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  1. Nice job on the paint job and exhausts! Those Aires nozzles really boost the realism. I would show my 390th FS F-15C now but I still need to make a stand. Great job! Michael
  2. I think TripleP is right. I don't think the 32nd used C models. I could be wrong though so correct me if needed. But I always love seeing an F-15 getting built and your doing great! Michael
  3. Thanks for the compliments guys! I hope to see those 2 F-8's done Akula! Michael
  4. A Mig-25? I will be watching this closely! Good work on the cockpit and intakes especially. Michael
  5. Some may remember that I built a 1/48th Hasegawa F-8J along with an A-4 to go along with it. I looked at it one day and said. I can do much better than what I did 4 years ago. So I subjected it to multiple paint tests and such to experiment with airbrushing. I was close to trashing it but then it's sentimental value kicked in.... SO, I decided to have fun with it. I mixed and matched parts from an F-14 and an F-16 to build up the final product. The F-8J is now painted in Model Master Navy Aggressor Gray. The canopy had to be painted because of the experimentation prior. List of parts added in. IR/TCS pod from an F-14A is added to the forward fuselage on the starboard side. An F-14A pitot tube was added. Pylons were taken from an F-16CJ. This F-8 has as additional two pylons making room for more weapons. The Crusader can now carry modern weapons like the AIM-9M and AIM-120. It also has RWR fairings near the canopy sill and additional ones on the vertical stabilzer. I had also took two 370 Gallon fuel tanks from the Falcon and retro fitted it to be hung on the F-8's inboard pylons. Decals from a VF-84 sheet were added in. Here are the results. Yeah I had to paint the teeth and eyes on with a toothpick. It sucks but it'll do. Tell me what you think! Michael
  6. Small progress on the A-10C The wings aren't glue on yet. It's just for show... This is what I love aBout 1/32 :) The engines are sprayed with Model Master Titanium Then here's my F-15C I'm planning on doing the 390th FS from Mountain Home, Idaho. I'm also going with the 4 Aim-120, 2 Aim-7M, and 2 Aim-9X loadout. Since we're talking about an A-10...Thought i'd throw this in :) I'm drawing a cartoon A-10 for the Hill AFB A-10 maintenance and repair crews. What do you think? Thanks, Michael
  7. They are? I thought they're brass? Or did they change that? Michael
  8. Your right, it will be just that! I've only worked on some parts of the A-10. It's a joint effort. My father is thinking of loading one half of the jet while also leaving one side painted. Half battle ready and half Depot.
  9. The title pretty much says it all. The common ones I see are Oregon ANG, First Fighter, Bitburg, and so on. Which tail code or squadron isn't seen regularly? I'm also talking about modern F-15C but we can go back to the Gulf War. Thanks, Michael
  10. I like PE man! ha Good work on that seat!
  11. And then here's my father and I's build of an A-10C going to a friend of his. I did the whole cockpit My father did the seat. Damn good My father works on A-10 wings so he knows them inside out. Chaff and Flare boxes, wiring, etc
  12. Hey guys, READ Been awhile.... So last week I bought a Hasegawa 1/48 F-15J but I had the intentions of making it into an American F-15C. The plane was basic, that's all I needed and it was cheap. $34.95 I thought about the monogram one but I like the recessed panel lines over raised. At first I was gonna do the MOD Eagle scheme that uses Navy Aggressor gray and Dark Gray (F-15) But then after I sprayed the Navy Aggressor on it just looked.....TOO dark So I changed my mind and decided to go with the old Compass gray scheme. I decided to paint on Dark Ghost Gray first and then sand off the rest of the Aggressor gray. Which left the basic light gray color for the mold. After 1 1/2 sheets of 180 grit sand paper. It gave me GREAT results! The Aggressor gray settled into the panel lines. Basically a wash. This plane wasn't looking good at first to the point where I almost threw it out. But after some hours of sanding. I'm happy that I kept it. It turned out real nice. Still WIP though. I had also painted the pilot's visor a different color. Mixed Copper and Red and got these results. I also scratchbuilt some seat belts for his shoulders. Kind of a tri-tone look but it fades well. Here and there spots to sand. You can also see my patches that I added to the fuselage. One thing.... I brushed the paint on :)
  13. I'm also working on a 1/48 F-15 from Hasegawa. I'll keep a close eye on this one. Good build so far! Michael
  14. Probably Light ghost gray and Dark ghost gray. Hey you've inspired me to build another F-15! Good looking Eagle btw. I'm sure it'll be a proud addition ;) Michael
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