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  1. I never realized that Boeing was the "Buy-n-Large" of the aircraft industry! Sheesh. "Boeing P-51". That just has the oddest ring to it. When I think "Boeing P-51", I can't help but get this image in my head of a P-51 with four B-17 engines on the wings. Eric
  2. I just placed my order mere minutes ago for the F-94 sheet. Kursad, you're doing the Lord's work and I hope you know we all appreciate it. Eric
  3. Could we please stop with this crap about raised panel lines and being a "serious modeler?"
  4. Hi Dutch! Yep, I'm going with the 1/72 version on this one. Normally I build 1/48 but I want to send the finished product to one of the brothers. I figured 1/72 would be a little bit easier for shipping. As always, thank you for being a fount of information. I will send you a PM in just a few moments. Paul, yep. We know about the "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" movie, but let's be honest. Knowing it was used in "Blazing Saddles" is a heck of a lot more fun reference! 😄 Vamanos! Eric
  5. Well, I done went and did it. I just pulled the trigger and ordered the Hasegawa kit mere seconds ago. It was a very tough choice between the Hasegawa kit and the Fujimi one. I had read so many good things about the two of them, but whenever I read people's articles about each one, I saw more Fujimi builders saying they wished they had gotten the Hasegawa kit than the other way around. So that was the clincher for me. Johathan, a million thanks for posting that profile picture! I am actually going to print that out and use it as a reference. An extremely kind gentleman on Facebook sent me the correct squadron and TAC badges the other day. Now all I need to get are the tail codes and the correct borderless national insignias and I'll be all set. It's all coming together and none of it would have been possible were it not for the help of every single person here!!! On a side note, when the decals arrived in the mail from the guy on Facebook, my wife asked "What'd you get in the mail?" I told her that I got the squadron badges I was waiting for. She said "Badges?!? We don't need no stinking badges!!!" My God. I've got a wife who not only supports my hobby, but she quotes "Blazing Saddles" while doing so. I've got the best wife ever! Eric
  6. Yup! I'm down for one. Can't wait!
  7. Hi Gene! Thank you for reminding me about the FineMolds offering. I have never built any of their kits. From the chat threads I see on the 'net, it seems like they produce some good kits. I wonder how expensive it will be. You had mentioned that I'd want the F-4EJ and not the Kai. Forgive me, but what is the "Kai" version? I've never heard of that before. My brain is getting so full from all the information I'm learning here! Thanks! Eric
  8. Holy (insert your favorite expletive here)! Thank you for that picture, Kursad! If it's okay with you, I'd like to forward that picture to the guys I'm building the model for. I think they'd like to see pictures like this showing the plane their dad flew. Ben, I could not agree with you more. Eric
  9. I wish you guys could hear how much I'm saying "thank you" to every single person who is writing in response. Your depth of knowledge is jaw-dropping. I thought I knew a lot about airplanes but I'm quickly learning that what I know isn't enough to fill a thimble compared to you guys. It means a lot to me to build a kit of their dad's plane for them, but I think it's going to mean even more for them. Eric
  10. I just think what Jon was saying was said in a light-hearted manner but you responded with "...yet you respond with these silly one-liners." It just seemed like you were coming down on him for the kind of goofy comments that you see on this site all the time. C'mon. "Tom Cruise missile". That was funny!
  11. Jpeg of the Phantom my friends' dad was flying the day he was shot down.
  12. I cannot even begin to thank everyone here for contributing such wonderful information! I love how much detail you guys know. It boggles the mind and I love learning new things. It isn't just for me either. I'll be able to take your information and relay that to the two guys I know whose dad perrished back in July of '72. The guys are twin brothers who were my best friends back when I was a kid. They sent me a picture of the very plane their dad was flying when he and his back-seater was shot down. I hope this sheds a bunch of light on the subject matter. (Edit: If there's a way to attach a picture without it being a file you have to click, I'm not sure how to do it. I do apologize.) F-4.pdf
  13. Quixote74, thank you! Like I mentioned, with me being more of a WW2 kinda guy, all this info is new to me. I wasn't even exactly sure what the tail code was with great certainty. I was figuring it was FG, but you helped solidify that information. With me being able to find a bunch of pictures of the F-4C/Ds carrying the 433rd markings, I couldn't help but wonder if it all sort of carried over to the F-4Es. If I remember correctly, wasn't Robin Olds the CO of Satan's Angels? I was wondering if I could just order a set of decals depicting his famous Phantom and at least use the squadron markings (tail codes, badges on the intakes) on an F-4E. Do you think that would be feasible? Again, thank you for sharing your knowledge. I did not know that information about that particular plane being an unslatted hard wing plane nor did I even think about the varying gun muzzle. For what it's worth, I know that he was shot down on July 12, 1972. In either 1/72 or 1/48 scale, is there a kit manufacturer that best represents an F-4E from this era? Thank you so much again, Eric
  14. Oh learned members! I'm more of a WW2 guy, so I'm hoping you guys know more about this than I do. Are there decals (either 1/48 or 1/72) for F-4E Phantoms that were used in Vietnam by the 433rd Tactical Fighter Squadron aka "Satan's Angels"? I think I can find a few sets for the F-4C/D, but not for the E version. The dad of a friend of mine was flying an F-4E (Bu.No. 69-0302) with the 433rd when he was shot down and killed. I thought it would a nice thing to build his dad's plane for him. Thanks! Eric
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