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  1. I am beginning to size down everything as I contemplate getting out of the hobby. All items below are 1:35 and have not been started. All items will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail. I only accept paypal such that the buyer and myself are protected. Prices do NOT include shipping. All prices are listed and I am open to better offers. For immediate response, email me at shopkin4(at)gmail(dot)com 1:35 Meng Tiger $30 1:35 Trumpeter T62 BDD $30 1:35 Meng Merkava Mk3 Baz $45 1:35 Meng AUF-1 $45 1:35 Bronco YW-153C $20 1:35 Trumpeter BRDM 2 with Miniarm Wheels $25 1:35 DML Panther G Late
  2. What is the best 1:32 P-40 kit out there? I'm not looking for any variant in particular but just want to know what would be the best looking OOB build? From what I've read it is kit number 08879 but if there are other new tool P-40s to consider please let me know. Thanks!
  3. This is amazing. I really need to get back to working on mine.
  4. Last day on the market. 425 is the lowest I will go with the package.
  5. Hi,

    You have a lot of stuff with your Flanker that makes the total price scary for most modelers, especially this time of the year. I can offer you $300 plus shipping for the package, not trying to insult the value you have, that's just the most that I can afford to offer for it.



  6. Selling Zoukei Mura's 1/32 A-1H Skyraider, the NAVY VERSION. Sorry, I mislabeled the listing. Kit is new and unstarted. Retails for $155, asking $140 not including shipping OBO. I only accept payment so that we are both protected. Kit will be shipped fully insured with tracking.
  7. Up for sale, all unstarted kits in 1/35 scale. Prices do not include shipping. Bronco M24 Chaffee Early - SOLD Bronco Buffalo MPCV - SOLD Trumpeter T-64 Mod 1972 - SOLD Trumpeter Soviet 122mm corps gun M1931/1937 with M1931 Wheel - $25 AFV Club M42 Duster with AFV Club M41 Wheels - SOLD DML 6268 Panther G with Aber Metal Barrel, Alpine Minatures LAH Figures, and Alliance Models PE Set, ADDING CANFORA PANTHER BOOK - $70 DML 6266 T-34/85 With Bedspring Armor - SOLD Payment can be made via Paypal and will ship fully insured. All reasonable offers will be entertained.
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