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  1. Take whatever space you have designated for display space and double it. Seriously. I built a wall of shelves 10 ft tall x 12 ft wide which takes up the entirety of one wall in my display area of the basement. I figured it would be YEARS before I ever filled it all up. Nope. I'm just about out of room already.
  2. I remember building my first model airplane back around 1977. I had just turned 7 so it was probably something I got for my birthday. It was the classic Monogram Snap-Tite F-15 with the red and white stripes around the wings and nose. Ever since that first kit, I was absolutely hooked. Add to that the fact that "The Black Sheep Squadron" was on. I never missed an episode. Here's the funny part though. I've often asked myself WHY did I get hooked. I was a typical kid. I played with metal trucks. I had a huge Hot Wheels car collection. But why did I find myself drawn to air
  3. Same here in Green Bay. Fewer model kits and more Gundams. Blecch! They still have a pretty good inventory of hobby supplies, just not nearly as many kits as they used to.
  4. This is a great question. I'm starting to get back into jets (I'm a prop man myself) and I'd love to have a legacy Hornet on my shelf as well. For some reason, I just do not find the Super Hornets to be overly attractive. They just don't seem to have the nicer proportions that the legacy Hornets have. As a Monogram fan, I'd love to see where it falls in the rankings between it and the Revell, Hasegawa, Hobby Boss and Kinetic kits in terms of ease of assembly.
  5. Hi guys! This is bugging me because I feel like it's right on the tip of my brain, but wasn't there a Russian website that had a whole bunch of aircraft blueprint drawings or something like that? Is this sounding familiar to anyone? If I'm not going crazy and there is such a site out there, could someone please remind me what it is? On a side note, I'm hoping to find some good high-rez line drawings of aircraft. If you know of any good sources, I'd love to see 'em. Thanks!! Eric
  6. Hello Kursad! I wanted to apologize if I was giving any implication that your decals were substandard by any means. That was not my intent at all and if it came across as such, it was only because of poor word choices on my part. As I had mentioned, I will be using your decals for my F-94A as well as for my future Skyraiders and I'm sure many other future products as well. Not once have I even come close to thinking your products were defective at all. The only reason I brought up my issue in this forum was because I figured maybe others who were/are more familiar with Caracal decals coul
  7. Charlie, I am very much like you in that this little blip in the road will not deter me from purchasing more Caracal sheets in the future. I purchased one of his Skyraider sheets not too long ago and I am utterly amazed at the number of aircraft marking options available on just this one sheet alone! I have an F-94A planned for the future after I get done with my current F-94B. When I do that one, I'll be sure to try your white glue and Future tricks. On a side note, I'm surprised your decals required such long soaking! With this set that I'm using, the decals are re
  8. Hi guys! I'm new to using Caracal decals and I've been enjoying their subjects and artwork! A question, however. I've been finishing up my 1/48 F-94B using Caracal set # CD 48134. I used Bare Metal Foil on the entire aircraft. I began to apply the decals for the US national markings and then I let them sit overnight. I didn't use any form of setting solutions at all. I just applied the decals straight to the plane without any pre- or post-application solutions. When I checked on the decals the following day, several of the decals had curled and partially separated from the plane. I th
  9. Do you have to buy the "Fortunate Sun" or "Paint It Black" soundtracks separately or do they come preloaded?
  10. The P-61 Black Widow exudes so much awesomeness that just a single P-61 alone occupies spaces 1 through 10 on that list.
  11. Ya know....I still have not purchased a new airbrush yet, but as I think on it more and more, I'm really thinking of sticking the crowbar in my wallet, biting the bullet, and just springing more for a good airbrush. If I just get myself a good quality airbrush now, then I won't have to deal with getting an upgrade several years from now. I'm impressed with all that I'm hearing & reading about the H&S airbrushes. Eric
  12. I really like the thought of being able to take them apart and clean them more easily. I actually do have an Iwata Eclipse from about 25 years ago. Using the special tool they provided, I accidentally over-tightened the tip from where the needle protrudes. I swear I wasn't reefing on it and yet the conical portion completely ripped free from the threaded portion. Ever since then, I've been leery of the seemingly delicate nature of Iwata parts.
  13. I just bought the classic Monogram F-80 kit in 1/48 scale. I'm discovering the aftermarket decal options are almost non-existent. The aircraft from the 1950s were always so colorful! I think it would be great if you could come up with a sheet or two of some F-80 schemes. 😁 I was also wondering if there's been any progress on the set of F-89 decals. Thanks!
  14. I feel for ya. I once received a model kit that I had purchased online (second-hand). The moment I opened up the shipping box, woof! I felt like I had just smoked a carton of cigs in about two seconds! How on earth does a box get that permeated with cigarette smoke smell??? I can only imagine the guy would take a drag on his cigarette and blow the smoke directly into the box. In a perfect world, all my model boxes would smell like bacon.
  15. After seeing countless images on the 'net as well as the 60 Minutes segment on the backed-up ports this past Sunday, I can't help but wonder how many of those containers have model kits and supplies in them. In my stash, I have 52 kits. On average, I build somewhere between 3-4 kits a year if I'm lucky. That means I have enough kits to last me for the next 17 years (I'm currently 51 years old). I seriously don't think there's a kit out there that I desperately want that I don't already have. Do I want to buy more kits? ALWAYS!!!! It's fun to do! Do I need to at the moment?
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