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  1. Good to know, thanks! I did get in touch with Joanna from the replacement parts link. She replied and told me there are no sprues available at this time. Not sure I'll be able to get what I need. I might have to scratch build this piece.
  2. You have to mix the Tamiya paints to get colors like Light/Dark Ghost Grey.
  3. This is my 1/48 Hobbyboss F-14D. It straight OOB with Fightertown decals. My goal was to make it look super weathered. This particular plane wasn't quite this filthy but I'm happy with how it turned out.
  4. As soon as I set my build down I tell/show the judges where how to pick it up for thais very reason.
  5. Nice vid! I really like how you get straight to the point. I also like the fact that you use text instead of voice...I like being able to pause it and read it. Too many guys post vids where they talk too much and take too long to get to the point.
  6. Hey guys! So the carpet monster ate one of my parts (I think...I actually have no idea where the part went!) Its the HUD cradle from the 1/48 Hobbyboss YF-23, part D15. So I sent an email to Mackey Roebuck at MMD-Squadron to see about getting a replacement sprue. Is this the best option or are any of you aware of something better? I got his info off the the Hobbyboss USA distributors list. Thanks
  7. This. I wouldn't bother with the "metallic" part. You can only see the metallic if you're standing within 5 feet of it.
  8. You definitely should NOT have used Mr Color Thinner to wipe the wash with. You want to use mineral spirits or turpeniod next time for sure.
  9. Just to be clear you are talking about AK Real Color? There is no "AK Acrylic Lacquer" (at least there isn't in the US). I'm not trying to split hairs but mis-labeling paints can make things more confusing. Mr Color thinner works very well with AK Real Color. Id recommend using it.
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