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  1. https://aviationweek.com/defense-space/aircraft-propulsion/hobby-clubs-missing-balloon-feared-shot-down-usaf
  2. I had built the Hasegawa kit a while back and was looking for loadouts. I came across this https://www.dstorm.eu/pages/loadout/f-15e.html And I forget where I came across these, but here are a few graphical ones I found
  3. and I wanted to add, yes it is the Hasegawa 1/72 F-18C kit I am using the Red Devils markings This is apparently the plane it is based on. Although there is nothing on that pylon so I could not get any info there, and the other pylon has missiles instead of the drop tank I did not come across this until after I finished the build otherwise, knowing what I know now, I would have gone for a different configuration with the drop tank and used different launchers
  4. Thanks for all the responses, MK-82 it is Also good to know what pylon type was on there as well as the angles for the bombs I have some of those in one of my Hasegawa sets
  5. This was one of the first military jets I had built and I built this right out of the box following the kit instructions without much thought or concern for what might go on there Turns out the kit did not provide a full loadout, so the question is, what would be appropriate for this style pylon? The pylon is glued on pretty securely and taking it off would be a pain Forgive me if I am using the wrong terminology as I do not know much about the actual hardware
  6. Sucess Just got them today an tried out a few. They are prefect and exactly what I would expect the contrast to be! Thanks so much! For reference, this is what the Italeri Marines decal looks like Pics came out really dark and are not white balances since I did not bother setting up the photo booth and it is getting too dark for outside pics, but this will do for demo purposes... And these are the new replacement AOA decals. Exactly what I would have expected And replacement on the nose.
  7. I'm building a 1/700 Tamiya currently and have been looking into the paint scheme From the research I did. it seems that the edges were blended/feathered initially, but then straightened up in a later touch-up? Unclear though if the feathering was intentional, or just a sign of worn down paint as that long dark spot in the middle of the hull seems mostly worn away compared to after the repaint January 1944 Later that year, December 1944 (Also the pattern changed in places So technically both are correct? It was
  8. Just PM me your address and I will send them off
  9. We can work something out. Not looking to make money on these and shipping is pretty cheap if I send them in a letter style envelope all I would need is your address Of course I would gladly take a trade in decals if you had any to offer (need some 1/72 A-10 ones and some 1/72 E-2C Hawkeye high vis ones), but if not, no big deal I actually have two different sets I did not use, your welcome to either or both This is from the A-6e TRAM kit (although I had earmarked the national insignias and danger markings for an old A-4 Skyhawk I had that has no
  10. Wait, why would they give you those rainbow paint colors? Are they expecting you to mix all the greys you need from that 😀 I guess maybe the yellow for the canopy tint and maybe the red/green for some lights, but not sure about the blues/purples
  11. That's good enough for me. I will be picking up a set then next payday! Edited: just dawned on me that the manufacturer link is in your signature, which I assume means it is your product. Good to know and makes me feel better about taking a chance
  12. Thanks, even better! At the very least, the bombs appear to be the right shade I am a little worried about the numbers and letters though as they seem to be a similar lighter shade like Italeri's, but it is also hard to judge without seeing them in person next to a Dark Ghost Grey sample Worth a try though. How are they quality wise? any issues with their other decals? Below is the Italeri sheet
  13. Thanks for the responses It is a shame. They are really good quality decals, I guess the color is just off Anyone come across decals for the VMA-533 Hawks that are a better shade? I came across these, but am not sure if they are going to be the same shade as the Italeri ones ore not or what kind of quality they might be Print Scale 72-337 Grumman A-6 Intruder
  14. I am in the process of painting this kit. As far as I can tell the color color scheme is Dark Ghost Grey with Light Ghost Grey on the bottom I used Vallejo Model Air Dark Ghost Grey and Light Ghost grey paints The problem is the kit decals all but disappeared with the Dark Ghost Grey straight from the bottle. I am not sure if the kit decals are just way off color wise or the Vallejo paints are way too dark. I had seen some post showing a color sample of the FS color next to the Vallejo paint and they seemed close enough, and actually the Vallejo paint
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