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  1. Well, after seeing those pix, I will definitely be waiting for Hypersonic's version !
  2. Sanding after first priming reduces the panel heights nicely.
  3. This conversion was one of the most expensive resin sets I ever bought and is now very rare and hard to find !
  4. Would love to the AH-1W in 1/48 released by someone.
  5. No experience with their F-16 engines, but I've used ResKit engines for my F-4 projects... knocks the Aires versions out of the park.
  6. A really good, modern recce Phantom kit sorely needed, either as a whole kit - or a conversion set. It'll be a long, long time before either Tamiya or ZM get around to the job, if ever, so the market for a high quality conversion from someone like Hypersonic is wide open.
  7. You think it will need one ? Most weight is usually taken by the main gears, in life and in scale models.
  8. The new Tamiya is certainly the best F-4B out there... and they MAY produce the C, D & J over the next few years... but, until then the ZM is a damn fine kit as is. I used the Hypersonic kit to correct the rear fuselage error for my J build and it was very straight forward indeed. K
  9. Don't misunderstand my comment... most aftermarket resin exhausts are undersized, the ResKit ones are BETTER , as they are closer to the correct diameter.
  10. The J79 burner cans from ResKit are wider than others I've tried. Certainly the best looking on my ZM Phantom builds.
  11. The metal gear I have seen from ZM is in extended position to allow take-off/landing poses... although the kit's flaps to not allow this without heavy modification. Dunno whether they also offer non-extended version too, but these would be pointless, as already stated by others.
  12. I use a little cutter wheel from Trumpeter Tools http://www.trumpeter-china.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=2640&l=en
  13. Aha ! That nicely explains the difference. Thanks. BTW: Has anyone else found these parts difficult to install properly ? Mine just do not want to sit right.
  14. I'm looking at my E... those parts are identical in size, just marked for more, narrower segments... maybe for a later version of J79 (?)
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