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  1. blakeh1

    Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with this kit!
  2. blakeh1

    SBY 2202 1/1000 Andromeda

    Wow, all those added details really make a difference, especially in helping convey a sense of scale it reminds me of how the Yukikaze looks up close vs the smooth almost detail less hull of the models I would really like to spend more time detailing them
  3. blakeh1

    SBY 2202 1/1000 Andromeda

    Amazing stuff! Like the other Yamato series stuff you have done, those added details really help with a sense of scale Now I wish I didn't just build mine out of the box
  4. blakeh1

    SBY 2202 1/1000 Andromeda

    Fantastic work with the engine nozzle
  5. blakeh1

    Bandai 1/48 AT-ST "What If"

    Nice. it looks pretty good in those colors/markings
  6. blakeh1

    My Eagle Transporter

    Looking good
  7. blakeh1

    SBY 2202 1/1000 Andromeda

    That looks fantastic! Sure is a lot better than the stock nozzle and lighting kit
  8. blakeh1

    SBY 2202 1/1000 Andromeda

    Looking forward to seeing more I'm building one of these now. I stuck with the out of the box lighting kit only because I liked the wave motion effect and it was easy ( if i tried lighting it myself, it would never get done)
  9. blakeh1

    A nude Dragonfly

    Excellent stuff as far the paint pealing off, I remember seeing somewhere that not all Alclad paints can be masked The high shine paints for example cannot be masked over http://alclad2.com/how-to/
  10. blakeh1

    Sith Interceptor

    I'd love to see you tackle the Andromeda. I recently found your build of the Domelaze the 3rd and that was amazing. All the added detail pieces really helped sell the scale of it more so than the rather simple out of the box hull parts.
  11. blakeh1

    Sith Interceptor

    It's been a while since I checked these forums (usually hang out at http://www.keeperoftheforce.com/ for SW secific stuff or Starshipmodeler or the RPF for more general stuff Fantastic work and cool hybrid design Forgive me if I missed it, but is they the Revell kits?
  12. Showing up in Michael's would be awesome They have carried some (not all) of the Revell Star Wars line and I picked up a Republic Gunship, Y-wing, Arc-170 at various times using their weekly 40% to 50% off coupon. The though of being able to pick up what amount to a Fine Molds falcon for less than $100 or even as low as $50 with a coupon would sure be a god send
  13. blakeh1

    Upgraded - the Revell Venator

    Wow! it's really coming together now. I think the painting turned out really well. Pictures always are decieving to how it really looks, escpecially zoomed way in on something that small it has a way of magnifying things you wouldn't even notice in person. I think it really turned out top notch!
  14. blakeh1

    Upgraded - the Revell Venator

    does it take longer to dry? I know the "non-toxic" version fo the Testors cement has a fruity smell and it takes so long to dry compared to the regular version. I may have to give that Tamiya stuff a try.
  15. blakeh1

    Upgraded - the Revell Venator

    I had to sign up in this forums just to post how awesome this build is! I can't wait to see it finished