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  1. B2Blain

    1/48 F-16 intakes for Tamiya ready

    Thanks! I'll definitely pick up a few.
  2. B2Blain

    1/48 F-16 intakes for Tamiya ready

    Hi Gary, I was looking forward to these. I can testify to the difficulty of building Tamiya's F-16 intakes. One challenge is that the intake lip is a smidge too. Not to mention all the filling, sanding, and painting. It will be well worth the money, especially with Tamiya F-16s being at a nice price point. The fit looks good. But it was hard to tell from the SprueBrother's pics the level of detail. Do you have additional pics. I'd like to pick up a couple. Thanks, Blain
  3. Hey Don, Would you be willing to part ways with the 1/32 VFA-103 decals?
  4. B2Blain

    Boeing F-15C MISP II GWH 1/48

    LOVE IT!
  5. B2Blain

    F-35 news roundup

    Pics? I hope it will be worth the wait.
  6. B2Blain

    F-35 news roundup

    Here you go. First pic of an F-35C in a line squadron - VFA-147. Maybe the CAG jet has some color but I kind of doubt it. Decals????
  7. B2Blain

    Black Dog F-35A weapons bay

    Really? Their site says for KH. I hope not. http://www.blackdog.cz/a48.html Looking at the lower fuselage again. I have a KH C. Not a C. But likely an A.
  8. B2Blain

    Black Dog F-35A weapons bay

    I am looking to build a Kittyhawk F-35C. Has anyone tried the Black Dog weapons. bay? It doesn't look bad. I am assuming it would fit the C model.
  9. Hey Shawn,

    I just noticed you posted the pic of an F/A-18F with Jake's VFA-213 decals.  It's very nice.  What blue did you use for the vertical stabs?  The blue in the lion's head seems dark on the sheet.  I was concerned that there was not going to be enough contrast with Insignia Blue.



    1. phantom


      I used the directions but toned it down a wee bit with a slightly lighter blue mixed in.

  10. B2Blain

    Masking over decals

    I am using Gunze's Mr. Setter. Is it just suppose to help move around the decal and set or are there some adhesive properties contained in it? Also sometimes Mr. Setter leaves a white residue. Is it dissolving the future coat or does the white residue come from Mr. Setter? Thanks!
  11. B2Blain

    Masking over decals

    I have a roll of Tamiya tape but have not used it previously. I am intrigued by the post it note idea. I'm thinking it might be a good option for flat surfaces. Is there a greater chance of the paint bleeding through? Thanks, Blain
  12. B2Blain

    Masking over decals

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I've been using blue painters taps and them have been "selling" the decals with future. Maybe I will try the low tack tape or post it note. I'm concerned with bleed through, but if I spray a coat of base before the final coat maybe that might help.
  13. B2Blain

    Masking over decals

    Anyone have any suggestions to mask over decals so I can paint. It seems when I want to remove decals, masking tape will not lift them. But when I want to mask decals for painting or touch up the masking tape lifts the carrier film. I have tried to seal the decals with future after drying with mixed results. Thanks!
  14. I am specifically looking for the light gray "AG" tail code from the port side stab of the Super Hornet from the Fightertown decals sheet. Willing to pay or trade. Thanks for looking.
  15. B2Blain

    Tower Hobbies and Hasegawa Parts

    Is Tower a source for replacement parts? Thanks!