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  1. echolmberg

    F-16 Crash near March AFB; Pilot OK

    So the pilot ejected, the plane crashed into the building and there was no explosion? I read in Ken's link that there was a fire that the building's sprinklers put out but, beyond that, there was no explosion from a crashed jet carrying what I can only assume was ordnance??? Eric
  2. echolmberg

    Why do builds stall?

    I wouldn't consider "life getting in the way" as a true stall. Medical things come up. Kids' school plays. Vacations. Holidays. Birthday party planning. Stuff like that is life and you have to take care of those things first. A stall happens when you just lose interest in whatever it is you're building. This is why I like to build simple kits like Monogram. Revell, Hawk/Testors, etc. They're inexpensive, simple and fit well. I never really deal with the issue of "stalls" because I choose to not get bogged down with "fixing details for the right Mk" or fiddling with photoetch parts. I think the true modeling stalls are self-imposed. Eric
  3. Genre: U.S. planes from WW2 to 1950s (love the nose art of WW2 and the flashy paint schemes of the early jets) Scale: 1/48 (big enough for great details that I can see with my bad eyes and small enough to not take up too much space on the shelves) Manufacturer: Monogram (best bang for the buck) Kit: Tie between the F-89C and F-86D (love those early jets in the days before computers and algorithms designed everything)
  4. echolmberg

    Olive Drab and Neutral Gray

    I like this answer the best. So many variable conditions out there even on a "good" day. I can't even imagine what it was like trying to deal with painting under harsh wartime conditions. Eric
  5. echolmberg

    Issue with foiling

    Holy smokes! What a beautiful looking turn-out! Do NOT give up on the foiling! So far, I've covered an AT-6 and a P-47N using a foil. I've experienced the "fish eye" phenomenon myself. All I did was keep "scrubbing" the glue on using a wide brush and eventually the fish eyes went away. It was weird, too, in that I could apply the glue to one piece of foil and it would be 100% fine but the NEXT piece of foil would have those fish eyes suddenly pop up. It was strange, but nothing that couldn't be overcome. Like I said, I didn't know any other solution other than to use that scrubbing technique. Don't let this strange experience turn you away from foiling. It's pretty easy but it definitely is time consuming. The way my planes turned out, I really can't see myself going back to using regular paint for any of my metalic finishes. And I still have a B-17, B-29, B-58 AND a B-36 that I'll be getting to next! Eric PS. Jonbryon's plane turned out looking stunning beyond belief and all people can do is talk about the stand?!?!?!?
  6. echolmberg

    Top Gun 2 plot tidbit from a very credible source

    Yeah but we're talking about a movie, not reality. LOL! Flying Tomcats again would be so awesome!!! Eric
  7. echolmberg

    Canopies turning cactus over years

    Ed (or anyone else who might know), I've used Goo Gone in the past to remove tape or Bare Metal Foil residue from canopies, but does anyone know if it'll harm enamel paint? I have some canopies similar to Keroburner's but I've been hesitant to try the Goo Gone trick out of fear of it harming the surrounding enamel paint where some of the tape/foil residue is located. Eric
  8. echolmberg

    What are your top 5 dream model kits?

    1/48 McDonnell XP-67 Moonbat 1/48 Vultee XP-54 1/48 Lockheed L-133 1/48 Hughes F-11 1/48 Fisher XP-75
  9. echolmberg

    What are your top 5 dream model kits?

    1/48 Anything that's not a Spitfire 1/48 Anything that's not an Fw190 1/48 Anything that's not an Me109 1/48 Anything that's not a P-51 1/48 Anything that's not a recon plane
  10. echolmberg

    Showing my age

    The last model I purchased was a Revell Spitfire at Hobby Lobby last week. I was kind of sitting on the fence about whether or not I wanted to purchase it, but then I saw that its parts count was something like 39 parts. That was it for me! I went and bought it. I enjoy the relaxing nature of building model kits. For me, and I know it'll differ for all of us here, "relaxing" means keeping things simple. Perhaps another way to look at it is "avoiding things that are unnecessarily over-engineered." Perhaps it's the undiagnosed A.D.D. in me, but I like to see steady and definite progress in my build sessions. As an example, I want my landing gear leg to be a single piece with the exception of the wonderful B-58. Dealing with landing gear should take me 10 minutes tops, not a week. Others can keep their humble-bragging of "This model took me a year to build and had 3,000 parts in it!" I don't know what a person wants from me when they boast that. Sympathy? A medal? Elevation to deity status? I'll keep my model kits with 39 pieces, thank you very much. Eric
  11. echolmberg

    Different color/tone of plastic?

    Thanks Derek! I'm sure others have done more. I'll tell you one thing, it was always about ten years between each B-36. I think it was due to exhaustion. LOL! Eric
  12. echolmberg

    Different color/tone of plastic?

    That was the odd/interesting part. After removing the plastic and opening the box, that's when I saw that the two fuselage halves were sitting loose on top. I've built three other B-36s in my time but the last one was about a dozen years ago. I couldn't remember if the fuselage halves were originally attached to sprues or if they were simply loose in the box. I'll have to take a closer look to see if I have entire sprues that of different shades. Eric
  13. Well this was a first for me. A couple of months ago, I purchased a Monogram B-36 off of eBay. It was still in its shrink wrapping. I didn't unwrap it until last weekend. Everything seems fine with it but one thing I noticed was that the left fuselage half is in the usual silver plastic while the right fuselage half almost appears to me closer to a darker "gun metal" hue. Anyone else ever coome across something like this? Thanks! Eric
  14. If you look at my modest stash (about 30 kits), I'd say about 27 of them are Monogram for this very reason. Many years ago, I tried building a couple of kits with some aftermarket "goodies" and quickly came to the realization that it was for the birds (no pun intnded). I started building models back when I was 7 years old. Remember being seven?...back when you only knew how to have fun and the world of responsibilities wasn't even something we thought about? THAT'S what I return to each and every time I break out a simple Monogram kit to work on. No photo etch metal to anneal, bend, superglue. No resin to cut from the stub. No AMS at all. Just give me a fun. simple build and I'm transported back to being a 7 year old again! Eric
  15. echolmberg

    Monogram B-29 Enola Gay atomic bomb queston

    This was a head-smacker for me. LOL! I got so tunnel-visioned on thinking how I would depict the bomb in the bomb bay that I stopped thinking about WHICH bomb would be the correct one to use. Thanks for the reminder, Slart! Eric