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  1. I've just realised that I'm posting as a 'newbie' (KeithT) when using my mobile... sorry about that. I'll see what I can do to sort it... K.
  2. Many thanks - I'll go with that then. The parts measure approx 8.1mm tapering to 4.1mm on my Paragon set - which would scale out to c15.3" tapering to c7.7" on the actual aircraft. Kit parts are c1mm thick, so I'll try adding lengths of styrene strip between actuators and trimming to the correct chord. What could possibly go wrong ?! K.
  3. So I really need to mount the Dmold intakes c6mm from the HB fuselage sides.... which will take some 2.5mm spacers and probably require some widening of the rear fuselage to blend-in the extra width ? Challenging ! BTW: I found today that Paragon's closed engine nozzle petals are a drop-in replacement for the open nozzles in the Reskit engines for HB ;-)
  4. Thanks for that link. I've been following your build closely and it looks great. However, in the build I remember reading, the modeller had also used spacers to mount the Dmold TP2 intakes a little further from the fuselage, as on the real aircraft (11.5 inches). They had actually cut into the lower fuselage alongside the main gear bay to blend-in the resultant wider mid-fuselage. Anyone else remember that build ? I've added material to my Dmold intakes to give the correct spacing (c6mm in 1:48), but I'm trying to decided what cuts, if any are required to th
  5. Thanks for the confirmation. The set looks fantastic and, once I'd removed the casting blocks from the main items, all fits together nicely.
  6. Am I correct in assuming that the current 'early F-111F' release is suitable for aircraft up to/before Pacer Strike ?
  7. ZM have corrected their E & G models. Hypersonic offer an excellent correction set for the earlier models.
  8. My order is also on it's way to me.... when was your package shipped ?
  9. They are/ were BLACK, weathering to various extremely dark NEUTRAL gray shades and a slightly satin finish. END MESSAGE:
  10. Any recommendations for accurate resin replacements ?
  11. There were one or two A-10s at Bentwaters, carrying the WR code, painted in the modern gray scheme just before the base closed down. I have some Kodachrome slides of them somewhere.. K
  12. Well, after seeing those pix, I will definitely be waiting for Hypersonic's version !
  13. Sanding after first priming reduces the panel heights nicely.
  14. This conversion was one of the most expensive resin sets I ever bought and is now very rare and hard to find !
  15. Would love to the AH-1W in 1/48 released by someone.
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