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  1. I was in high school in 1983 and my skills were very basic. I picked one up and built it. At the time I thought it was the best kit ever made.
  2. I masked a Kittyhawk F-35C and it was a time consuming process. The easiest is to go with a late F-35A, unless you like the look of the RAM being a different color.
  3. Thanks for the info! I was under the impression that the Litening TGPs were primarily used by the ANG. I thought the Sniper was the more advanced but I see that the Litening has been updated.
  4. I thought the standard targeting pod for active USAF F-16 units was the Sniper pod. I believe Litening pods were purchased for the ANG back in the day. The 480th FS recently deployed F-16s to Okinawa. It looks like a Litening pod on the right intake. Does anyone have more info? https://www.kadena.af.mil/News/Article/3268496/falcons-join-raptors-and-eagles-at-kab/
  5. Lovely. My favorite is the Phantom.
  6. Here is one in shade. It's give a better image to determine contrast. The decal appears darker on the sheet, and shows contrast when you hold it next to the finished stab. There is some transparency with the decal, with the underneath shade coming through. That maybe part of the issue. I maybe wrong. I am too far down the road to the lighten the stab. I think I may use the kit decals for this one and try to figure out if I should lighten or darken with my next one. I was looking forward to doing a Hawaii Raptor.
  7. It seems the fin flash is very close in color to the outside of the vertical stab. I positioned it across the Aggressor Gray so you could see the contrast. It blends in with the light ghost gray - FS36375. Unless it is suppose to be a different color? I applied Model Masters' FS36375 straight out of the bottle - without lightening it or weathering the area. Then applied several coats of Future. My guess is that the decal is suppose to be Dark Mod Eagle Gray - FS36176.
  8. I found a close up pic, under shade, and it accurately depicts FS36176.
  9. Thanks! I think I figured it out. I deleted it from Flickr for reason....
  10. I haven't done a in progress build for a long, long, time. I am working on a Hasegawa F-22A for the last month or so. I picked up three from Tower Hobbies for $25 each back in the day on a Black Friday special. I can't believe how much they are now. This is my first Has Raptor and I have been pretty pleased with the fit and accuracy. I am going to use Caracal's newly released F-22 decals for the Hawaii Air National Guard. I am having trouble with the finish. My previous build was Mod Eagle F-15C. The paint I have is a good match for the Eagle but the metallic sheen seems to give
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