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  1. Really nice work man!!! I especially love the paint work. It makes the scale disappear!
  2. Thanks Joel! I usually neglect this area too. Like I've mentioned before, it's in those areas I wanted to put more effort. So far so good, i think. Looking back I already have ideas on how to make it better hah never satisfied.
  3. thanks again to everyone for the really nice words of encouragement. here's another small update on the canopy originally i hadn't planned to do this, but one interesting thing that happens when taking way to long to finish a build is one gets better at their craft during the process. So i decided to go back and spruce up the under side of the canopy. on the original kit piece, the locking mechanism that holds the support strut is virtually no existent. i removed the molded details and built the mechanism from scratch. i rebuilt the latching section on the support strut to accommodate the new
  4. Haha thanks?! I assure you I am definitely human.
  5. thanks again joel ! i can assure you, i don't have eagle eyes ( nice pun , by the way). it was many hours of HEAVY squinting. haha.
  6. here we go again , more stuff! I have only 3 small things left to do and i'm DONE! the problem is finding time to do it. ha! okay so, in one of my ref-pics the pilot's helmet is sitting on the framing of the front wind screen. from this photo and several others of the jet during deployment i noticed that the pilot is not wearing the jhmcs helmet. instead its the typical flight helmet with the night vision goggles attachment (goggles were not attached in these photos). whether or not the goggles were used, i have no idea. So i figured i would take some artistic license here and scratch build
  7. this was the first kit i built when i first started modeling again several years back. it's actually pretty nice. the fit is decent. if you are a stickler for accuaracy, then there are a few problem spots. the spine is the major one. it should actually be wider and less rounded towards the canopy , and it should extend farther back towards the tail . there are a few other things like panel line placement. also the flaps are molded in place so you cant drop them w/o cutting them off and building up the structure. But if you don't care about that and want something fun and fairly easy to build,
  8. hey welcome back! really good start on the camo. i COMPLETELY agree with you on lighting w/ white. it makes everything look powdery. a rule of thumb i always go by is what colors mix to make other colors. use more of the lighter to lighten , use more of the darker to darken. i don't even use white for grays , i just use lighter grays. haha. this guy is looking really good, and i think its going to end up being your best yet!
  9. hey joel! great work on you're first jet! And i wouldn't worry about any errors too much. Everything is a learning experience. I've got about 6 errors that i can think of on my strike eagle that i'm not really able to go back and fix. I just store it in my brain and remeber it for the next build. Besides , it looks really great!
  10. You're killing me here! This is amazing work! Can't wait for more
  11. Ha thanks Steve. I'm really trying. I'm itching to start something new.
  12. It's look'n good Joel. I always get excited when the bombs go on. The phantom especially, looks like a beast all loaded down.
  13. Hey Steve , the cockpit is really coming along. I'm still blown away by your patience on this thing! Keep plugging away. It looks great!
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