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  1. Why is it garbage..... Can you explain the reasoning ? I'm not trying be controversial, but would like to see your point of view.
  2. Joydecals has the 1/144 Air India 747 decals.
  3. Yet this kind of idiocy goes on occaisionally Last year, let's hope all will go on unspoillt this year.
  4. I just celebrated my wedding anniversary 2 days ago on 6/9 Coincidence ? Not according to my wife, as she chose the date !!! :thumbsup:/>
  5. Tim, Now get on and finish your Efficiency and Sabre BS...... Just kidding, glad it all got resolved. SP :D
  6. I first soloed in a glider at RAF Cosford in 75 we had tandem seating so I couldn't see my missing instructor, but it was quite the rush ! All I really remember was seeing an Avro Lincoln parked outside the hangar that belonged to the museum. My first powered solo in a 150 in 76 was much like everyone else's experience. I don't fly solo these days as usually I have a First Officer and another 170-230 people riding with me depending on which machine I'm on.
  7. I thought the Dam Busters was pretty good, The tracers coming from the wingtips on the attack was a little bogus but overall it was accurate I think.
  8. Same here, after reading the past posts it seems like a very disappointing situation.