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  1. I don't think I've EVER seen a WW2 U.S. plane that was olive drab WITH a black anti-glare shield. That just looks weird! They were only ever used on on planes that were left in their natural unpainted metal state. Eric
  2. When they did that, I wonder how they felt especially knowing the historical significance of that airfield and that runway most especially.
  3. Out of sheer coincidence, I was looking at Tinian's North Field on Google Maps just a couple of hours ago. Lots of it is being overrun by vegetation but you can still see the two bomb pits. It looks like they still have runways A and B somewhat kept us as well. Eric
  4. 11bee, thank you for the more than generous offer! With today being Friday, I think I'm going to stop off at my local B&N and see if they have that book there. Can never have too many reference books in their collection, right? Whitey, thank you again for the fantastic pics! I don't want to super-detail the B-29 by any means but I think I might throw in the odd control and hydraulic lines here and there just to "busy up" the space. The pictures give me a fairly good idea of where they should go. Not going to go overboard. I'm just talking about maybe half a dozen lines to give the area some depth. Thanks again! Eric
  5. I need to look for that! By any chance, does it happen to show color pictures of the bomb bay? From what I can gather, it seems like the fuselage interior was natural metal, but what about the bomb racks themselves? I've seen where they're also natural metal and other pics showing them as interior green. I suppose either could be right depending on what was done out in the field. That's how I painted the bomb bay last night on my model. I think I mainly did it that way in order to add some visual differences as opposed to EVERYTHING in the bomb bay being silver. Eric
  6. Thanks to everyone for chiming in! Those pictures are fantastic, Whitey. Those are new ones for me and will come in extremely handy as reference photos. I love the tonal varaitions of the metal! Brendan, I was kind of thinking the same thing. If that open area is a camera port, it made perfect sense to locate it there especially if the plane is in a hard bank. Eric
  7. Thank you Brendan. There are lots of pictures showing it with both the arrow and the R. I'd love to do the one with the arrow because it really reminds me of the old Washington Redskins helmets which I really loved. In the interest of historical accuracy, I will use the "circle R" markings to depict it as it was specificaly on August 6th, 1945. Thanks for the info! Eric
  8. Hi guys, Did the B-29 Enola Gay have the "Circle R" or the "Circle Arrow" on it's tail on the day it dropped the A-bomb? I know there's a story behind it all but I just can't remember what it is. Thanks! Eric
  9. I was wondering the same thing myself. Using AutoCAD, I quickly drew a 9'6" circle in 1/48 scale, printed it out, then cut the circle out from the paper. The cut-out area of the paper perfectly matched the circumference of the Monogram B-29. I was impressed! Eric
  10. Thank you Slartibartfast! I'm just starting to work on a Silverplate B-29. I was thinking that if I knew the fuselage diameter, I could possibly cut out the raised turret features on the Monogram B-29 and then 3D print my own replacement patches. Thanks again! Eric
  11. Howdy folks! Just like the subject heading says, does anyone know what the diameter of the B-29 fuselage is? Was it 9'-8"? I'm talking about the main central portion of the fuselage, not any of the tapered part. Thanks! Eric
  12. Hi Kursad! I remember a while ago you had mentioned coming out with some decals for the F-89. I was wondering if that's still a work in progress and, also, which versions of the F-89 are you contemplating? Thanks! Eric
  13. The moment I saw all the dancers gathering on the stage, I knew that they were going to be using twerking and genital close-ups in lieu of singing talent. On Super Bowl Sunday, the day when there's probably more sex trafficing than any other day, the entertainers grab their crotches, do pole dances, then tell me I should support the #metoo movement.
  14. Dave, that helps A LOT! With the exception of the Typhoon, pretty much all other British planes bore me to tears. The Typhoon has always looked like a bad-*** fighter to me. Slap a sharkmouth on it and the coolness factor goes up exponentially for me! LOL! I know next to nothing about British planes and even less about their wartime and post-war markings. So I thank you for educating me on that. I do enjoy learning new things. You're so right about "no one can prove right or wrong" line of thinking. With that being the case, I'm STILL having a hard time deciding which one I like the most: The one with the red inside or the one without. Red is my favorite color so maybe I'll go that route. At the same time, my kids would like it if I put the checkerboard pattern around the tail. Eric
  15. Has it ever been determined what color was used inside the mouth of the sharkmouthed Hawker Typhoon? I don't know of any color photos that exist and, when doing an internet search, all I can find are either red or airframe camo color inside the mouth. What's the general consensus? I know that artist profiles are not to be trusted. It's interesting to note how even the airframe camo colors are different in the attached image. I guess that then makes me wonder what the correct camo colors should be on MR*U. Oh man! Now I just noticed that even the spinners are different colors!!! Thanks! Eric
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