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  1. yes, it WAS. (container departure delays from China are now up to 12 weeks, I was said). Will let you know more if I get reliable information.
  2. the panel for the F/E, neither a decal nor colour advice. Waiting for Eduard or some research and the finest brush you can find.....
  3. This time the dinghy hatch only on the right side, landing lights only left wing . ok so far
  4. The (bigger) late blister only comes with the external reinforcement rings for the IR-IFF lights - with a hole in the middle. Haven´t yet discovered the lights themselves on the sprues
  5. Mission (acrylics) has a rather well working RAL 9006 Weißaluminium.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/sinch.tw?fref=nf scroll a bit down, seemingly they are on the way.
  7. https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=445651009732875&set=pcb.445651606399482
  8. Well, that really works. I had ordered the UB last Monday and had asked for an extra GP80-163 for the single seater before ordering. The kit arrived on Friday and indeed included this little extra. With some (delicate) surgery these parts can be used on the KH Su-35. BTW, I asked about the Su-25 which is on pre-order at Hobby Easy. I was said that it might come in August.
  9. #KH 80-168 Su-27 UB: only one clear sprue GP 80-168, for center IRST, no cut out in front glazing 2x #weapon_2 sprue with R-27 (several variants),R-73, R-77, R-60 decals for 11 different a/c -- #KH 80-169 Su-30 MK: two clear sprues: #GP 80-168 (see above) and #GP80-163 for Su-27SM right side IRST with cut out in front glazing no weapon sprue decals for 6a/c -- lower fuselage halves show close relation to that of the Su-35 kit, but they are NOT identical, heavily reworked the single seater clear parts #GP80-163 do fit
  10. I hate self-referential commenting but this time it might make sense. My posting on BM from yesterday : Just arrived (20 minutes ago): #80169 Su-30MK, ordered on 06/07/2020 (Monday this week) via ebay.com, offering from sophili-98 (KH directly), delivered with FedEx International Priority. VERY first impression: ususal booklet with 32 pages, 3 decal sheets (<markings,<stencils,<weapon load for #KH80163 -unused-), NO external stores!!, only wing katamaran weapon carrier. 2 clear sprues , one for twinseater, one for single seater (have to check if identical w
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