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  1. If you look at my modest stash (about 30 kits), I'd say about 27 of them are Monogram for this very reason. Many years ago, I tried building a couple of kits with some aftermarket "goodies" and quickly came to the realization that it was for the birds (no pun intnded). I started building models back when I was 7 years old. Remember being seven?...back when you only knew how to have fun and the world of responsibilities wasn't even something we thought about? THAT'S what I return to each and every time I break out a simple Monogram kit to work on. No photo etch metal to anneal, bend, superglue. No resin to cut from the stub. No AMS at all. Just give me a fun. simple build and I'm transported back to being a 7 year old again! Eric
  2. echolmberg

    Monogram B-29 Enola Gay atomic bomb queston

    This was a head-smacker for me. LOL! I got so tunnel-visioned on thinking how I would depict the bomb in the bomb bay that I stopped thinking about WHICH bomb would be the correct one to use. Thanks for the reminder, Slart! Eric
  3. echolmberg

    Monogram B-29 Enola Gay atomic bomb queston

    Wow! Thank you for the responses and for the pictures! Cameron, I was thinking the exact same thing that you had mentioned: I was thinking of just doing some "creative engineering" to afix the bomb to the ceiling of the bomb bay or to the crew tube. Again, the pictures are excellent. Thank you! Eric
  4. echolmberg

    F-94A/B and F-89 updates?

    Cool! What scale are we talking about for the B-52 sheet? Thanks for the info! Eric
  5. Last year, my family and I visited my old childhood home of northern Virginia. We went to see the Enola Gay at the Air & Space Museum annex and now my 15 year old daughter, who is big into history, would like me to build her a model of the Enola Gay. I have the 1/48 Monogram kit which I'll hopefully be starting in the next week or two. Can the kit be built with either of the two atomic bombs slung up in the bomb bays? Also, in real life, were the bombs carried in the front or the rear bomb bay? On a side note, I also plan to cover the entire model with foil. I think I might be a masochist. Thanks! Eric
  6. echolmberg

    F-94A/B and F-89 updates?

    Just like the title states, are there any updates on the 1/48 F-94A/B and the F-89 sheets? Thanks! Eric
  7. echolmberg

    Tesla, model 3

    As a northeastern Wisconsin resident, I do wonder how our sub-zero winters would affect the battery and range of the vehicle. I love the concept of the electric vehicle but, until technology catches up, they only seem practical under certain conditions and/or geographical regions. Eric
  8. echolmberg

    Most Pleasurable Kits

    Revell F-89 Monogram F9F Revell F-86D
  9. echolmberg

    Carl Jarosz's F-89J Scorpion

    Loved the Scorpion in "Today's Birds"! There's never enough love for this often overlooked cold warrior. Excellent job on the foil covering, too. I've got a 1/48 scale in my stash and that's how I plan to cover it. http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Gal16/15101-16200/gal15135-F-89-Jarosz/00.shtm Eric
  10. echolmberg

    Hobby Boss 1/48 A-10A nose issue?

    Or, for an even SIMPLER answer, you could just build the Monogram kit. Eric
  11. echolmberg

    Heritagecon 13 in Hamilton March 24th

    At the old Hamilton AFB in California?
  12. echolmberg

    Iwata Neo CN dual action airbrush any good?

    Thank you so much to all who chimed in! Yes, a big factor is the price but an even bigger factor for me is the quality. I really enjoy my Aztek but I'm finding it difficult to get fine lines plus I'm getting a bit of overspray. I can do camo jobs but only if I mask everything; I can't freehand because of the overspray. It could also be because of the thinness of my paint, the PSI I use and the distance I hold the airbrush from the model as well. Hard to say. I just see how everyone enjoys their Iwatas, Badgers, and other brands and I wanted to expand my "airbrush world". I think I will, therefore, pass on the Neo CN and I will take everyone's suggestions and experiences to heart. Again, I really appreciate your information!!! All the best, Eric
  13. Howdy folks! I was perusing the airbrushes at my local Hobby Lobby the other day and noticed an Iwata Neo CN gravity fed dual action airbrush in their display cabinet. I've been thinking of upgrading from my Aztek airbrush (please no jokes about that. I've been using mine faithfully for the past 15 years without a single issue). Does anyone have the Iwata Neo CN and, if so, what are your thoughts on it? It comes with a 0.35 mm needle. What kind of lines/coverage will this give me and is it possible to get a different sized needle for this? Even though I've never had any problems with my Aztek, I'm still interested in expanding the tools at my disposal in the airbrush category. Thanks! Eric
  14. echolmberg

    P-47D Question

    There's a wonderful book out there called "Fighter Command: American Fighters in Original WW2 Color". It's my "go to" book for whenever I wonder the same thing. As Peter stated, it all depended on the conditions to which the plane was exposed. I've done many-a-Thunderbolt and Mustang in both shiny and dull metal finishes and everything in between. The best part is that all versions of the finish look really good. I love looking at pictures of B-29s taken on Tinian. It's neat to see how reflective and almost mirror-like those B-29s were. At the same time, in that book I mentioned above, there are pictures of P-51s that are rather dull parked next to Thunderbolts which have a nice shine on them. I think it would be best to check out color photos from back then and decide from there. Just rest assured that you really can't go wrong with whichever route you take. Eric
  15. echolmberg


    Fred and Barkin, thank you for the info/insight. Fred, thank you so much for sharing your stories! All the best, Eric