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  1. I've built the HB F-14D. Its not a terrible kit. There are some fit issues here and there. All the panels on the nose are difficult to get lined up correctly and the exhausts needed some surgery to fit (may not be an issue with the F-14A). The kit's AIM-7s are not very good, either. I'd just build it OOB. I don't think its worth spending money on AM parts. That's my opinion, of course.
  2. So after the Klear Kote cured did it stand up to a wash?
  3. I have to say it...one of my pet peeves is when people say "Here's my latest build. Its out-of-box...except for the whatever part I added." Dude, it either OOB or it isn't! If the part didn't come with the kit in the box then its not OOB! I can't tell you all how many times I've restrained myself from saying that on Display threads. Sorry...had to say it.😜
  4. Thanks for the embedded compliment in there! But...did you two even read my comment at the beginning of the thread? The over weathering was the literally the only thing I mentioned. I have no problem with criticism but really? 😑
  5. I wouldn't waste too much time getting wrapped up in FS color perfection. When its all said and done you just need the paint to be close enough. After you do highlight, fading, weathering etc., the paint wont even be a close match anyway. It just has to look right...not be right.
  6. I put some tiny easy to lose parts in a small ziplock baggie and then threw the baggie away like a total moron.
  7. Good to know, thanks! I did get in touch with Joanna from the replacement parts link. She replied and told me there are no sprues available at this time. Not sure I'll be able to get what I need. I might have to scratch build this piece.
  8. You have to mix the Tamiya paints to get colors like Light/Dark Ghost Grey.
  9. This is my 1/48 Hobbyboss F-14D. It straight OOB with Fightertown decals. My goal was to make it look super weathered. This particular plane wasn't quite this filthy but I'm happy with how it turned out.
  10. As soon as I set my build down I tell/show the judges where how to pick it up for thais very reason.
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