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  1. This. I wouldn't bother with the "metallic" part. You can only see the metallic if you're standing within 5 feet of it.
  2. You definitely should NOT have used Mr Color Thinner to wipe the wash with. You want to use mineral spirits or turpeniod next time for sure.
  3. Just to be clear you are talking about AK Real Color? There is no "AK Acrylic Lacquer" (at least there isn't in the US). I'm not trying to split hairs but mis-labeling paints can make things more confusing. Mr Color thinner works very well with AK Real Color. Id recommend using it.
  4. Great job! I love that kit...I've built two myself!!
  5. I used the Aires set in my Hasegawa F-15C and I think they look fantastic. I'd recommend them simply because I've used them.
  6. I ended up building it as a 1991 bird so its a moot point now. Thanks for the pics and info guys!!
  7. Bike...that would have been perfect!!! You have exactly what I was looking for! But I went ahead and used the leftover decals from my sheet to make a different bird instead! Thanks for the offer though!
  8. Does anybody know where I could get a set? I'm at the decal stage of my 1/48 Hasegawa F-15C and she's painted up to match the 1983 jet in the Eiffel Eagles set...but I have the 1/72 sheet instead of the 1/48!!! (I didn't notice until I started applying the decals!!) I posted in the Buy & Sell forum but I was hoping somebody might have a set in their stash that they'd be willing to part with. Or if someone can recommend a sheet that would work for an F-15C painted up in the early '80s that would help, too. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  9. Looks spot on! I have a feeling the AK Real Color paint will start to take a big chunk of market share from Mr Color very soon.
  10. Does anyone happen to have these decals in 1/48 that they would be willing to sell to me? My F-15C is at the decal stage and I realized that I have the 1/72 sheets!!
  11. So iKar, is it safe to assume the BT Eagles would also have the same color load out? And thx to rest for all of the replies!
  12. Specifically, I'd like to know what color AIM-9M Sidewinders would have been on Bitburg F-15Cs in 1983. I'm guessing grey but I'd like to be sure. I've google searched a million different phrases but I never really get any solid answers. And photos of the planes back then aren't really clear. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  13. I'm not sure that being a "vet" equates to better airmanship. I've flown with plenty of military pilots who's airmanship was questionable at best. And I've also flown with plenty of "civilian" pilots who could fly the heck out of the plane with one hand tied behind their backs.
  14. You'll get a bit more shrinkage when you thin it. So it may take two applications.
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