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  1. shan


    i used soldering wires - 0.2mm, 0.3mm i think this is the only one i have of the cockpit
  2. shan


    thank you for you kind comments
  3. Hi, i just finished this kit by MRC which i bought 20 years ago. had some major issues, as the decals have deteriorated and somehow the canopy had warped and a slight crack. other than than, it was an interesting learning experience building this kit without a conventional build guide. the mrc kit's instruction were more of an instruction with words rather than the normal pictorial guide. after some reading, there is a black and white photograph of how the part should look like after assembly. sure was interesting to me. I used the 2 bobs decals "whiskey in the mix" and Eduards BIG ED pho
  4. wow, thats looking totally amazing. any artwork in the bomb bay?
  5. wow, great job, just wished that it had more colour to the malaysian colour scheme
  6. Darn!!!! i wish i did my Spitfire after this article, could have learned loads from here!!! hope you wont be doing the Tamiya Mossie, i'd be kicking myself again!!! Darn!!!!!
  7. wow, it looks fantastic, and thanks for sharing some of you build progress photos
  8. thanks for the complements Steve.
  9. thanks Steve, yeah the aircraft was in action in autumn 1944, so i guess close enough at the end?
  10. Hi All, just finished the Revelle 1/32 scale ME 109 G10. I did this one OOB, and tried out the German Mottling Camouflage. this is a trial run for my Hasegawa Fw 190D with all the aftermarket goodies. i posted these images on my facebook ac, and the main comment was about the splaying of the landing gears, unfortunately it cant be splayed out in the revelle kit, my left landing strut snapped. so its best to cut a wedge and insert a piece of plastic as the neck of the gear strut before gluing it into the slot at the wheel wells. The Revelle build guide was also a bit confusing, the paint guide
  11. Great start, especially with the choice of going with the GBU 27. its a stretched version of the GBU 24, specially fitted for the F117. modified mine from the 1/32 F15E
  12. amazing, still hoping someone will release a 1/32 scale version of this kit
  13. Hi all, built this one out of the box, except for the Eduard cockpit instruments. i came across an article on using aluminum foil instead of painting and i was quite intrigued by it , so i decided to give it a go at it. hope you like it.
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