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  1. Geez. That's just a little shy of being criminal. That's almost as bad as a Unicraft kit. Eric
  2. Are we talking "Unicraft" bad? Because that's the worst kind of resin quality there is! Eric
  3. My thoughts exactly! It's going to be far less expensive to just scratchbuild my own blank plating. Eric
  4. Thank you for the info, Lance! The way I see it, for $30, I can buy another model kit for that price. With that being the case, I think I'll just go the scratchbuilding route. I've read a few articles where people explained how they did their own patch job on the B-29 and I think I'm just going to do the same thing. Like you said, I think taking a modicum of care will yield the desired results. Eric
  5. Hi guys, Does anyone know if there's an aftermarket resin conversion set for to build a Silverplate B-29 in 1/48 scale? I thought I saw that Cutting Edge had one but I can't find it anywhere now. I want to do the Enola Gay for my daughter who is a big history buff. I suppose I could do some scratch building to remove the turrets but I was curious to see if an aftermarket conversion set would be worthwhile or not. Thanks! Eric
  6. No sales here yet in Green Bay, WI. Eric
  7. dnl42, I really need to get my hands on some of those "Mr." products. Here in Green Bay, we used to have a real mom-n-pop hobby shop that carried several of their products. I tried one or two of them (can't remember exactly which ones at the moment) and all I can remember is how impressed I was with them. The stored closed several years ago and now, if I want any of the Mr. products, I need to get them online. Time for me to pull that trigger. Eric
  8. I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for the tips and insight. Last night I took a Q-Tip and some nail varnish remover and smoothed out the Tamiya white putty on my Phantom's wing root. Worked like a charm! That 90° angle where the wing meets the fuselage would have been a little challenge to sand without losing a bunch of detail. Thanks again! Eric
  9. A couple of months ago, I returned home from work to find all of my shoes stewn about one area of the basement. We're talking all my sneakers, my work shoes, flip-flops, Jerusalem cruisers, you name it. I was so perplexed! I asked what was going on and my two little girls answered that they were playing in the basement when they spotted a spider. They threw all of my shoes at the critter until they finally killed the little sucker. I was so busy laughing that the thought of being mad never even entered my mind. Eric
  10. Howdy folks! Can Tamiya white putty be smoothed after it has cured like the way Perfect Plastic Putty can? I'm working on a Monogram F-4C/D Phantom and I had a small gap at the wing roots (both sides). On the port wing, I applied it nicely and I smoothed it out while it was still wet and life is good. On the starboard side, however, I didn't do as good a job and the putty ended up kind of rough. If I put mineral spirits on something like a Q-Tip, will that "re-wet" the putty so it can be smoothed out or am I just doomed to break out the sandpaper at this point? Thanks! Eric
  11. Wow! Great info and thank you for sharing! To drop into enemy territory in the middle of the night and to engage the enemy while lost never fails to baffle me. Those men were, indeed, the greatest generation. Eric
  12. Last night, in honor of it being the eve of D-Day, I was watching "Band of Brothers". It got me to wondering something: Around what time of the day (or evening) did the troop transports take off from England to head to Normandy? Also, what time did the first paratroopers begin their jumps from the planes? TIA! Eric
  13. echolmberg

    CMK XP-55 resin kit

    Are you looking for the XP-55 or the XP-56 instructions? Eric
  14. So the pilot ejected, the plane crashed into the building and there was no explosion? I read in Ken's link that there was a fire that the building's sprinklers put out but, beyond that, there was no explosion from a crashed jet carrying what I can only assume was ordnance??? Eric
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