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  1. Hi, Rivet- funny! I grew up in Havelock! Took those photos on a trip home recently. Great place to grow up, close to beaches and a great climate. Holmes, I am researching another book but not about Harrier action. Stay tuned!
  2. These two Harriers are on display in Havelock, NC, which is home to Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point. The wall section that reads "Pardon Our Noise... It's The Sound Of Freedom" was once part of a wall surrounding the main gate to CPMCAS, and is now a part of the display. The ejection seat and cannon are on display at the town's visitor's center. The dark green painted Harrier is on display near the town's city offices and is the central image in Havelock's city seal. Enjoy the photos!
  3. This beautiful Intruder sits beside Highway 70 near the entrance to the town's visitor's center. Hope you enjoy the photos!
  4. Yes, I will post photos of the A-6 this weekend. It's a beautiful plane.
  5. This old bird is on display at the Havelock, NC visitor's center. Havelock is home to Cherry Point MCAS. Enjoy!
  6. This Phantom is on display in Havelock NC, home to Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station. This squadron flew photorecon missions over Cuba during the missile crisis.
  7. This beautiful F-11 is on display in New Bern, NC. Years ago it was a sad derelict parked on a concrete pad beside a city street. The transformation is amazing. As you can see in the photos, finishing touches were still being made on the display when I took these photos. The aircraft is visible from the Highway 70 bypass around New Bern and is located in a park beside the Neuse River. I have other aircraft photo sets on my book's facebook page, which you're welcome to check out.
  8. Just added a few photos of a Mark VIII Spitfire in the collection of the Cavanaugh Flight Museum in Addison, Texas to my book's Facebook page, here. While at the museum I talked with a staff member who said that an American squadron flew Spitfires, and have since learned it was the 4th Fighter Squadron of the 12th Air Force in North Africa. Would love to see photos of a Spitfire in USAAF colors!
  9. I posted several pictures here of the Cavanaugh Flight Museum's P-40 Warhawk. Beautiful plane in AVG colors. The Cavanaugh Flight Museum is in Addison, Texas and is home to the Commemorative Air Force, whcih operates the B-29 "Fifi" among others.
  10. Thanks for ordering my book, Holmes! I hope you enjoy it. It's gotten good reviews on Amazon, and is now also available as an audiobook.
  11. Here are a few photos of a General Electric T58-GE-16. Used in the CH-46 and a number of other helos.
  12. I hope you will enjoy these C-130 photos. A Tennessee ANG navigator provided valuable insight to me as I researched my book, so here's to the Tennessee Air national Guard!
  13. This photo shows a B-24D with the Hickam Air Depot nose turret modification. I am posting this today in honor of Louis Zamperini and the crew of The Green Hornet, because it was on this date (July 13) in 1943 that Louis Zamperini and his pilot, Russell Phillips were captured by Japanese forces in the Marshall Islands on their 47th day adrift across the Pacific. The two Americans were taken to Wotje, the island visible in this photo. A third man with them died after a month at sea, following the crash of their B-24 Liberator The Green Hornet while on a low-level search mission. (Zamperini's lif
  14. Forgive me if this has been posted before, couldn't find it if so... seemed appropriate since it was on this date in 1942 that an American patrol plane discovered this nearly-intact Zero upside down in an Alaskan bog. The plane was recovered, tested, and tactic developed for engaging it. Many airmen I interviewed for my book agreed that lots of American lives were saved thanks to this incident. The full story is here along with a few more photos.
  15. Well done! I felt my stomach tightening up just watching that climb out!
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