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  1. I somehow feel that you didn't quite grasp the gist of my last post........ K
  2. Every build will produce a slightly different end result, even with the same kit and the same builder. The ZM kits benefit from a careful fit-check, as the joint tolerances are very tight. Applying a little pressure when gluing the main fuselage halves virtually eliminates the 'gap' on each side of the spine insert... or, at least. it did on my last two build. Your mileage may differ....
  3. Were all F-4Gs fitted with the belly strap ? K
  4. You, me... and quite a lot of other people, too ! K
  5. Thanks for your offer, but I was really hoping to buy/convert/upgrade a more modern kit to get better detailing than the Fujimi... which seems quite dated. As I've not heard of a new-mold AH-1J in the near future, I was even wondering whether a kit-bash between the Special Hobby AH-1G and the Fujimi kit might be possible ? K
  6. Is there a modern kit of this version of the Cobra in 1:48 ? I see the Fujimi kit, but that appears to be a 1990's tooling - is there a better way to build a good quarter-scale AH-1J ? K
  7. That is my understanding... but others may be more certain.
  8. Sorry about that, I thought I'd replied. I seem to have somehow generated a different ID when using my mobile (Keith T), so that is also causing confusion ! The set cost be c£50 and shipping to the US would be £15 , so I'd accept $85USD. best regards Keith
  9. I've given up on building my Academy kits to concentrate on corrected the HobbyBoss versions. Unfortunately that means that my stash of ScaleDown resins are now redundant and will need re-homing...
  10. Just a quick note to draw attention to the message I've just posted in the Buy/Sell section offering some ScaleDown upgrade sets for the Academy F-111 kits... wings, tanks, gear bays & intakes etc... cheers
  11. Hi, Since Reskit is concentrating on producing upgrades for the 1:48 scale HobbyBoss F-111 kits, I have decided to concentrate on building these kits rather than Academy's version. I therefore won't be needing most of my collection of Scaledown aftermarket sets, so would be happy to pass them on to other interested modellers. 1x set Long wings (slats & flaps deployed) for FB-111, F-111C/G. 1x set Gear bays and integrated intake ducts. 1x set Fuel tanks Just asking the same prices I paid, plus shipping by First Class post (so a much bette
  12. Is anyone working on a resin weapons-bay for this a/c ?
  13. Does anyone have any images of the F-4G carrying the triple launcher ?
  14. I've just realised that I'm posting as a 'newbie' (KeithT) when using my mobile... sorry about that. I'll see what I can do to sort it... K.
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