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  1. The rear fuselage issue has been addressed and the example at SMW last year looked pretty good.
  2. Thanks for the extra info re the GBU-15 configuration etc. Got it! I sometimes use Nb magnets to mount ordnance, pods etc., so in theory I could add the ECM pod adaptor that way to cover all configurations. I can see how to modify the Eduards pod to allow both the whole head and the turret ball to rotate independently, so I can start that part of the project. I intend to mount the pod on a scratch/modified cradle and would also like to have the cradle able to rotate so the model can be displayed with the Pave Tack equipment in all possible positions. I won't be t
  3. I'd like to build one of my F-111Fs (1:48) with fully articulated Pave Tack pod. I've been playing with various kits to fully understand the movement of all the components, but I still have a couple of questions; From the 'snow-plow' position, can the optical 'ball' be rotated forward/up to hide the optics, or does the ball have to rotated backwards to do that. OOB the Edwards ball will only rotate rearwards from the snow-plow position. Is there anything available in 1:48, either aftermarket or in other kits, to provide and accurate ECM pod mount on the Pave
  4. Everything I've ordered from ResKit has arrived here in the UK, mostly around 3 weeks in transit. Comms have always been good. Your stuff will arrive.
  5. I fracking HATE ARC's stupid photo uploads. Knock yourself out here.



    1. Piker38


      Many thanks.

      There's no such thing as too many reference images !

      These will help a lot !



  6. My mistake. Yes, I was referring to the Scaledown gear-bay, not weapons bay. As you say, it's hard to see in there, so I'll just do the best I can. I will definitely take your advice to use a 1/72 Hasegawa as guide for the weapon-bay doors, but do you have a slightly larger image of your own version, too ? That's a great image of the modification required to the HB canopy/module. Many thanks. Last question... how do the short Scaledown wings compare to the Paragon set ? I have both, but I'd appreciate your opinion of the two options. K
  7. Thanks for those tips. Eventually I'd like to build two models - one model with a representative Gulf War load on the pan - with flap & slats deployed, RBF flags and bay open etc. then a second model 'in-flight' carrying one of the El Dorado Canyon loads - probably the 4x LGH option - I watched the aircraft return from that mission from outside the base on Brandon Road, a solemn day indeed. I have read through your recent guide, and some earlier posts, but I'm still unsure whether it would be better to go with the HB weapon bay and integrate the D-Mold intakes, or j
  8. I have several Academy and HB kits in my stash, in several versions, and just about every aftermarket 'upgrade' known to man. So, if I wanted to go all-out for an accurate model, what route might produce the ultimate F-111F ? Still the Academy kit as a base, or the HB with lots of additional work ? K
  9. Where might I find an AN/AXQ-14 pod, in 1:48 ?
  10. Yep, gotta a few MiG-29s that could use these. Hoping for Tamiya F-16 and F-14 cockpits next... they would be BIG sellers !
  11. The Brigade conversion is for 1:48
  12. Do you still have the 9SRW KC-135Q tail-bands on your radar ?
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