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  1. Are you talking about the acrysion? According to mr.hobbies site, you can thin with water so I would say I wouldn't mix with other Japanese brand acrylics.
  2. yep, I had to sand down the top of the engine block to get the cowling to fit.
  3. its been awhile. looking to push these various items out. will discount items if you buy 3+ items.
  4. would the T-72B3 count since it's still in Russian service? as for the PLA Type 99, it's either bronco or hobby boss.
  5. I could only imagine taking a short nose and converting it to a long nose let alone the other various bits and pieces.
  6. 1/72 is too small for me and since there wasn't a 1/48 Mk.II out I was going to snag the special hobby 1/32 kit when it came around. I can ditch that idea and wait on the eduard kit.
  7. I just don't see these selling like hot cakes since most of the phantom guys have hasegawa and academy kits in the stash.
  8. what? Eduard going to release a 1/48 Mk.II tempest?
  9. I know there was a thread someone put up about the build process on this kit but I can't seem to find it. For anyone who has built this kit regardless of if being a single or tandem seat bird, what construction problems did you encounter? Is there any tips or tricks you have on tackling this kit? thanks!
  10. Phil will be doing a comparison video. skip to to 7:30 and he talks about both kits for a lil.
  11. Once you use levelling thinner, you will never go back to tamiya thinner/alcohol. It's that good.
  12. What thinner are you using? Not saying you're using the wrong thinner but I've heard of some folks using the wrong thinner causing it to gum up,blob, ext.
  13. Airfix is definitely listening to customers.
  14. it's a snap kit, not glue but don't let that fool you. sadly, it doesn't have the early none fillet tail. this was something i was hoping they would do or have the option for it like tamiya's 1/32 kit. hopefully airfix will have this option in their new 48 scale stang kit. http://hyperscale.com/2016/reviews/kits/mengls006reviewbg_1.htm http://www.hyperscale.com/2016/features/mengp51d48constrbg_1.htm
  15. when i saw dk. sea gray, it just threw me off. mr.color does airbrush extremely nice and the overal finish is lovely but I already got tamiya raf colors on the shelf.
  16. was this bottle previously used use or is it a new bottle? I've had some problems in past spraying alclad just to find it was a bad bottle. did you happen to over spray or just sprayed it on too thick? I know some folks got the powder affect from caking it on by accident. I normally spray alclad @ 10 psi regardless of the finish.
  17. the F-4,F-14,15,16,and 18 have been beaten to death. A new tool A-10 charlie would be a killer.
  18. shipping is around $2.50 to your area. 

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      I'll have it out on monday.

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      Mailed. Should be there Thursday.

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      Cool, thanks for the update!



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