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  1. Hello Andy and thank you for those AMAZING references!!! For the markings, I'm thinking one of two things. First, I'm hoping that yellow and grey serials and codes are available in decal form somewhere. The next thing I'm thinking is that if they're not, then I might have mask the grey codes by hand or at least create my own decals. IF that's the case, then does anyone know where I can find specs on the font? Thanks you again!
  2. Hi guys, From what I can find, it was the 439th Troop Transport Group, 91st Squadron, that carried the guys from Easy Company into Normandy. I have several questions about this: 1) For starters, am I correct that this was the correct group/squadron that carried them? 2) If this is correct, then did their C-47s have "W8" or "L4" as their code? 3) What colors would these codes have been? I've seen yellow and I've seen grey. 4) Are the markings available in a 1/48 aftermarket set? I've tried looking, but to no avail. I figured the good folks here wou
  3. Ha-ha-ha! Good catch. Yes. I was joking. I still enjoy playing "Call of Duty" on the Wii even though my kids play it on their systems that are far more advanced. Yes, they laugh at me, but I still have fun with the Wii.
  4. Southwest, yes!!! I noticed the same thing about the Krylon I applied as well. When I applied the second coat, there were several spots where the paint wrinkled up like crazy. I'm talking spots between the sizes of a nickel and a quarter. I set the model on my work bench so I could run off and seethe in anger for a while. When I returned to the model the following day, I saw that a couple of those wrinkled areas actually became wrinkle-free overnight! This happened to a few of the spots, but sadly not to all of the spots. Dang! I was so close to calling it "good enough" and letting it
  5. Hi everyone, I am (or was, anyway) at the painting stage of my big AMT XB-70 Valkyrie. I have read where people had good results with Krylon enamel spray paint. I gave it a try and the result were, indeed, amazing! Beautiful coverage and perfectly glossy. However, after it dried, that's when I noticed I had gotten a bit heavy-handed on the fuselage neck and I noticed some runs in the paint. Okay. No big deal. I've fixed paint issues before. I sanded the offending run marks, masked off just the area I wanted to touch up, then I hit it with the Krylon making sure to go over i
  6. I think it was called either "Grand Dad's Hobby" or "Grandpa's Hobby" or something like that. It was located in Springfield Mall in Springfield, VA. It was practically my second home back in the mid-1980s to early 1990s. I remember seeing the massive Monogram B-36 kit there for the very first time. I had never even heard of that plane up until that point, but the kit was enormous and I had to have it! As a kid, I remember thinking there was going to be no way I could afford the $20 for that kit. LOL!
  7. I think this is the year I want to "go big". I'm pretty much at the painting stage of my 1/72 AMT XB-70. As the year goes on, I want to work on my 1/32 Revell F-14, 1/72 Monogram B-52 and the 1/72 Monogram B-36. At the rate I build models, I'll be happy and very surprised if I get through the F-14 and B-52 between now and the end of December.
  8. Would you mind expanding on this? I'm about to start a Pegasus Me-262 and the two glues I use the most are Tamiya Extra Thin and the good ol' classic Testors tube glue in the orange tube. Thanks!
  9. I saw something online a while ago and I think it was a guy correcting the wing warp on his 1/48 B-29. He placed the two wing halves together. Then he placed an architect's scale on top of the wing. He then clamped the whole works together so the scale acted as a splint to keep the wings straight and warp-free. He then applied extra thin liquid cement along the wing seams to glue the wing halves together. After everything had set for several hours, he undid the clamps, removed the scale and the wings were perfectly straight. When I built my big B-29 a couple of years ago, I used this met
  10. People derive different joys out of model building. When I finish a model, it goes up on my display shelf and I never spend any time looking in the cockpits. In the past, I would drop a resin aftermarket cockpit in my kit, but after a while, I felt like it was all for nothing. But that's just me and my modeling style and needs. I think all the 3D-printed stuff is pretty slick, but I see it as something that'll go under an IP coaming and will most likely never be seen again. Again, I think it's neat, but it's not for me and I won't be purchasing any of those items anytime soon.
  11. I might get about 45 minutes to an hour at the hobby bench for maybe 2-3 nights a week; perhaps an hour more on a Saturday night. It takes me about five months to finish a 1/48 scale plane. If I'm seriously blazing away and making good time, then it takes me about four months. If I'm binge-watching a show on TV with my wife, then figure about six to seven months.
  12. This is the situation in my store as well. I still enjoy going, though. I dunno. I still am a sucker for the older Monogram kits. I'll go to HL if I feel in the mood to build a Monogram Corsair, Spitfire or Stuka. I'm not a fan of the anime stuff, but it does seem to be taking over the shelf space at my Hobby Lobby.
  13. I agree that the level of work going into the latest kits has been mind-blowing. There's no denying that. On the downside, I feel that it's placing those kits way too far out of my reach price-wise. Yes, I know it's a subjective thing. While I may not be able to (or unwilling to) pay triple digit prices that they're commanding these days, I know others can and joyfully do. I long for the days of simpler and far less expensive kits. As Scott mentioned above, these are indeed good times for the hobby. Perhaps TOO good? I guess I'm thinking of it this way: The hobby
  14. I wouldn't worry about it. I'm pretty sure "PlaneLover" is a spam account and has been reported as such.
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