my zero's are tam kits. i want their A6M7 and M8 to finish it off. the large cowling on the M8 is awesome. only hase japanese i have is their Ki61,frank,and N1K1.
  7. go for tamiya or monogram. i know that monogram released one for 2011. it's $20 and will blow away the italeri/esci stuff. i have the tam and mono kit. both are great. tam is more detailed and double the price but you can never go wrong with tam kits.
  8. thanks for the replies and help!!!
  9. they always says to apply decals to a gloss finish. some say add decals then gloss over them. im honestly confused. So, whats your way of decals and clear coats? thanks!
  10. bump! trade also 1/48 tamiya P-47D Razorback with aeromaster wolf pack decals. $50 shipped.
  11. monogram FTW! i never touch italeri kits.
  12. lookin good! are these limited kits just reboxes of older kits?
  13. italeri has a boxy front and needs to be rescribed. this is what i heard. i have never built this kit. i have a tendency to not touch italeri kits tamiya like the italeri has a boxy front. awesome kit like all tamiya kits. crappy cockpit with no details. monogram/revell has the best shape and i'st accurate but needs a lot of test fitting because they don't have the best fit. no complaints for the price. hobby boss is a great kit. never built one because of the steep price. so, they say the best hogs in 1/48 is monogram and hobby boss. i have yet to actually build my tamiya kit. i did cu
  14. i been testing on left over sprue parts. once i start actually using on my kits i'll post pictures. my camera is acting up. my airbrush skills aren't the best neither. haha
  15. i use mr.surfacer both in the spray can and bottle and love it. and yea, it's not the easiest stuff to find. i prime with the 1200 and wet sand with 2000 grit. =)
  16. i give products a try before talking smack about them and honestly this brush isn't that bad. i got one for cheap so, im not complaining. if you haven't tried it then don't say anything.
  17. i been cutting parts of the sprues and cleaning them up. test fit after test fit with 0 fit issues so far. it's an awesome kit. i'll post in here if i run into any problems.
  18. also have a Academy 1/35 AH-60L. $50 shipped Hobby Boss 1/32 Spitfire Mk.5 $50 shipped
  19. got a few kits that i don't need anymore. they are open boxed but the sprues are still sealed. 1/48 Eduard FW 190A-6 -$40 shipped 1/48 Tamiya F16C black 25/32 -$50 shipped -includes fox one decals 1/48 Tamiya P-47D -$50 shipped. -includes aeromaster decals. 1/48 tamiya p-47D razorback -$50 shipped -includes aeromaster decals. 1/48 tamiya p-47M -$50 shipped -includes aeromaster decals 1/48 tamiya A6M3 -$40 shipped. 1/35 academy AH60L -$50 shipped 1/32 hobby boss Mk.V Spitfire -$45 shipped 1/32 trumpeter early BF109G-6 $40 shipped
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