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  1. Sorry for being a little late to the party, but a few years ago I built an Academy F-86. The kit was an absolute gem. Pure joy! The decals, however, were horrible. They did not react at all to Solvaset/Microsol. I tried to remove the decals using the masking tape method but they wouldn't come off. It was then that I learned that their older kits contained crummy decals while their newer kits contained good decals made by Cartograf. If your kit is on the "older" side, you probably fell victim to the bad Academy decals. Eric
  2. I can't thank you guys enough for the awesome info. Seriously. I'm going to place an order this weekend. I think I have one last question before I do. I have a large can of hardware store lacquer thinner that I use to thin my MM enamels for airbrushing. Can I use the same stuff for the Mr. Color paints? MM is funny...I use the lacquer thinner for ALL the colors EXCEPT for MM gloss black. For some reason, MM gloss black turns gummy when I mix the lacquer thinner in it. I ended up buyiing a small can of the proprietary MM paint thinner in the red can that I use only for the gloss black. Thanks! Eric
  3. Thanks Metro! I just got done reading Doog's link that you attached. Good info indeed! DNL42 (and others who have recommended the Mr. Color line of paints), I really think I'm going to pull the (airbrush) trigger and give this line of paints a try. Since I've never ordered this or any other brand of paints on-line before, is there a good on-line retailer you could recommend? Thank you! Eric
  4. Metroman, thanks for the great info! Is the Mr. Color line an enamel? Lacquer? Acrylic? Thanks! Eric
  5. They would have to sell 100 kits at a price of $1,200? I'd like it a whole lot more if they sold 10,000 at a price of $12. Eric
  6. Thanks to all who chimed in. I was surprised to see others in the same boat as I. I think Kurt pretty much summarized my predicaments/sentiments the most because I really do like my enamels but I also use acrylics sometimes. I mainly like to use them for smaller spaces like cockpit details and wheel wells where I don't have to worry about masking. I have yet to paint an entire aircraft with them because, as GW noted, I, too, have heard stories of how acrylics tend to pull up when masked. If the day comes where an acrylic is made that really bites into the plastic, takes masking, doesn't dry out on the airbrush nozzle and is reasonably priced, I'll be in line to get me some! Eric
  7. Howdy folks! My "go to" paint has always been Model Master enamels. However, as Testors has been doing away with the MM line, my selection of MM paints in my local hobby shop has been seriously shrinking. My favorite subjects are U.S. planes ranging from WW2 to modern. With all that in mind, what other brand of enamel paints would you recommend? Thanks! I know that there are several "new" manufacturers out there but, as long as I had my MM paints, I never really paid attention to what else was available. I think I have no other choice other than to order my paints from now on rather than buying them locally. Eric
  8. I think the Revell F-84 was the very first kit I ever tried to foil. That was maybe ten years ago??? Something like that. It didn't go very well but I've learned a lot since then and have foiled two models in the past year or so. With some practice, patience and understanding, it really isn't overly difficult at all. When it comes to foiling, for me anyway, slow and steady wins the race. I've got a Monogram B-29 in my stash that is pretty much at the top of my "to do next" list. I seriously think I'm going to foil that monster. After all, nothing looks like actual metal than actual metal! As you said, it's definitely worth it in the end. Eric
  9. Now THAT is a spectacular finish! Gotta love the Revell F-84. I covered mine using foil as well but Scott's looks infinitely better than mine. Major thumbs up for the great job, Scott! http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Gal16/15201-16300/gal15274-F-84-Vomacka/00.shtm
  10. +1. Agreed. It certainly seems to be the trend these days in our hobby, unfortunately. Eric
  11. This is great news! I just picked up the 1/72 Hasegawa kit a month or so ago. It'll be great to see some aftermarket deal options for this kit. Eric
  12. I can't help but think that it was the shape issues and word-of-mouth that kept it from selling well. Believe me...as a fan of '50s-era jets, I would have been all over this Banshee no matter what version it was. However, after reading about and seeing all the pictures of the shape errors and what people had to go through to fix them, that was enough for me to not buy the kit. I think if the kit had been shaped properly, you probably could have put me down for at least two or three of them. I think it would have been a good-selling kit but Kitty Hawk really dropped the ball on this one. The popularity and demand were there. The kit quality was not. Eric
  13. I think P.T. Barnum had model builders in mind when he came up with his famous saying. For me, I'm completely happy with my $15 Revell kit from eBay. Eric
  14. I know the pics show a P-38, but I'm sure it'll be retooled at the last second to be yet another Me-109 or Fw-190 or a Spitfire. Eric
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