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  1. A little late to the party, but any updates on this? I stumbled across this thread since I recently got a 1/72 Revell Space Shuttle kit and was looking to see what people had done with it and what kind of after market parts there were What a fantastic build!
  2. This is one of my favorite build threads ever! So much cool information combined with a great build and attention to details!
  3. That really came together! Excellent work!
  4. The B-Wing is undersized for 1/72 based on the size of the included pilot figure (i.e. the pilot is closer to 1/87 scale) Likewise, the A-Wing, based only on the size of pilot, is over-sized for 1/72 (i.e. the pilot is closer to 1/57 or so) The problem is that what is considered the "official" size for ships is not consistent with some of the full size cockpit sets. So it seem Bandai basically used a compromise, and scaled the ship to 1/72 based on those numbers, however, they fudged the size of the pilots to look proportional to the full size cockpit sets Fantasy Flight games has the same problem with their A-Wing and B-wing sizes compared to other ships in the X-Wing miniature game Detail wise, shape wise and accuracy wise, Bandai has produced the best Star Wars kits to date and these "snap kits" are far superior to most traditional glue kits when it comes to fit. The only downside I can mention, is that their panel lines can sometimes be noticeably out of scale, particularly in places where they have engineered for different colored plastic parts. But those can be easily fixed here are some comparison pics 1/48 Snowspeeder - Fine Molds on left, Bandai on the right 1/48 X-Wing Fine Molds on left, Bandai on the right Bandi on top, Fine Molds on bottom 1/72 Y-Wing Bandai on the left, Fine Molds on the right 1/72 X-Wing Bandai on the left, Fine Molds on the right
  5. Details look great and seem to have a function as well. Nicely done!
  6. Great work! I really appreciate the cleanness of Trek builds. In many ways it is harder to pull off and get right than weathered stuff
  7. Cool concept and looks like your off to a great start Looking forward to how it turns out
  8. Wow that is some amazing detail. it really comes together with paint and I would never guess it was actually as small as it is
  9. That looks like a pain to decal. You did a great job though
  10. Congrats, I'd be interested in seeing it The 2199 kits are pretty awesome. They have so much stuff to build them in alternate landing configuration, or in flight, bomb bays open, different armament load outs etc... They did make a 1/350 Yamato prior to the 2199 series so I have seen 1/350 Cosmo Zeros and Black Tigers. Very expensive now though. Could also try shapeways maybe?
  11. Using some left over decals I was able to get some marking in it. I also did some more scribing of panels lines. Although I think I might have o repaint part of the area in the arrow on the right side of the tail fin and rescribe. I used a scribing tool to start with, and it left way too wide of a line compared to the rest which I did with an exacto Should be an easy fix, Basically just brush paint the panel line with thinned down paint, then go back over with the xacto You can see here where I started then stopped after realizing it was way too thick And to get a sense of size compared to a real world jet and the 2199 stuff 1/72 Hasegawa FA-18c Hornet and 1/72 2199 Cosmo Falcon
  12. Thanks everyone! As far as the Yellow, I used Tamiya paints. I think it is Lemon Yellow (or maybe Flat yellow) mixed with just a little bit Flat Red. (I can confirm the exact yellow color when I get home) I did add a layer of Tamiya Deck Tan Mixed with Flat White (left over batch from painting my A-Wing) as a base layer over the black primer before I sprayed the yellow I find if I try spraying yellow directly on a black base coast, it sometimes can take forever to build up enough coats Even when hand painting gaming miniatures and such I usually try to paint a white, tan or redish-brown layer first before doing yellow
  13. thanks both of you for the kinds words
  14. Got a chance to get some painting done I still have to do some touchup in a few areas as well as paint the underside (white/light grey) Also will be adding a little bit of weathering and some decals but here is where it is at..
  15. thanks guys For decals, I am hoping that between the Bandai 1/72 Rogue One X-Wing and the other Bandai 1/72 Cosmo Zero and Falcon kits as well as other 1/1000 2199 kits plus the 1/72 FA-18C kit I have there will be enough left over decals left over to cobble together markings for this I know I have some Cosmo Navy markings as well as tons of "No Step" markings and numeric markings Plus from the X-wing kit I have some intake warning markers that I did not use since I did Red Leader like the ILM studio model which had none of that stuff
  16. Kind of a lurker here for a while, so I figured it was time to get more involved 😀 I love the aircraft designs from Space Battleship Yamato/Starblazers and have been building stuff from the 2199 series. however, the Black Tiger design morphed into the Cosmo Falcon so it obviously missing from the lineup of 1/72 fighter kits. There was an old kit that Bandai made. This is the 1/70 scale version. However it is as basic as basic can be. Nothing like the more detailed 1/100 Ex version that came out later The appeal here was having a kit close to 1/72 scale It is a standard glue kit and It sure is a far cry from the engineering they have today. The parts count not counting landing gear is something like 12 pieces The body is basically and an upper and lower half for from yellow section and an upper and lower half for the back body and wing section. Two halves for the big tail fin and 2 small fins for the underside The cockpit is one piece, with molded in blobs you glue 2 heads onto and absolutely no detail There are no panel lines whatsoever beyond scribed lines to be used a guides on where to place the decals Out of the box, it looks like a kids toy So, I scratched up some detail for the cockpit. I didn't go to nuts with it since the wavy glass canopy will obscure most detail anyway, but I at least wanted something that looked more reasonable I used the extra pilot from a Hasegawa 1/72 FA-19C kit as well as a greenstuff copy I made of a Bandai 1/72 A-Wing pilot I added some additional details and panel lines At 1/70 scale I think it is close enough to 1/72 to be able to display it with the 1/72 Cosmo Zero and Falcons I painted the cockpit and canopy so I could move onto gluing the body halves together and filling the seams Had a big fit problem mating the yellow body part to the black. Hopefully filled and sanded enough to look seamless when I prime it Added some details on the rear now ready for primer (I think)
  17. I think my favorite aspect of your work is that the greeblies look like they have a purpose and are functional in some way rather than just randomly planted on. They also don't ruin the scale of things
  18. I can;t see the video, but those pics are excellent!
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