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  1. Hi MH, Overall, it's looking very nice. I've walked around inside a C-17, and it was fairly clean. That floor of yours looks great, and I think the wheel wells would get dirty like that too, but the bulkhead looks like it might have a bit too much. Regarding the floor, it appeared that sometimes the edges of the grip-tape sections would peel off after time, or get worn down to expose the metal underneath. It would be pretty subtle in this scale, but maybe interesting to attempt. You're already doing better than anything I've done, so take that with a grain of salt. Furthermore, we all have a
  2. I just want to let you all know that this is still being worked on. The plug was finished today. Several sheets of styrene were glued together, then left to cure overnight. Today, I carved it out to match the fuselage profile. Unfortunately, I lost the tips of the cannons and the pitot probe. A more patient man than I would have left those off for later. Now I have to fix them. There's a proverb that the lazy/impatient guy has to do everything twice; every day I manage to prove it. The exhaust troughs are bit too long now, but I'm not sure how to correct them. I am thinking about using f
  3. Nice job on this so far. The cowling work is beautiful!
  4. That actually looks pretty good now! Great job!
  5. Wow! That was fast! It looks very nice too, you can be proud of that one.
  6. For the canopy framing, try looking at the patterns from paper models. You can replicate it from a curved piece of styrene strip.
  7. Progress is slow: Some panel lines that were lost were re-scribed, but more will come once I finish and install the plug. Instrument panel was painted black, then dry-brushed with grey, then enhanced with gloss acrylic to help simulate the glass gauges. It's a bit faint in the photos, so I may have to go over it again (the camera is brutally honest when it comes to revealing flaws). I think I may take some artistic license and paint the head-rest brown to contrast with the rear face of the cockpit. Both should be black, I believe. The location pins must be removed from the cowling to e
  8. Cool diorama. I like the yellow-tail schemes. :)
  9. Even if you don't agree with it, there's no need to critique someone on their artistic preference or style. I believe that criticisms ought to be reserved for observations of technique and skill. In a hypothetical situation, if someone paints his plane pink instead of olive drab, he's probably aware of it, and did it intentionally. Commenting on it would serve no purpose. I think the same thing applies here. A more valid response would entail tips on how to fix huge gaps on that person's next build. In any case Honza's technique and skills are perfect, and I certainly can't suggest anythi
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