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  1. I have kit 2622 with clear parts and small chin windows. I'm building kit 503 which has the yellow tinted canopy and large chin windows. I may just have to get the fuselage and chin windows cast from clear epoxy.
  2. Now that Hobbico is Bankrupt. Who is the contact in the U.S. for replacement parts for the 1/48 Italeri/Testors V-22 Osprey kit# 503? I need a clear set to build a white #1 with the American flag on the tail.
  3. Has any else thought about building Testors kit #503 MV-22 prototype as a USMCR Osprey as delivered to HMM-774 "Wild Geese" circa 1980's in either white or black markings against a Marines Green fuselage? Since Hobbico went Bankrupt. I need a clear canopy and fuselage transparency. Is a replacement still available from Italeri?
  4. Since Hobbico went Bankrupt. Where can one get replacement Canopy and fuselage glass for an original release Testors/Italeri MV-22 Prototype? It doesn't have to be a yellow tinted one. A clear set from a newer kit would suffice. I want to make a what-if VMM-774 (MQ) in '80's Marine Green with white markings.
  5. I have a MIG-31 and it has raised panel lines. Needs resin ejection seats. Not up to today's standards, but for the price, it's buildable.
  6. f4u4 nut

    1/72 PBY Decals

    Doesn't Revell/ Monogram's PBY-5 have markings for the Atlantic scheme or am I confusing it with the Airfix kit?
  7. f4u4 nut

    Northrop N-9MA

    I have a Sword 1/72 Northrop N-9MA flying wing kit #72001. It's missing the treaded tires. Does anyone know what I can use as replacements?
  8. "Next, we'll be trading a box of Twinkies for Plastic model kits!"
  9. The original "Dragonfly" copter resembles the AH-1J SeaCobra with a AH-1G TAT turret in place of the AH-1W Cannon. The tail would have V-style twin rudders with a Vectored thrust unit instead of a NOTAR. It does seem to use the Whiskey's missiles.
  10. Can I make a 80's G.I Joe XH-1 Dragonfly out of a 1/48 Fujimi AH-1J SeaCobra?
  11. The MD-500 CHP #1643 has the clear canopy glass. CMK has photo-etch and a conversion for MH-6F/J #4276. SAM#31 October 2009 has photos and 1/48 drawings of the IAF MD-500 Defender.
  12. So swapping the canopy glazing from the CHP kit would be the correct one?
  13. Not sure if this ? has been asked before. Why is the canopy and door glass on the Academy MH-6 Orange? Shouldn't it be smoked gray?
  14. El yay! El yay! Finally, decals for the AV-8A/C Harriers!
  15. Mr. Osborn, Do you still have any of the FMR-003 HH-35C conversion sets left, including the -004 rotor set? I'd like to get one each if still available. Dane
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