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  1. Bails

    P-61 1/48

    Can't go wrong starting with Google. As I recall, there's a video-full-build-article available on the GWH Widow. Google will confirm for you.
  2. I commented on placing models in it before going thru the complete thread. Models fit in there perfectly. Great work on the models. They deserve the fine space you're giving them.
  3. Hey, Sniffer.....awesome work on your showcase. Very well-done. The best I've seen any where. Show it again, please, as soon as you've got some models in there.
  4. Wonderful work. Gotta love the groceries, eh.
  5. Just lovely, period. Hopefully, Boeing can keep the 1X1 in the air.
  6. WHOA.....super-cool. Shows great skill with paint.
  7. Sniffer.....exceptional work on one of the world's most graceful a/c. You did her proud.
  8. C'mon Cheese-heads, unite. its our year.
  9. Mostly jazz music: Jazz24 (on line) or local jazz station.
  10. Hyperscale is not coming up for me. Is it for any body? Thanks, Bails
  11. Agree on using electrical tape. Suggest buying a color other than black. Green works for me. For curves, cut in narrow strips and it will handle the curve nicely. As suggested, start scribing very lightly, heavier as you proceed.....slowly and patiently. Bails
  12. Janissary, you ARE the man. I've used a slightly curved-end 4 1/2" hobby tweezer with once-folded tiny squares of sandpaper for many years to get at those almost impossible places. And I thought I was the only one on the planet doing this. All other techniques mentioned above are very useful, too, but this one is best for me for the hardest-to-get-to places. Bails
  13. Janissary is right-on with Artists' Painting Medium (by Winsor & Newton at art supply stores). Add a few drops to thinned paint and get smooth(er) paint flow thru the brush as well as a smoother finish on the model. I thin EE enamels at 50-50 ratio, paint to lacquer thinner. Thinner paint better than thicker thru the air brush. Can always add more coats if needed. Practice on blank sheet of styrene or "throw-away model" on above recommendations to get a feel for it all. Bails PS Artists' Painting Medium was recommended many years ago at the HyperScale site where I got the idea.
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