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  1. Thanks, the water is a product called Creative Papaer Clay available at Michael's craft store. After drying(it will shrink) apply a few coats of Mr. Surfacer on it and paint basic colors with acrylic paints. I then use oil paint for highlights and shading finally applying a gloss medium over that.
  2. I have three 1/48th scale Collectaire lifting body kits for sale, they are HL-10, M2F2/3 and the X-24B.
  3. I have three 1/48th scale Collectaire lifting body kits for sale, HL-10, M2F2/3 and X-24B.
  4. John thanks for the review and kind words, the resin below the entrance zipper cover flap is actually part of the leg material where both legs are touching, if you look the build done by Ignacio on his facebook page it is the same. There is an additional stowage bag with the kit for his left thigh but my friend who owns this did not want it on. This was a build straight out of the box with no additional detail work. The antenna is present if you look closely in the first picture and since it was not glued on it fell off prior to the remaining pictures being taken. The base is being built by th
  5. Thanks all for the positive comments. He was built for a friend who is a teacher and moon dust was purposely left off as the figure will be handled quite a bit. The sculptor is Ignacio Bernacera Alpera who does all of the figures for Tom at New Ware.
  6. Here is Space Helmet Models latest kit of their 1/6th scale resin Moonwalker. He's painted with artist oils and built to depict Gene Cernan using the decals supplied.
  7. Thank you everyone. Since I could never build a model to the level of detail that any of you have built and wanting to be a part of the shuttle builds here I built and painted the human component to the worlds most complex machine. All of your feedback is quite special knowing the skill set you all share. Steve
  8. Here are some pictures of Reheats beautiful 120 mm SR-71/ Shuttle pilot sculpture. The only modification I made to the kit was re-positioning his legs to give him a more natural appearance.
  9. Here is the new 120 mm Orlan DMA E.V.A. suit from my good friend Ignacio Bernacer Alpera, Space Helmet Models out of Spain. The figure is resin and painted with oils over acrylics.
  10. Ignacio's 1/32 scale EVA astronaut kit has been available for some time now, I have a set and they are beautiful.
  11. Fred, You will always be with us. My deepest condolences to his family.
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