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  1. Looks like this : ) : ) : ) Best regards Gabor
  2. Dreaming, dreaming, dreaming . . . : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) Lets get out this E's first and see how they go and then decide on what to do next . . . Gabor
  3. There is little one can add to what FineMolds is saying apart from Great news! Mass production of molding has been completed successfully. We will continue to carry out bagging work. Best regards Gabor
  4. Little work with the ejection seat last night. Built one straight from the box. Still needs to add the harness system and the leg restraints. No fuss, straight forward build. Did a dry run with the forward cockpit adding the ejection seat guide rail to see what it looks like. Here is something that I don’t like. There is no positive placement for the guide rail part (Part T1). OK it should be in the middle but some form of a tab would have helped in positioning it. Is the kit unbuildable because of this . . .
  5. OK so here we go! A test build of the new Su-27 kit in 48th scale from G.W.H An enormous box with lots of plastic parts and really big 2 sprues for the upper and the lower fuselage halves. Speaking of test build not much work so far, cut few bits and pieces of course for the cockpit and the seat to see what it is like. Here are some views of the forward cockpit, out of box, nothing added, just the plastic parts as they are provided. All you need some paint and a good fine brush.
  6. Well it is exactly in time. : ) Close cooperation with Quinta Studio resulted in this product. Best regards Gabor
  7. Look again, the hump you see there is for the outboard engine! A conversion for the gunship is offered with preorder of the kit at one Russian shop. Best regards Gabor
  8. Exactly! But some people were surprised to see this “primitive” approach when first shown and imagined that this is out of question in today’s Hi-Tech world. This is why I shown this based on FineMolds photos. Same goes for decal design, I had many sheets of printed multi view drawings to make sketches for future stencil markings, exact placement, shape, size and of course text. It took weeks of research like this before going on to a computer to make a more digestible illustration. Best regards Gabor
  9. Remember those hand drawn sketches for the would be instruction sheet? No, it was not the final version, just sketches. : ) : ) : ) Well they are taking shape on computer now. Best regards Gabor
  10. It is full steam ahead for that October release of the 72 nd scale Phantoms at FineMolds. Mass produced sprues are piling up. . . Best regards Gabor
  11. Apart from technological question the fact is that the kit is taking shape and it looks good. A completely different ideology from many other manufacturers. Yes it cost money to do a better job, better surface, more details on that surface and it is for each company to fine that golden middle way where the end product is something that they themselves like and proud to be included in the range, modellers can afford to buy and there is still return on investment. Companies do it differently and we have a free choice to buy what we like. Best regards Gabor
  12. More views. Best regards Gabor
  13. It is getting along. Best regards Gabor
  14. Here is a Pure Plastic build of the new G.W.H Su-27 UB in 48th scale. The build is straight from the box by Haneto and shows 2 possible alternative configurations. Actually many different chices given to the modeller and not only an open nose cone and air brake. Nothing added to the kit, built as it is out of box without any filler, just the plastic. You can see both the original plastic parts used or if someone desires the small antennas can be replaced with photoetch versions. There are wing tip reinforcement plates from brass etch. The weapons options in
  15. This is only a sketch of the layout I believe. I believe it is much easier to do some preliminary work this way, much faster and easier. Sure there will come some comp experts saying that they can do it faster on the screen. But I am no expert so for example I also did some of the design layouts for G.W.H this way. It was fast and efficient. Best regards Gabor
  16. Lets not forget that work is still on with the new Phantom kit! : ) : ) Best regards Gabor
  17. Hi delide, While I have the Kinetic kit, in this case I don’t really think it has any relevance what so ever to the new G.W.H Su-27UB kit. Some people are using forums to vent whatever they have a problem with. This is the fun part that I was talking about, we have seen this happen going over 300 pages with another manufacturers product where hard evidence content was less than a handful of pages the rest was simply . . . People are are absolutely free to vent their anger/frustration/personal problems . . . if they want too. In this day of age, thanks to interne
  18. :lol: (Sorry but ARC does not offer you good smiles as those the Czech ModelForum where there are some excellent ones, but I have no idea how to import them here.) There are so many fun sides to our hobby. The age of internet and forums added some new dimensions to all the fun we can have. I think I rather return to the kit parts. Best regards Gabor
  19. I am trying to concentrate on the kit both here and on other forums, it is not easy, there are people who feel they need a venting place fro what ever problems they have. Sorry. Best regards Gabor
  20. In principle the one on the right shows a situation when the harness is open and left and right shoulder straps are "hung" on top sides of the back. Do I agree with this, only sort of. I provided photos and every measurement of the real seat. This arrangemant was made by kit part designer. There is a limit to what can be made from plastic, there are other parts that could have been added if there are no technological restrictions. I am sure many have seen the Nano straps that FineMoulds is producing but that is a completely different class of injection moulding. The seat is made w
  21. 1. First of all feel free to buy any aftermarket you wish, no one is restricting you! 2. Well this is an interesting area and I am not sure if I would llike to go into it really deep. As I am in contact with many manufacturers both plastic kits and aftermarkets I do speak to them about different issues, developments, ideas, future, present and past. One of them is exactly the question you have raised. The thicknes of the trailing edge of engine exhast nozzles. For one particular manufacturer I have specialy made photos of a real, still in service Phantom nozzle together wit
  22. There is one more sprue to show and a little explaining with it. This is the engine parts and exhausts. There are two versions given in the kit, one fully open and one with running engine / closed. I did speak before about the learning curve from past kits in going into this Su-27 and Su-27UB kits. There was an idea to improve the exhaust, make it more modeller friendly even if it is made up of several parts. Test of the pudding is in eating. There was the idea at the start, it was transformed into the CAD design, metal cut and sprues produced. Now here ar
  23. Sorry, I have no idea about this! : ( : ( : ( This is a distribution and producction question. Best regards Gabor
  24. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! so much fighting over nothing. : ) : ) : ) Instead of talking about the actual kit. Lots of nationalism, many things lost in translation, generalization, past personal grievances . . . Sad to see that in country A anything produced in country B is considered to be a piece of sXXX no matter how good or bad it is. Intentionally used A and not specific country name as you will find this everywhere, with Brits where only Airfix can do it good, Czechs where only Eduard . . . Local nationalism and pride for national companies and products is everywhe
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