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  1. Dave, that helps A LOT! With the exception of the Typhoon, pretty much all other British planes bore me to tears. The Typhoon has always looked like a bad-*** fighter to me. Slap a sharkmouth on it and the coolness factor goes up exponentially for me! LOL! I know next to nothing about British planes and even less about their wartime and post-war markings. So I thank you for educating me on that. I do enjoy learning new things. You're so right about "no one can prove right or wrong" line of thinking. With that being the case, I'm STILL having a hard time deciding which one I like the most: The one with the red inside or the one without. Red is my favorite color so maybe I'll go that route. At the same time, my kids would like it if I put the checkerboard pattern around the tail. Eric
  2. Has it ever been determined what color was used inside the mouth of the sharkmouthed Hawker Typhoon? I don't know of any color photos that exist and, when doing an internet search, all I can find are either red or airframe camo color inside the mouth. What's the general consensus? I know that artist profiles are not to be trusted. It's interesting to note how even the airframe camo colors are different in the attached image. I guess that then makes me wonder what the correct camo colors should be on MR*U. Oh man! Now I just noticed that even the spinners are different colors!!! Thanks! Eric
  3. Interesting to note the wavy OD/NG paint demarcation line in the picture and the razor-straight demarcation line in the profile rendition.
  4. As others have said here, Monogram is the way to go. They're not that difficult and all you need are basic modeling skills to end up with a good-looking build. With the Tamiya kit being 6x more than the Revellogram kit, I can get the Revellogram one plus five other other model kits. Eric
  5. Couldn't agree more. Keep in mind that, with you starting college, you'll be lucky if you get future projects that are as "short" as four pages. When I was taking my socio-economic history classes, 20 pages was the norm for all my projects. I can't believe that you didn't have to write reports greater than one page while in high school. Your class encompasses world history starting with the 1500s up through present time. I know you wanted to focus on aviation and its affect on the world, but I'd probably start off with a very brief mention to the reader that, for the first 400 years of your class's scope, the world got by on dirt roads, horseback, sailboats, steamships and railroads. Think of how the advent and use of aviation has benefited the quality of life of the entire world! Aircraft now whisk people on a daily basis to hospitals. They transport life-saving organs. They save entires fields of crops through the use of pest control. They fly into storms so we can better study and understand them thereby saving countless numbers of lives. Through the use of aviation, we can now fight forest fires and erect communication towers in the most remote places. How many people would have died during horrible floods if helicopters hadn't plucked them off of rooftops? What about the aviation that takes us into outer space where we can study the effects of drought, population growth, etc. It places satellites into orbit where we can communicate with someone in real time on the other side of the earth. The use of GPS satellites can now guide us across an entire continent for a new family that's moving or even just across town for a new teenage driver. Your class spans the time from 1500 up until today. Think of how much the world has grown in the first 400 years and compare it to how much it's grown over the past 100 since the birth of aviation. Eric
  6. In this day and age, where every car is a forgettable homogenous blob to the point where you can't tell one make/model from another, I actually like it. It reminds me of a P-47 or an A-10: Big, ugly, different...and I LIKE it for those very reasons!!!! To say whether it's good or bad looking is purely subjective. There is no denying, however, that it is different and it has character. You can see a '57 Chevy or a '32 Ford and, by God, you knew what you were looking at. This is the first vehicle in a LONG time where you can do that again. Eric Edit: I wonder where the rear view mirrors are.
  7. Does the Monogram kit have the correct intake shape?
  8. Here I was trying my hardest to think back to my college accounting days to figure out what "S&G"s was thinking it must have been some financial/accounting term. LOL! I'm going to hope and pray that Hobby Lobby will carry it and I can use a 40% off coupon on it! Eric
  9. Curt, thank you for your input. It was not in vain. Because I move at the same blazing speed as most turtles and some fungi, I have not placed any orders for paints just yet. I am, however, convinced that I am going to give the Mr. Color Lacquers a try. I've read and heard so many good things about them that I have simply GOT to check them out. Thank you for the great info and insight! Eric
  10. I remember getting the Monogram B-17 kit as a kid back in 1979. I'm pretty sure that, when my dad got it for me, he didn't pay the 1979 equivalent of $100+.
  11. Considering I can pick up a perfectly perfect Revell/Monogram one at Hobby Lobby for $26 after coupon, it seems obscenely, well, obscene.
  12. Sorry for being a little late to the party, but a few years ago I built an Academy F-86. The kit was an absolute gem. Pure joy! The decals, however, were horrible. They did not react at all to Solvaset/Microsol. I tried to remove the decals using the masking tape method but they wouldn't come off. It was then that I learned that their older kits contained crummy decals while their newer kits contained good decals made by Cartograf. If your kit is on the "older" side, you probably fell victim to the bad Academy decals. Eric
  13. I can't thank you guys enough for the awesome info. Seriously. I'm going to place an order this weekend. I think I have one last question before I do. I have a large can of hardware store lacquer thinner that I use to thin my MM enamels for airbrushing. Can I use the same stuff for the Mr. Color paints? MM is funny...I use the lacquer thinner for ALL the colors EXCEPT for MM gloss black. For some reason, MM gloss black turns gummy when I mix the lacquer thinner in it. I ended up buyiing a small can of the proprietary MM paint thinner in the red can that I use only for the gloss black. Thanks! Eric
  14. Thanks Metro! I just got done reading Doog's link that you attached. Good info indeed! DNL42 (and others who have recommended the Mr. Color line of paints), I really think I'm going to pull the (airbrush) trigger and give this line of paints a try. Since I've never ordered this or any other brand of paints on-line before, is there a good on-line retailer you could recommend? Thank you! Eric
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