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  1. and the second question......... (pecunia non olit, but it does not grow in the garden)
  2. A nice touch for the model would be to include a turned brass pitot into the kit !
  3. Well, still works, had a ... ...reply on FB: -release this year -J-15 will come
  4. https://www.facebook.com/sinch.tw?fref=nf still working from here
  5. Happy New Year ! This is simply stunning, hope the standards can be maintained in the prodction run. The ususal Qs: When ? How much ? J-15 ? Regards Andreas Beck
  6. I must correct myself: The engine thrust axis is below the center of the wing leading edge. The photo was taken by Bill Bosworth during a B-17 visit in Charlotte some years ago
  7. photo from Telford. Engine (prop) axis should meet center of wing leading edge in all positions.
  8. Something to improve in the next production lots (and in general): The instruction sheet is not prone to save from construction mistakes. Just checked an online build on another site an noticed # B 74 (center longitudinal strut in ldggr bay) turned bottom to top. How to save?? Some suggestions: no single constr. step with more than 5 parts. claryfied and bigger advice drawings inclusion of photos use of color A great kit! Available in Europe since appr. 10 days. Andreas Beck
  9. Thank you, DDC!! All the "Old Crows","Passion Wagons" e.a. once came to see daylight in this naked appearance….
  10. Q: Please, could any of the thread participants give a comment on the reliability of the line drawings in Danny Coremann´s "Uncovering the Grumman F-14...." ? Regards Andreas Beck
  11. Time to get some decals for TP 814 in 1/48 and/or 1/32 !
  12. In terms of outline correctness the old Trimaster/Dragon/DML kit is better than the old Ed (not to forget the Hasegawa which is based on the Trimaster). The old Ed suffers from bad cross section of the fuselage - the new edition looks good. The only (very minor) glitch of the new ED I found up to now is the too rounded shape of the inner weapon bay hatch. The FW 190 wing had a twist in the AoA of the airfoil (responsible for the roll rate) which is better represented with the new Ed than the Hasegawa, haven´t compared it to the DML.
  13. The devastating judgements on the SH result from two stories which are connected but which also have their indigenous aspects. Story 1 is the the Hobbico disaster and the subsequent actions and decisions. Story 2 is the project history of this kit. 1.Revell/Germany as an economically stabile firm was bought by a , if you take it negative, corporate raider or , if you take it positive, courageous endeavour who is specialized in saving and rebuilding shattered firms. Their aim is not to make us modellers happy but to resell the acquired firms with a substantial margin. To accomplish this strategic changes concerning the range of products were undertaken. These were announced on their legendary press conference the week after Telford. The investments into new products will not be reduced but they will be focused on new customer groups, i.e. children (before going into "serious" modelling). This means the first line future competitors of Revell will be no longer Airfix, Haseagawa & Co but Lego and Playmobil. Future will tell if this strategy works out well. I myself am very skeptical about this. The alternative would have been to strengthen well performing sections, not to weaken them. On story 2 maybe later. BTW, in Lingen we saw testshots of the 2 new 1/144 Airbus. They looked rather promising. Kind Regards Andreas Beck
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