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    into military aircraft , some ship models,and baseball,football and hockry card collecting and drawing and desinging my own fighterplane .

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  1. attic aircraft models did one in 1/48 as a resin kit appearently you cannot get there kits anymore
  2. Iam hoping that someone can help give me a link that will have photos or line drawing of the skies carried by the lc-130 im building one for someone in 1/72 also is there any resin aftermarket set as well thank you
  3. i have the 1/48 collect-aire kit it has metal landing gear nice drawings of the instrument panels and consoles i can take photos of them if you give me an email my email is arthurgray40@yahoo.com
  4. its not difficult to convert i had built the amodel kit into the m-346 here's a photo
  5. i've built the bronco kit back in march the only problem i had with it was the right wing was warped i ended up bending it back in place overall i built my kit in 2 weeks no other problems with it haven't built the trump 1/ 48 kit yet but built the 1/72 kit no filler needed.
  6. Just finished a 1/32 minicraft/hasegawa storch which was a comission also finished repaired a 1/72 b-29 that is for someone else and a 1/48 bronco rq-1 predator currently working on a trump 1/48 jl-9 plateau eagle trainer plus 1/48 trump j-10.
  7. Im wondering if anyone would be interested in the krick 1/60 scale vacuform u-boat kit the manager of my local hobbyshop accuaired 2 of them from someone's collection if you're interested let me know you can leave a pm and then we can go from there
  8. Nice vipers do you consider yourself a viperholic like my self you should build one like this
  9. It's sad to here this 2maybe3 hobbyshops here in rhode island have closed in the last 4 years there are 2 in warick and appanouag that are still open but sell mostly trains, my local hobbyshop has been around for 30 years i live newport business has been slow over the last 4 years but we do get some business mostly from train hobbyist we do also get a lot of navy personal coming in to buy a ship model they were on or aircraft they flew with me i to my lhs to build models for ebay or on commission because where i live my landlord say i can't build any of my models because the place is old and
  10. I've used the cmk cft's on tamiya kenitic hasegawa and italeri with no problem at all.
  11. Here is a photo from 2 years ago of an a-10 converted into a drone i used the old esci tooling
  12. I bought this movie 4 years ago and loved it and you mentioned ip man i have all 3 with donnie yen plus the other 2 donnie is working on a 4th ip man movie you should check out bodyguards and assassins its to have the longest fight scene in movie history.
  13. you can order them from pacific coast hobby.
  14. I recently got a 1/48 kinetic s-2f tracker to build for somebody and the clear part for cockpit is badly mishaped i would like to know how kinetics service is on replacement parts and any cost that comes with it.
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