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    Vallejo Surface Primer

    I have added a few drops of Future to an already thinned mix it seems to go on and stay on for me, clean up is a pain but when isn’t it ?
  2. 04yellowjeep

    Indian Mig-29 question

    Thinking of making an Indian Air force 1/48 Mig 29 using ACM color scheme during the 1990's. Which GWH Mig-29 is the best starting point to use ? Thanks in advance !
  3. 04yellowjeep

    1/48 Hobby Boss Su-30MKK

    Why is it garbage..... Can you explain the reasoning ? I'm not trying be controversial, but would like to see your point of view.
  4. 04yellowjeep

    ATP Decals

    Joydecals has the 1/144 Air India 747 decals.
  5. 04yellowjeep

    Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red

    Yet this kind of idiocy goes on occaisionally Last year, let's hope all will go on unspoillt this year.
  6. 04yellowjeep

    Creepy conspiracy theory

    I just celebrated my wedding anniversary 2 days ago on 6/9 Coincidence ? Not according to my wife, as she chose the date !!! :thumbsup:/>
  7. 04yellowjeep

    A valuable lesson learned....

    Tim, Now get on and finish your Efficiency and Sabre BS...... Just kidding, glad it all got resolved. SP :D
  8. 04yellowjeep

    For those of us who have flown

    I first soloed in a glider at RAF Cosford in 75 we had tandem seating so I couldn't see my missing instructor, but it was quite the rush ! All I really remember was seeing an Avro Lincoln parked outside the hangar that belonged to the museum. My first powered solo in a 150 in 76 was much like everyone else's experience. I don't fly solo these days as usually I have a First Officer and another 170-230 people riding with me depending on which machine I'm on.
  9. I thought the Dam Busters was pretty good, The tracers coming from the wingtips on the attack was a little bogus but overall it was accurate I think.
  10. 04yellowjeep

    Super Bug Models

    Same here, after reading the past posts it seems like a very disappointing situation.