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  1. Hi everybody, this is a Copper State Caudron G.IV in 1/48th. Figures are from Eduard...
  2. I used Mr. Paint set for Su-33: The problem is that they don't have the correct hue: the 201 is a pure gray, while on the Su-33 has a blue hue. The 199 is too bright and a bit dark compared to the original. The 200 is the less correct because is extremely dark, much more than what you can see on the plastic spoon of the photo. I have corrected them all by mixing them with gray and blue Gunze but I can not tell you the precise percentage as I did it by trial and error...
  3. Hi everybody, this is my Su-33 in 1/48th; I obtained it from the Academy Su-27 with the Wolfpack resin conversion. Decals are from Begemot; the deck was scratchbuilt...
  4. You got it right: that's exactly what i did... Lorenzo
  5. I improved the kit part; same thing for the rear section of the cockpit... Cheers!
  6. Yes, even though the Olimp parts are very poorly cast and need careful polish of the exhaust feathers...
  7. Hi, this is a 1/48 Revell Eurofighter; I added Olimp exhaust and some Eduard photoetch in the cockpit...
  8. I used Gunze colors, that is Gunze H307 (FS 36320) over Gunze H308 (FS 36375). In order to achieve a barely visible demarcation line between the two colors, I added a few drops of H307 into a jar of H308 and a few drops of H308 into a jar of H307...
  9. Unfortunately i didn't take any in-progress pictures, but I remember that both the cockpit and the avionic bays fit quite well to the fuselage; same thing for the gear wells...You just have to carefully remove the plastic parts (instrument panel eyelid, ejector pins, moulded-on avionic bays and gear wells). Lorenzo
  10. I'm sorry, but this was a commission build that I tried to get off my workbench as fast as I could, so I didn't take any in-progress pic... Anyway the weathering process I used is the same I applied on this F-104: F-104S The only difference is that I used only black oil color; the oil stains on the panel lines were airbrushed with Gunze Smoke Gray and a 0.15mm airbrush...
  11. Hi everybody, this is a 1/48 Hasegawa A-7E. I used Aires cockpit and avionic bays, Brassin bombs and AIM9, Airdoc decals... Cheers!
  12. Hi Jeffrey, I have two books dealing with the Be-12, but they are quite old and not very useful for modelling purposes; I also have many pictures that I found on some websites and they are much more useful if you want to build the interiors. The model has been published on an italian magazine; if you want, I can send you via Wetransfer the books, the picture and the magazine...just let me know...
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