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  1. I was curious as to what your definition of "best" was. What are you looking for? For me, just about all my builds are 1/48. Having said that, I absolutely love the Monogram B-29. It's big, lots of room for detailing and, best of all, it looked absolutely stunning when I foiled my last Superfortress kit. So, for me, that met my definition of "best". All the "flaws" in the Monogram kit are easily overcome with a bit of patience and care. The fit is really good and I've had single and two-engined aircraft kits that used more filler than what I used on the Monogram B-29. One
  2. Same here. I guess it depends on your subject matter preference. For me, it's pretty simple. Ninety-nine percent of my builds are of WW2 U.S. warplanes. With that being said, a huge majority of my paints consist of olive drab, neutral grey, interior green, etc. Back before they discontinued Model Master enamels, I could just hop in the car and make the 10 minute drive to my local hobby shop to pick up a new bottle whenever I ran out of a particular color. Now I've been ordering the colors I need from online retailers, only I'm ordering them two at a time so I can go for a little while be
  3. Thanks Mike! That was a pretty good place to start! I found another website last night that I hadn't come across before. It actually showed which C-47s carried each group of troops over Normandy. I did see/verify the fact that the "L4" C-47 did carry the members of Easy Co. Not sure what the bureau numbers were on it, but I'll keep doing some more digging. At least I was able to verify the "L4" code thanks to your lead. Now, the next step....seeing if I can find any decals for it. Eric
  4. Oh learned members of ARC, Does anyone know if decals exist for a 1/48 C-47 that carried the troops of Easy Company of the "Band of Brothers" fame? I don't even know if it was documented which aircraft carried that particular group into Normandy. Thanks, Eric
  5. Both the Chrome and Ultra Bright Chrome have slight textures to them. If I recall, I think the UBC foil had just a little bit less visible texture than the regular Chrome. I always thought the term "chrome" was a bit misleading for their foil. While it is nice and shiny, it isn't mirror-like in the way you would think chrome would be. When I built my 1/48 Monogram B-29, I covered it using Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil and Ultra Chrome BMF. The Reynolds Wrap looked far more like highly polished metal. The BMF looked great! Don't get me wrong, but the Reynolds Wrap, to me, look
  6. I started building back in the latter half of the 1970s when I was but a mere lad. Even now, just thinking back to the kits I used to crave and build gets my heart thumping with excitement today. I still have the childlike eagerness when it comes to building kits! There was a time several years ago where I found myself in your shoes. I decided to dabble in aftermarket resin cockpits and photoetched detail sets. I quickly learned that they were far more trouble than they were worth and thereby contradictory to my "I build for the fun of it" joy. One day, I found myself in a mod
  7. Thanks to all for the great advice! It pretty much verifies what I was suspecting. Earlier in the year, I ordered about 7-8 different colors of the AK Interactive line of acrylic lacquers (or is it "lacquer acrylics"?). I am VERY happy with how those turned out. In my current situation, however, I really only needed this one color (FS 36440 Light Gull Grey) and, while I am very happy with AK, I didn't feel like placing an internet order for a single color and pay a shipping charge on top of that. That's why I went to my local hobby shop where they only have Tamiya and Vallejo acrylics.
  8. Hi guys. Since my old "go to" of paint brands (Model Master) is practically gone from the store shelves, I'm starting to branch out into other brands. Upon the recommendation of my local hobby shop, I am going to try painting my F-14 using Vallejo Air acrylics. For those who have used this brand, what are your thoughts on it? How well does it hold up to masking? Even though Vallejo Air is supposed to be airbrush-ready straight from the container, would it be of any benefit if I use a few drops of their proprietary flow improver along with it? Thanks for your advice!
  9. I can't recommend them highly enough. My favorite manufacturer is Monogram and Mustang Hobbies had a great selection of them, especially of the original or at least the early releases. I find those to be the most crisp moldings. It's been a couple of years (?) since I've ordered from them. Shipping was $10 and was a fairly flat rate. Then again, I only ever ordered one kit at a time. Delivery was quick. Communication was excellent. I'd totally order from Mustang Hobbies again. Eric
  10. I'm kind of surprised by that. Even in Green Bay, Sheboygan or Fon du Lac there are no rooms available?
  11. Dutch, I'm sort of in a similar situation. I have two kids, both girls. My oldest one is in her late teens and is always helping me fix things around either our house or my mother-in-law's (her grandma's) house. She's helped me install new door knobs, electronic locks, light switches, shelves, ceiling fans, you name it. The last time I had to fix something at my MIL's house, my daughter came with me and I asked her why she likes to help me out the way she does (NOT that I was complaining). She said that she's observed her two older cousins (both boys) who have zero mechanical ability what
  12. Been there. Done that. Bought the T-shirt. I never tipped a bottle of liquid cement over, but I have forgotten to put the cap back on a brand new bottle of Tenax. When I went to my work bench the following day, that's when I discovered that literally half the glue had evaporated. I don't know that I can speak in an educated way about the toxicity of the soaked paper towels, but I can only imagine that you really don't have a lot to worry about. I think most of it will evaporate in pretty short order. (On a side note, if you ever spill some liquid glue on a model, don't try t
  13. Dutch and Curt, you guys really jogged some memories! I remember being a kid and, I swear to God, most of my dietary fluid intake came from the garden hose! To me, there was no better tasting water than that which came from the hose. There were more than a few occasions where I also drank from the creek that ran through the woods behind my best friend's house. Dutch, I really enjoyed your recollection of childhood especially your walks to the bank and the Five & Dime. I didn't have a Five & Dime, but I sure do remember being 14 when the first Toys R Us opened up in my t
  14. Ha-ha-ha! A good observation. While I don't really drink beer much, I have this habit of having a Cherry Pepsi with me to drink while I'm working on a kit. Whenever I'd visit my dad, I'd always help him out on some neat woodworking project of his in his big hobby barn that he converted into a workshop. The smell of the saw dust. The great memories with my dad. Whenever we'd go out to his shop, he'd always hand me a Cherry Pepsi. For me, having one on hand as I'm about to sit down at my hobby bench connects me to the great times I had with my dad in his workshop. My dad is still alive a
  15. I'd like to see more American X-planes from WW2. Lord knows we are inundated with kits of German planes that never made it off the drawing board. Why can't we have some 1/48 scale injection molded kits of the McDonnell XP-67 Moonbat, the Lockheed L-133, the Northrop XP-79 or the Douglas XB-42 Mixmaster?
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