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  1. I believe the aires and qb are the same seat but the aires has pe belts and qb has belts molded to the seat.
  2. I got a soft spot for sea camo schemed birds. I know the rokaf wore this scheme but did any other unit wear it as well? What are my options decal wise? Did the rokaf use the f30 or f40? Thanks!
  3. And the kit has all the pods and ordnance I need. Thanks everyone!
  4. haha, just shows how much I know about the Viper. i'll try and track down the donut ring. thanks!
  5. I'm looking for the GE exhaust nozzle to build a bock 30 bird. part # H1,H3,H12,H13,and A18. this is step 6 "A and B" in your tamiya aggressor/adversary boxing. thanks!
  6. Going to start a new project soon once the F-104G is done. I'm going to build a South Dakota ANG bird serial # 85-1466 which is a block 30 Viper. Would I want the tamiya aggressor or block 25/32 boxing? I'm not worried about the engine nozzle since I got resin pieces for this. will the kit include the small mouth intake as well? thanks!
  7. both hobby boss and hasegawa have their issues but it's more about what you're willing to sacrifice.
  8. look at the instructions where it has steps 1 though 7 and look at the left side of the page where it says "5-A" part B33. this part is glued to the front of the fuselage and holds the engine in place. when part B33 is fitted to the fuselage, does part A-74 "step 14-B" slip into place or is the fuselage too wide when part B33 is in place? thanks Jennings!
  9. extremely nice work there Sir!!! the weathering is spot on.
  10. real pleased about this kit. had an academy kit that bit the dust due to being extremely warped. :yahoo:
  11. Hey all! been tackling Zvezda's 109F-4 with zero issues till this came about. do you guys have to sand Pt.B33 so Pt.A74 could sit correctly? Pt.B33 fits without sanding but seems it seems a pit wide and Pt.A74 won't sit correctly without being stretched. Just trying figure out if it was a construction error on my part or if Pt.B33 does indeed need sanding. oh and also, I'm doing it with closed cowling as well so not sure if that info is need. thanks!
  12. currently looking for 48-530 and 48-544 aeromaster skyraider sheets. I know it's pretty hard but sheet 48-377 as well. thanks!
  13. yeah, the victory sheet is the mother of all sheets for the charlie version. all the decals for the C are older stuff in 1/48.
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