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  1. Great pictures man. truly great. I love how you got so many topics in there. From sci-fi to WW2, from airliners to a lone sniper. Also great quality of the shots. Guys, go check it out.
  2. Yesterday there was a one time screening of the movie. It was the first time seeing it in the cinema. What a great experience. And we got a pair of 'Maverick glasses' as a gift.
  3. If he recalls right, he was with Chris on the perch on top of the Superdome after Katrina.
  4. All of us here in Belgium are in shock. Most of us knew, after Madrid, London and Paris, Brussels couldn't be long after. However, the shock isn't less. Let us all take a few moments to think of all the victims and the insanity of the whole situation. I recently became a father and it changes your perspective. Where i would normally feel rage, it has been replaced with concern for my fiancee and daughter. Don't get me wrong, i still feel anger, just not as much as i would have done. For now, we pray and hug our loved ones a bit longer.
  5. My first is 2 months old. I feel your pain.
  6. Waaw, such great work in one weekend. I would kill to be able to do that (flies that is).
  7. Waaw. Very impressive. I wouldn't have guessed it was 1/144. Looks atleast 1/72. Keep up the good work.
  8. Thanks guys for the advice. Of course i have and will put my daughter in first place. She keeps winning me over when she smiles (after she farts :D). As SBARC stated, my fiancée and i are trying to give each other some space when either of us needs it. It could be that i can go to a modeling competition this Saturday. We were discussing to go together with our daugther, but there are no facilities (read: a place to sit down) for breastfeeding a small child. We'll see how it goes. For now, i'm on diaper duty.
  9. Almost makes me wish that she won't turn into a girly girl.
  10. Well in Belgium you get 10 days of as a father and before the childs age of 12 you can take 4 months unpaid leave (you get a small amount of money from the government) that your employer can't deny. I took 1 month this febuari to support my fiancée in taking care of the baby and to experience her growing up. Best decision of my life. She grows up so fast. She gained a third of her birthweight i just 6 weeks. Just amazing. Maybe this weekend i'll find some time to build models. I swear, arranging visits from familymembers and friends almost takes as much time as taking care of her.
  11. Since a few people started sharing their good news stories, i tought i would share mine. On january the 9th, after 2 years of trying, my fiancée and i welcomed our daughter into the world. For both of us it's our first child and we fell instandly in love with her. One problem did occur, namely that since she is born i have had no time to do any model building what so ever. That did not stop me from buying the zvezda 777-300ER and the Revell Embraer E195. For now i will be content on spending some time with my daughter who has been and still is the greatest gift we recieved.
  12. I tried it with Microsoft Edge (the 'new' internet explorer) and found no problems.
  13. Just tried it and it works fine (here in Belgium).
  14. So i found this video of the Blue Angels. It is a 360 video. So it works like a 360 picture only more awesome. I had problems opening it with Microsoft Edge, but i does work with Google Chrome, just pause it at the start and give it some time to buffer.
  15. To 100% really know the reason, just look at other jets designed since then. Are their seats also reclined? If so, i doubt the reason is a space issue.
  16. And it still looks great today. I looks like it doesn't age. In my top 5 military planes, no doubt.
  17. My fiancé enjoys those colering books too. My dad was once watching the news and saw a report on adult coloring books. He was very quick to Judge people who would buy that. That was the point i told him my fiancé used them, but i couldn't Judge her because basically, i play with little plastic planes.
  18. One question about that. Is it possible that the only sensor(s) to confirm if a door is closed are located at the handle. I mean, that confirmation on the status of the door only comes from the handle and that if a handle is forced close even with an open door it still indicates that the door is closed?
  19. Just goed to show that you can never know what is going on in peoples mind. Wisdom comes with age. When will we learn to stop killing eachother over stupid things. I don't know what the cause was for this shooting, but i'll bet there is no reason good enough to stop a persons life. Makes you think.
  20. You saying that they turned back because of pressurzation problems instead of the door is like me driving my car, suddenly have a very hard vibration on the steering wheel and discovering i have a flat tire. What is the reason for me stopping? The vibrations or the flat tire. That is just an argument of naming the cause of the failure or the symptoms. If somebody asked me why i was stopped, i would say because of a flat tire, not because my steering wheel is vibrating. You can choose either way, it does not mean the media is blowing things out of proportion. Just because you doubt it doesn't mean it can happen. United flight 811 is a great example of a door that wasn't locked in which the sensor indicated it was locked. First of, let me say that i never said (and the media in the article didn't either) the door opened. It is stated that it was open. Look, i'm not saying that your theory can't be what happend, but one problem with that is the crew wouldn't not have a failure to pressurise to start with. They would have seen the overpressure first. Also, if they overpressured and then blew a seal, i bet that the oxygenmask would have dropped as they do with an explosive decompressure. I never read any comment about the mask dropping/
  21. No it's not the media blowing things out of proportion. Nowhere in the article of the link in the original post is there any mention of a partially opened door. Here is a quotes from the article and the title Quote: "...one of the plane's doors was not completely shut." Title:"Open door forces passenger plane to turn back" Nowhere does it say the door opened. Also, the term 'partially opened' does not imply that the door was closed and then opened. It states that it is not fully closed. If i start closing a door and leave it opend just a bit, that door is partially open.
  22. I just looked at the aviation herald (and the video posted in the original post) and it has a picture included which shows a door that is partually openend, so in this case it isn't the media. http://avherald.com/h?article=491ca351&opt=0
  23. Just stumbled on this one. You did a great job. It looks fantastic.
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