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  1. I'd like to ask for $25. It doesn't seem to be available anywhere else now. Thanks!
  2. For priority mail. Yes. Unfortunately that's how much USPS wants to charge you. Really I can do nothing about it. And I think there is also 1st class option starts with $24. Still, a lot more expensive than it used to be.
  3. https://www.ebay.com/usr/md11mdster2009?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 Here is my ebay page. Thank you!
  4. Hey guys, Some of you might have seen me selling a lot of kits on Ebay recently. I want to get rid of my whole stash as quick as possible and also recover my loss as much as possible. I urgently need your help. The reason I'm trying to sell off all my stash kits is because I need as much cash as possible to win my gf back. It's hard to believe but this is a true story, this girl and I have known each other for 17 yrs and we've been thinking about each other. I didn't know until recently after I met her again, that she has been waiting for me for this long(and she never had any relationship with anybody, ever), how big the chance one can have a person like that in a life? And I found myself is still in love with her, and really want to be with her for the rest of my life. But the reality is if I don't bring enough cash back within a few months(which will need to be really a LOT by any standard), her snob parents is going to force her to marry someone she doesn't like because we are not young any more. I've been keeping listing my stuff on Ebay days and nights. But I just hit Ebay's limit of the maximum number of items I can list(1000 items, after a request of increasing, and they won't do that again in a month). And plus Ebay & paypal has been rip me off heavily, for about $7,500 I sold I found myself has paid $1,500+ fee for their "service" already, which they claimed there is a cap for $750 in a month but obviously they got other reasons to charge you. To me that's a lot of money right now that I can't afford to lose. So I know it's a lot to ask, but every extra dollar you spend to buy my stuff, every extra item you are buying means a lot to me, it will help my raise more fund so I have bigger chance to get her back plus by getting rid of my kits I can move back to her faster, and I will appreciate that for life. There was a time I thought modelling was my hobby for life but I have to give it up and I think I want to take this fight. Please, modeller community, for the first time ever and probably the last time. Please give me a hand! And I promise I will always keep that in my mind and contribute back once I'm settle down. Prices can be negotiable but I really hope it can be reasonable. And Buyers would need to pay for the shipping, it will be from Mitchell, SD 57301. I'll try to find you the best rate you can accept if you buy from me. And if you are not interest of buying, if you can share this post to your friends you think might be interested I'll also be really appreciated. All of these kits are in very good condition unless noted. Paypal transaction preferred. (At least I can save 10% of ebay fee and some insertion fee) And I prefer US buyers also because the international shipping cost from USPS or any US carrier is just crazy. Please contact me at md11mdster@gmail.com Thanks in advance! 1/72 Aircraft $25 Academy 12422 F/A-18D Hornet "U.S. Marine Corps" -SEALED- $14 Accurate Miniature RQ-1 Predator UAV $5 Aeroclub JJ-5/Twin seat MiG-17 Vacform Conversion kit w/White metal parts $6 Aeroplast 1/72 Lockheed YF-117A 'Scorpion' FSD Prototype $23 Aeropoxy Soko J-22 ORAO Trainer Resin kit w/Book CD $23 Aeropoxy Soko NJ-22 ORAO Trainer Resin kit w/Book CD $23 Aeropoxy IAR-93 Vultur Resin kit w/Book CD $23 Aeropoxy IAR-93-DC Vultur Resin kit w/Book CD $15 Airfix A04055 Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR.3 PENDING $23 Aircast/Lift here Soko ACR-72003 J-21 Jastreb Yugoslav Attack Aircraft $10 Amodel 7227 Yak-18 $8 Amodel AERO 45 Czech Civil Utility Aircraft $17 Amodel 72122 Su-9U Soviet Training Aircraft $20 Amodel 72184 Sukhoi T-49 Soviet Interceptor $58 Amodel 72299 Tu-134A w/Balkani System Crusty-AK + AMG 72001 Resin D-30 Engine Details $50 Amodel 72268 Tu-134UBL Crusty-B(Trainer for Tu-22M3) + KV Models Tu-134 Mask Set $13 Amodel 72322 MBB Bo-105 GSH w/Anti-Tank Cannon $7 Amodel 72127 X-55 & X-55M/AS-15 Kent ALCM $16 Amodel 7252 Kamov Ka-18 + ACE 7256 Ka-18 PE Detail Set $7 Amodel 72197 AS-6 King Fish/KSR-5 Anti-ship missile $11 Amodel 72106 Ka-15NH Agricultural Helicopter $12 Amodel 72177 X-20M/AS-3 Kangaroo ASM $4 AMT/ERTL 8851 McDonnel Douglas AH-64A Apache $5 AMT Kamov Hokmu V-80 Ka-50 Prototype $15 ARII Cessna 337 $15 ARII Cessna 172 Sky Hawk $10 Attack Squadron RQ-7B UAV Resin + PE $24 Atlantis Douglas DC-9-10 Hughes Airwest w/TWA decal SEALED - 2 Available $12 Brengun BRP72027 MXY-7 Ohka model 11 $18 Classic Plane Messerschmitt(Haluan/Hispano Aviacion) HA-300 Resin kit $30 Contrail Tu-20 Vacuform kit(Actually Tu-95), can be built into various versions. Include Tu-95A, Tu-95RT etc. -2 Available- $11 Dragon 2513 PLAAF Jian ji-5/J-5/MiG-17 $15 DreamModel DM720003 U.S.Coast Guard HH-65A/B w/Resin & PE details $27 DreamModel DM72001 AS365N2/ Z-9A "Dolphin 2" Helicopter + COLOR PE Detail Set(I Bought Separately) $6 EASTERN EXPRESS 1/72 KAMOV KA-15M $50 Eduard 2116 Mi-24 in Czech and Czechoslovak service Limited Edition, includes complete Velorex kit $13 Emhar EM3002 F3H Demon + Aeroclub Vacuform cockpit + Pavla Resin nose $20 Emhar EM3002 F3H Demon + Airwaves F3H Demon PE SET + Airwaves F3H Demon Ladder Set + Xtraparts XP011 Whitemetal Undercarriage & Refueling Probe Set $15 Emhar EM3003 F-94C(Early) + True Details 72452 Resin Cockpit set $10 Encore Su-27M/Su-35 Early $5 ESCI 9048 F-15B Two seater $30 Fine Molds FP-30 Grumman F-14A Tomcat - 2 Available 1 PENDING $17 Fujimi 1/72 H-10 Vought F7U-3 Cutlass $17 Fujimi 1/72 H-11 Vought F7U-3P Cutlass $17 Hasegawa 00063 Mi-24 Hind D Czech AF Aerobatic Team $28 Hasegawa 02159 MV-22B Osprey 'U.S Marine VIP' -Limited Edition- $25 Hasegawa 02247 Mi-35 HIND "CZECH AIR FORCE" $28 Hasegawa 02093 MV-22B Osprey 'VMM-162 Golden Eagles' -Limited Edition- $27 Hasegawa 02290 F-15J Eagle "Mystic Eagle II JASDF" $18 Hasegawa 02266 Grumman S2F-1 (S-2A)Tracker "JMSDF 51st FS" $24 Hasegawa 00173 F-4EJ Kai Super Phantom "Black Panther" LIMITED EDITION $20 Hasegawa 02265 F-15J Eagle `201SQ Chitose Air Base 60th Anniversary` $20 Hasegawa 02207 F-15J Eagle "304th Sq., Naha 2016" $42 Hasegawa 02075 RF-4E/RF-4EJ Phantom II "JASDF 501SQ" contains 2 kits + new parts for recon pods $35 Hasegawa 02260 Shinmeiwa SS-2`Rescue Flyingboat` $15 Hasegawa K40 Su-27 Flanker w/Metal Landing Gear + PE details $28 Hasegawa SP290 Su-33 Flanker D Idolmaster + DreamModel DM0549 Chinese J-15 Conversion Set(Resin + PE + Decal for prototypes) $25 Hasegawa 02066 J-15 Flying Shark $5 Hasegawa F-20 Tiger Shark Bagged kit (Complete) PENDING $22 Hasegawa 02254 F/A-18E Super Hornet VFA-27 Royal Maces CAG 2017 $21 Hasegawa 00544 F-14A TOMCAT 'Atlantic Fleet Squadrons' -2 Available- $14 Hobbyboss 87253 Chinese Z-10 Attack Helicopter Prototype -2 available- $11 Italeri 194 Lockheed YF-22A Lightning II -Complete- $9 Italeri 173 McDonnell Douglas T-45A GOSHAWK $12 Italeri Diecast RQ-170 Sentinel $7 Italeri 107 F-84F Thunderstreak $15 Kovozavody Prostejov KPM7289 Let L-200A Morava $15 Kovozavody Prostejov KPM0090 Let L-200D Morava $10 KR Models Republic XF-91 Vacuform kit $24 Mach 2 Beech 200/C-12 KING AIR U.S. Navy $12 LEOMAN A8402 Sukhoi Su-11 Fishport-C Resin Kit $7 Minicraft 11656 NASA F-18 Hornet -SEALED- $7 Minicraft 11652 F/A-18/CF-188 Hornet $20 Modelsvit 72001 SUKHOI Su-7BM Soviet Jet Fighter $20 Modelsvit 72009 SUKHOI S-22I (Su-7IG) Soviet Jet Fighter $17 Modelsvit 72019 Sukhoi S-32MK Soviet ground-attack jet aircraft $82 Moxing Studio 172 MSK7201 ROCAF(Taiwan) F-CK-1A MLU Ching-Kou Single Seat Fighter $82 Moxing Studio 172 MSK7202 ROCAF(Taiwan) F-CK-1B MLU Ching-Kou Twin Seat Fighter Trainer $12 PLASTYK MiG-19 / Shenyang F6 + PALVA C72106 Resin Cockpit set $18 PLATZ AC-25 FS-T2 Kai T-2 Modified in Prototype for Fighter Support $27 PLATZ AC-27 F-15J Eagle J-MSIP Modernized Special Marking Golden Eagles in Komatsu 2017 $18 PLATZ AC-22 Fuji T-1B NEW TOOL JUST RELEASED $11 RarePlane Gates Learjet C-21A $20 R.V. Aircraft Chengdu J-7III w/Resin + PE Parts $20 Special Hobby SH72206 TT-1 Pinto US Navy Jet Trainer + MPM K72022 TT-1 Pinto Color PE Set $20 Special Hobby SH72297 McDonnell FH-1 Phantom "Demonstration Teams and Trainers" $22 Special Hobby SH72385 C-41A "US Transport Plane" $16 Sword SW72107 FJ-2 Fury $16 Sword SW72108 FJ-3 Fury $16 Sword SW72109 FJ-3M Fury $16 Sword SW72114 TBM-3W "Guppy" USN, RCN, JMSDF $17 Sword SW72116 RF-84F Thunderflash + Free Airfix F-84F kit $17 Sword SW72117 RF-84F Thunderflash $18 Sword SW72119 Raytheon U-125A JASDF Air Rescue $12 TAMIYA 60743 Su-34 Strike Flanker $22 Trumpeter 01664 PLA JH-7A Flying Leopard NEW TOOL $11 Trumpeter 01636 K-8 Karakorum SEALED $20 Trumpeter 01659 Su-30MKK Flanker G -SEALED- $27 Trumpeter 01668 Chinese J-15 Model Kit + DreamModel CDM72020 J-15 Color Cockpit Detail Set $5 Trumpeter 01603 Harbin H-5/Il-28 Bomber - 2 Available $20 Trumpeter 01662 Chinese J-11B + DreamModel J-11B Exhaust Nozzle PE Set $35 Trumpeter 01670 J-15 w/Flight Deck $8 Trumpeter 01658 Chinese FC-1 Prototype 01&03 $18 Trumpeter 01645 Russian Su-27UB Flanker-C $14 Trumpeter 01661 Russian Su-27 Early type Fighter $16 Trumpeter 01660 Russian Su-27 Flanker B Fighter -2 available- $19 Trumpeter 01612 Tu-16K-26 Badger G/H-6 Bomber $15 Wolfpack WP10006 T-2C Buckeye 'USNTPS' US NAVY Jet Trainer w/Masks PENDING $22 Wolfpack WP10011 T-2C Buckeye 'Last Flight' US NAVY Jet Trainer w/Color PE & Masks $32 Valom Models 72122 North American RB-45C with Mk. 7 Nuclear Bomb $18 Zvezda 7295 Su-27SM Flanker B + DreamModel Color Cockpit PE Set -2 available- $13 Zvezda Kamov Ka-27PS + Begemot 7201 OOP Decal 1/72 Aircraft Aftermarket $4 Attack Squadron 72119 TS-11R Novax Conversion 1/72 Armor Kits $22 A&A Models MAZ-543 based AA-60 Aircraft rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) $12 ACE 72175 BTR-3E1 Ukrainian APC -3 Available- $12 ACE 72176 BTR-3RK Ukrainian Anti-Tank $8 Armo 72026 T-55A resin kit (old be still has some good details) $14 ESCI 8336 M48A2C $12 ESCI 8318 M60 Blazer $8 ESCI 8338 Merkava II $11 Hasegawa 1/72 US Army M24 Chaffee(Very new boxing) $12 Heller AMX-13-105 Tank (Two kits in one box) $10 Hobby Boss 82915 Merkava Mk.IV -SEALED- $10 Hobby Boss 82916 Merkava Mk.IIID -SEALED- $10 Hobby Boss 82917 Merkava Mk.IIID(LIC) -SEALED- $5 ICM Zil-157 Army Truck BAGGED but Complete $8 ICM Ural-375 BM-21 MRL BAGGED but Complete $8 Italeri 7005 Merkava I -SEALED- $10 Revell 03306 T-55AM/AM2B -2 Available- $7 Revell 03304 Russian T-55A/AM Medium Tank -5 Available- $8 Trumpeter 07143 1/72 Soviet JS-4 Heavy Tank $8 Trumpeter 07269 USMC LAV-R -SEALED- $8 Trumpeter 07271 USMC LAV-AT -SEALED- $8 Trumpeter 07270 USMC LAV-C2 -SEALED- $7 Trumpeter 07239 M113A2 APC -SEALED- -3 Available- $7 Trumpeter 07240 M113A3 APC -SEALED- -4 Available- $14 Riich RT72002 M109A2 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer 1/72 SPACE Kit $22 Aoshima 000984 Kaguya (Selene) Space Craft Series No. 5 To be continued..... Thank you for your time!
  5. I got their Gulfstream IV SRA-4 kit, my kit doesn't include a decal sheet (I got a couple of Broplan kits but none of them has a decal sheet). Vac Formed Fuselage + Short-run molded parts(you know what short-run means ;) ). Generally speaking it would be much harder to work with compare to the injection plastic kits. Although if you like this kind of subjects it seems to be the only choice. Hope that could help. -Martin
  6. Hi, Recently I got a Heller 1/72 E-3 AWACS Kit, the inner bag is still sealed, but I found out that there is no canopy part in it! I can't even believe that, the clear sprue is in the bag but the canopy on it is missing....Anyone can help me please send me a PM, I would be glad to pay for the shipping. Thanks in advance! PS: I've checked with Airfix/Heller customer support but they can't help me on that. Have a nice day! -Martin
  7. Hi All I have following two kits need to trade for something else: 1. Fujimi FJ-2-150 1/48 UH-1B Box opened, some parts not on sprue but got bagged, should be complete I'll double check before I ship it to you. 2. Amodel 7241 1/72 Yak-2 Box sealed I would like to trade for any 1/72 modern era aircraft/AFV kits or figures or aftermarkets, give me an offer I'll think about it. My email address is md11mdster@gmail.com I live in Mitchell, SD 57301. FYI Thanks -Martin
  8. md11

    FS 1/72

    PM Sent for Su-34
  9. Hi I'm the guy who purchased the B-52 kit from lyonkubb, would you like to send those to me directly? The kit came with a sealed box so I know it's not lyonkubb's fault. He should not pay anything for that. I live in Mitchell, South Dakota 57301, United States, so would you like to give me a quote for the cost? Thank you so much! BTW I can't PM you here, don't know why. -Martin