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  1. Thanx Ken! I got this set of pens (0.2mm) from amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07DS6SRZ2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I only used the blue, brown, and black pens (and the black was just to go over the brown while it was still wet to darken it a bit). Oh, and I also applied lots of Tamiya weather pigments before and after.
  2. Greetings! After a long break from building, I was inspired last year by Haneto's 1/48 PLAAF Su-35 build: So, I dug out my Hasegawa 1/72 version and dove back in. And naturally as I was nearing completion of the model I learned of the upcoming 1/72 GWH version. 🤦‍♂️ Paints were a custom mix, decals from Begemot, the spares box, and a couple were printed at home. Here are the final results: I used Haneto's method for the engines using the Pigma markers (definitely better results than my previous Flankers). Here is what a mere mortal can achieve: Dispensers had to be moved from the top side of the stinger to the bottom: Ta da: I welcome any questions. Thanx for viewing!
  3. Homemade using a silhouette Portrait cutter. Very useful tool. More info here: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/275658-mask-making-with-silhouette-portrait/& Just plain grey 78271. I had wanted to do the splinter camo, but I also wanted serial numbers and when I painted the tails, there were only pics of 78271... I may build 78273 or 78274 in the future.
  4. It's the newer boxing, but the low-viz markings were airbrushed using a stencil:
  5. Almost finished with the newer J-20 model: I will have a write up in the Display Case section when i have time to finish it later this month.
  6. ¡¡Thank you all for the kind words!!
  7. The canopy frame is just a piece of electrical tape on the inside.
  8. Thanx for the kind words! The Paint Mixer app is called iModelKit. Basically you can select any color from a number of sources (FS, Testors, ..., even from a picture in your camera roll) and you then select up to three colors and click the calculator icon, and the app figures out the proportions to match the color of interest. Very, very handy.
  9. Greetings! I have just finished up Fujimi's F-35B using new decals from Caracal Models. As with my F-35C, I used a custom mix of paint like so: And also like the F-35C, there was a lot of masking to do, a pain to be sure, but I am pleased with the results. On to the pictures:
  10. Awesome! My B model (and future A models) are looking forward to it!
  11. Any chance this sheet will have the "USS WASP" text that's on the tail for the F-35B's in this video:
  12. It's called iModelKit Free. Very handy, it took me awhile to realize that I could select 3 colors and then push calculate and it would find the optimal mix. I had just been adjusting proportions by hand.
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