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  1. You said it ! Take a chill-pill.
  2. Would love seated pilots with visors down !!
  3. I have received the printed part, so I'm going to start preparing it for paint etc. Is there somewhere I can download the logo .pdf file ?
  4. Thanks for the option - white NVP version ordered ! For the difference in price I will deal with the surface finish myself - it will be fixed via magnets, so any damage to the mounting pegs won't matter.
  5. Is there any chance that this part might became available in 1:48 scale ?
  6. That's great - I'd rather the decal was correct. Good work !
  7. Just noticed the position of the apostrophe in "We're the Fakawee"........... ?
  8. I received my inserts this morning, in the UK. Top customer support !
  9. It's not them doing that..............
  10. Pure fiction AND nothing to do with AMK, although they seem to catch the flak from them.
  11. Perfect pictures ! Along with your explanation, this thread is making the Hasegawa kit a lot less daunting.
  12. "The big F-14 lovers wont touch it...that will hurt them massively." Surely, sales will depend on the quality (or otherwise) of the kit once it is actually released, rather than on the thousands of comments made before that date...........
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