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  1. I'd like to see these photos, too.
  2. Here in the UK, what you call a 'dumpster', we call a 'skip'.
  3. This comment sums up the 'contribution' of several members now.............
  4. Another vote here for the early Bitburg Thuds ! (Yet another very satisfied owner of your Wild Weasels sheet!)
  5. I know AIRES made the gear bays exact mirror images, but can't remember which part was only needed on one side.........
  6. I eventually managed to prepare the second outer flame-holder in the same way, by flat-sanding the part on some sandpaper, initially quite coarse, then swapping to 240 grit as the part got thinner. Once the main holes opened up, I only moved the part across the sandpaper by pressing on the center section with one finger - to prevent stress on the delicate outer bits. I've also managed to remove the excess resin from the inner flame-holders using the technique described above.............. with a little help from a scalpel to cut away the bulk waste first. Thanks for the tip, Mr Vark. Well done, ResKit, these are beautiful castings !
  7. Brave, or reckless and lucky ! I haven't dared to tackle the inner flame-holder part yet ! :-)
  8. OK, so it is possible.................... how does this look ?
  9. I'm just removing the casting blocks from my set and this part actually looks quite thick when compared to the 'instruction' sheet illustration.............. is it possible that ResKit intend us to sand down the part even more, until that keyed alignment hole opens up naturally from behind ? There does appear to be a very slight ridge that might be intended as a guideline.
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