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  1. Retaping a buddy's helmet and he wants it identical to his old helmet from the fleet. I'm curious what font the shrikes use for their wording and call signs. Anyone know? I'd like to avoid hand drawing the font on paper and then cutting g it w a razor. Prefer to have actual font to go off of. Thank you. http://www.markstyling.com/f_a_18s/f_a-18c.cu.38f.jpg
  2. Of note, the Blues opened up the #8 position this year to ANY 1310 (pilot) or ANY 1320 (NFO).
  3. Vigies qualing in their echos. http://www.navy.mil/view_image.asp?id=166828
  4. Doubtful. I would guess 500 to probably be in depot level maintenance; so they painted up 501 in it's stead.
  5. They'll do one cruise as a stateside squadron in the Unicorn, then permanently swap with VAW-115 in CAG-5.
  6. Nailed the colors/weathering. Great-looking build.
  7. Bats are based out of Iwakuni not Atsugi, just fyi. CAG 5 and support C-12s are the only American assets permanently based out of Atsugi.
  8. Link doesn't work. That cougar scheme looks nice. Classy, but innovative.
  9. Love this kit. Great looking build!
  10. Snort flies everything. I love it.
  11. http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=68375
  12. Anyone notice the 2-seater 137's rockin'? http://www.navy.mil/view_image.asp?id=127644
  13. The new Liberty 600 scheme. More of this and the CO's bird (601) to follow.
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