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  1. Anybody know the backseater name for 106, cant quite make it out... also the leading edges of the wings and vert stabs looks to be fiberglass or sonething other than bare metal, any ideas?
  2. Thanks for the reply, so i can use my vf1 decals after all! Any more pics of this one by chance? Thanks again!
  3. Just for clarity what is a DS1 jet ? and by high vis i mean white and gull grey.
  4. I believe i asked this before but cant find the post, but can the hi-viz VF-1 bird be built from the box? If not are there any aftermarket decals out of there, ive only found one furball sheet and its sold out everywhere...
  5. That's good news! I can proceed with the beer now that thinking is not required! LOL
  6. OK, I put my beer down, you should have unions on each end of the valve if its FPT, how are the unions secured to the pipe, sil-brazed?
  7. The valve is bronze and the pipe is carbon steel. You run a big, and I mean big risk of damaging the probably already deteriorated pipe threads if you do a replacement of the valve. I would just replace the packing, much easier and much less risk. The valve itself is in perfect condition in terms of the reusable components. I would heat it a little if you can't get the bonnet to unscrew, but as always proceed with a delicate touch until you see how she's going hold up.
  8. I go several times a year and even though, over the years I've watched the number of them subside, they are still everywhere! I was there two weeks ago and picked up some good deals.
  9. looks like every hobbyshop in Japan! Its always nice to know there is at least on in the states that still has a storefront with cool employees.
  10. Free time is way better than Sprue brothers price wise and the same in regards to shipping time. Sprue has this weird cult following on their shipping which is total BS, dude just prints a label and people freak out, I haven't bought from them in years, there are much better deals on EBay and other vendors. That said Squadron has had the only real deals this year IMHO.
  11. Tamiyas msks are not precut in any of their kit.
  12. The only help I can give is that J models have the early cockpit.
  13. I have a bunch of hasegawa kits, but not the early A, I'll find one sooner or later, but I agree the kit is great, so far best fitting kit I've ever built.
  14. The way tamiya designed the kit the beaver tail will be a huge chore to modify. Hopefully, but unlikely, they will do an early A
  15. OK, I've got this sheet, which options can I do out of the box? http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Rev3/2701-2800/rev2764-Fightertown-ftd48014/00.shtm
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