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  1. Philippine Marines V-150 c",) taken on the same day I took photos of the V-300.
  2. Thanks and thanks to everyone, just glad the pics bring smiles. I'll be looking for some more pics I have stored in the PC. I know I took photos of the V-300 APC version equipt with a Cadillac Gage turret combo .50 cal HMG and 7.62mm MG. In light of the Spratly issues, if we do or do not get new weapons, we will still be the same Filipinos. Smiling in the end. Check out the news , even after a violent storm and the houses are washed away and some lose their family members, everyone still gets to smile in front of the camera c",)
  3. MX-8 AEV [Armored Escort Vehicle] Philippine Army The AEV is manufactured by Steelcraft, it is originally designed as an escort vehicle for the Philippine Army. With limit funds and assets, the Philippine Army went to Steelcraft for a possible project. The Army wanted its Simba Mk.3s , V-150s and M-113s removed from escort duty as they are to expensive to operate for such a mission and that they are needed else where. There are three prototypes that were made, people from the Philippine Defense Forum referred to the first one as MX-8 AEV Mk.1. The photos here shows the improved MX-8 AEV MK.2
  4. Here's a few shots of the Philippine Navy MPAC [Multipurpose Assualt Craft - Philippines version of the CB90] and the Cyclone Class that we acquired
  5. sorry a repost, can't seam to find my 3 shots of the 505TH SAR Group UH-1H Huey up close
  6. Here are the regular UH-1H Hueys that serve the Philippine Air Force, old and reliable she is the work horse of the PAF. Providing Airlift for troops and supply, it also performs Medvac and Search and Rescue. During storms and natural calamities, she brings in aid to far inaccessible provinces.
  7. In the 80's the Philippine Air Force received more than a dozen S-76 Spirit from the USA. They were configured for ground attack and were armed with 7-round rocket launchers on both sides or a gun pod on one side while a rocket launcher on the other. This was the first time the chopper was fielded as a gunship, later other nations followed in deploying the S-76 as a military combat helicopter. S-76 served the Royal Thai Navy and UAE.. She was referred to as the AUH-76 in the Philippine Air Force. In the late 90's they were withdrawn from combat, and instead used for Search and Rescue. One cho
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