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  1. Yep, gotta a few MiG-29s that could use these. Hoping for Tamiya F-16 and F-14 cockpits next... they would be BIG sellers !
  2. The Brigade conversion is for 1:48
  3. Do you still have the 9SRW KC-135Q tail-bands on your radar ?
  4. I'd like to see these photos, too.
  5. Here in the UK, what you call a 'dumpster', we call a 'skip'.
  6. This comment sums up the 'contribution' of several members now.............
  7. Another vote here for the early Bitburg Thuds ! (Yet another very satisfied owner of your Wild Weasels sheet!)
  8. I know AIRES made the gear bays exact mirror images, but can't remember which part was only needed on one side.........
  9. I eventually managed to prepare the second outer flame-holder in the same way, by flat-sanding the part on some sandpaper, initially quite coarse, then swapping to 240 grit as the part got thinner. Once the main holes opened up, I only moved the part across the sandpaper by pressing on the center section with one finger - to prevent stress on the delicate outer bits. I've also managed to remove the excess resin from the inner flame-holders using the technique described above.............. with a little help from a scalpel to cut away the bulk waste first. Thanks for the tip, Mr Vark. Well done, ResKit, these are beautiful castings !
  10. Brave, or reckless and lucky ! I haven't dared to tackle the inner flame-holder part yet ! :-)
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