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  1. Excellent news ! Ready to order 48085 and reprinted 48037 ! :D SharkOwl
  2. Thanks for the info ! Ordered a few minutes ago ! SharkOwl
  3. Reprinted and updated CD48037 F-16 : Vipers - The Next Generation Part 1 I have a reprint / update proposal for you : Reprint sheet CD48037 F-16 : Vipers - The Next Generation Part 1 still including : Polish Air Force F-16C 03-0060 ("4060") Polish Air Force F-16D 03-0082 ("4082") Royal Morocco Air Force F-16C 08-8016 Royal Morocco Air Force F-16D 08-8024 Royal Bahraini Air Force F-16C 98-2012 Royal Air Force of Oman F-16C "811" Royal Air Force of Oman F-16D "801" But with an added subject : Iraqi Air Force F-16C Iraqi Air Force F-16D with their brand new Iraqi Air Force R
  4. This superb decal sheet need a REPRINT ! Thanks in advance ! :salute:/> SharkOwl
  5. Is this 1/48 Kinetic Alpha Jet project dead ? It is no longer on Michael Benolkin's list of future releases here : http://www.cybermodeler.com/special/2012_acft_scale.shtml Thanks for the info ! SharkOwl
  6. Tarangus of Sweden is actually working on a 1/48 Saab JS/SF/SK- 37 Viggen http://www.internetmodeler.com/artman/publish/colindnews/Tarangus-Press-Release-A-NEW-1-48-Saab-Viggen.php SharkOwl
  7. Italeri 1/48 Mirage 5BA / 5F / Nesher / Dagger for 2013 Italeri 2013 Catalogue confirm the reedition of an interesting Mirage family for 1/48 Mirage 5BA Belgium Mirage 5-F France Nesher Israel et Dagger Israel and Argentina Each version will have its specific nose and fin ! Supersonnic and Long Range fuel tanks will also be offered. Catalogue Page 5 : http://www.cybermodeler.com/news/italeri5.shtml#.UQe0X_K87Y8 This ESCI/Italeri kit is quite old by 2013 standards but with a little work the end result should be quite acceptable. SharkOwl
  8. Direct message to Kagnew 1. Mirage F-1B and the future Mirage F-1C A quick examination of the sprues indicate us that the "two underwing fuel tanks" configuration is absent to this Mirage F-1B offer. Lets hope that this "very often used" configuration in real Mirage F-1 operations will be offered with your future single seat Mirage F-1C, with two ( 2 x ) underwing fuel tanks. I repeat : Two ( 2 ) underwing fuel tanks with their "wet" pylons. ! I repeat : Two ( 2 ) underwing fuel tanks with their "wet" pylons. ! If not, we will have, like for the older Esci / Italeri Mirage F-1 kit, t
  9. "Splinter Camo Scheme / Last Flight" JAS-39A Gripen Last Thursday the last flight of the JAS-39A Gripen in the Sweden Air Force have been made by airframe No. 39131 of F7 Skaraborgs Flygflottilj at Satenas Air Base. This commemorative "last flight" aircraft was painted in the Splinter Camo Scheme of the JAS-37 Viggen era ! Current Swedish JAS-39 Gripen fleet are now all "Tone Downed Grey" "C" and "D" models. Thank to IPMS Stockholm for these photos : http://www.ipmsstockholm.se/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2209#p17631 A very nice modelling subject SharkOwl
  10. Reissued 1/32 Revell BAe Hawk T-1A Royal Air Force ! ! ! Here is an interesting addition to Internet Modeller / Michael Benolkin's release listing this morning : Revell AG Hawk T.1 RAF 1/32 No. 4849 1st or 2nd Quarter 2013 http://www.cybermodeler.com/special/2012_acft_scale.shtml#.UMsekqygGRM Lets hope this release will be in standard grey plastic ! ( not in black plastic please !!! ) ( not in black plastic please !!! ) Please share any news about this reissue ! Thanks in advance ! :wave:/> SharkOwl
  11. Afterburner Decals recently released 1/48 Decals for the Eduard Mig-21Bis including : "White 923" of the Afghan National Army ( Triangle Roundel ) and "Red 951" of the Democratic Republic Of Afghaniatan Air Force ( Red Star Roundel ) SharkOwl
  12. Here are some pictures here from Raymond Chung himself http://s362974870.onlinehome.us/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=256608&st=0 SharkOwl
  13. Here is a 2 minutes french video about the Pod reco NG from the French Defense Tv Network. Recon missions over Libya from Sigonella Italian Air Base footage Enjoy ! SharkOwl
  14. Yes I knew this general title on many subjects but I perfer by far a specific topic on only one and unique subject with a specific unique corresponding title. Its by far easier to follow and participate. SharkOwl
  15. Superb project ! This will be a best seller on the large scale market. Mr.Chung please, please ( please ! ) : Release this beauty in neutral grey plastic ( like on your images ) and not in dark blue plastic or black plastic. We will do the required painting for Canadian ( Dark Blue ) or British ( Black ) versions ! Thanks in advance ! B) SharkOwl
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