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  1. Hi all I was wondering if anyone had used these yet. I noticed Aires has both a "ICAP-2 early/late" cockpit set, and also a "EA-6B cockpit set". The latter does not specify which version is for. I understand the Kinetic model is for a ICAP-3 out of the box, so is that cockpit set suitable for a ICAP-3 version? I don't see any reviews of this on the web although there are some reviews for the ICAP-2 set.
  2. Is this still in production? I can't find it on your website.
  3. So it seems like although the newest the FM release got the shape wrong..but the details do look good, like the panel on the spine.
  4. I understand the black box releases are meant for the older monogram prowler,but would they suit the newer kinetic release, or are they totally different? Also are resin wingfolds preferable to eduard photoetch?
  5. Not exactly the same but I also saw a Zvezda 1/72 Su-39 which looks nice.
  6. I've seen comparisons of the fine molds with hasegawa releases, but i haven't seen any between the fine molds and hobby boss release. The HB release is pretty cheap so I wonder how it stacks up against the more expensive Fine Molds release.
  7. I was wondering how they both compare. Is the Hobby Boss the newest version in the market?
  8. Just curious about this. Many sets, for example, those in 1/72, have tiny details like the instrument gauges. I have no idea how any of this can be sculpted by hand with such tiny details like the tick marks. Can anyone give any insight?
  9. Thanks.. for 72-020 any idea if it's 1 seat or 2 in the pack? Their website doesn't say.
  10. Thanks. I did some searching and found these 2 for the Ka-50. Any idea what's the difference? Remove Pavla Models PAVS72020 Kamov Ka-50 (designed to be used with Italeri kits £1.88 £3.76 Remove Pavla Models PAVC72005 Kamov Ka-50 cockpit details (designed to be used w £6.25 £6.25
  11. I'm looking for some 1/72 seats to detail the Hobby boss kits. I'm wondering who makes these? Ejection seat for Ka-50 and Ka-52 (what seat is it anyway?) Cockpit and seats for Ka-29? also I'm looking for 1/72 K-36M seats. I know these aren't used in helos, but besides Pavla who makes them in this scale? Generally are the Pavla ones good enough?
  12. Do you know how I can get in touch with Alexey from Ace?
  13. I just realized there are no intake fans included since they give an intake cover, but the cover is not very accurate with all the holes. So I want to build a fan. Has anyone done this in this scale before?
  14. I was wondering how accurate it is out of the box. Is it deep enough? I don't have any photo references of the actual thing, but I think most of the plumbing in the kit is too straight (90 degree bends).
  15. I found this photo of the Mig-29 on the web and was wondering if there are any decals for this. If not , are there any other photos of this particular plane? Where was it based and does anyone know the history? https://dknights.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/mig.jpg
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