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  1. Outstanding! Thanks for the info Darren, Stefan, and Henry. Great info. Dave
  2. I'm looking at doing either VF-41 or VF-32 MiG killers from Furball's sheet designed for the Hasagawa kits. I have a couple questions that I haven't found the answers to, either from here or using google. 1) Does anyone know what the loadouts would have been? Would they have carried AIM-54"s. Google is kind enough to provide what each aircraft scored their kill with, but so far I haven't been able to find out anything other than that. 2) I'm good with what I need to do to get the VF-41 Killers done, but what mods need to be done for the VF-32 Killers? (Darren which of y
  3. In THIS article on Hyperscale the modeler modified the kit engines. Is this fairly accurate? Seems pretty easy if it is. Anybody got some good pics of the engines? I found a good walkaround HERE , but some better pics could help. Sincerely, Dave
  4. Thanks Anton, Looking at the parts layout, the kit appears to be missing the fairing on the top fuselage even though it is shown in the decal guide. It's strange since that piece was included in the U-36A Learjet J.M.S.D.F. boxing on the clear sprue. Strange. http://media.defense.gov/2003/Feb/10/2000031093/-1/-1/0/021205-O-9999G-007.JPG Dave
  5. Thanks all. I've got the Caracal sheet, so I'll just pull one of my Hasagawa Learjets down and do it the hard way. I agree with you Jennings. Some resin engines would go a long way to making a great C-21. Thanks to all, Dave
  6. I have a hankering to build a USAF C-21 and was wondering if Hasagawa retooled their Learjet to accurately depict a C-21. I've got a couple of older Lear 35 boxings and was wondering if it would be worth getting the "new" kit as a better starting point. Did they add the missing windows or any of the antennas? I was hoping to find some sprue shots but Google has failed me this time. TIA, Dave
  7. I didn't want to clutter up salvador001's UH-72 thread so here is a walkaround of the OH-58A+. These are some of the last OH-58a's in the Army most (including these now) have been officially retired. A few notes. These OH-58's are RAID modified and have the high skids and are capable of mounting the Nightsun Light and a FLIR pod underneath the fuselage. Also at this point spares were getting on the scarce side, so the guy in charge of maintenance (my friend, fellow modeler and OH-58 now turned UH-72 pilot) had received approval to order parts direct from Bell. You can see civilian style seats,
  8. Some more walkarounds because you can never have enough references. http://svsm.org/gallery/b58_family http://www.primeportal.net/hangar/b-58_home.htm HTH, Dave
  9. My pleasure. The local Army National Guard unit transitioned from OH-58A+'s to UH-72's. I went out there to shoot a good walkaround of the OH-58's so I could have some decent refs for my 1/48th scale build (I could post a link to that album if anyone is interested). The UH-72 almost was an afterthought. If you need anything specific let me know. It's not too difficult to get out there to get some pics. One of the UH-72 pilots is also a member of our model club. They also fly the Medivac version of the UH-60M and the CH-47D. Sincerely, Dave
  10. Hope this helps. http://s1169.photobucket.com/user/SR10user/UH-72A/story Sincerely, Dave
  11. I'm working on the same project. Depending on which kit your working with (Hawk vs. Testors) you may need to change some things. Norm Debuy has some resin bits that will help in the shape of some scoops, intakes, and a belly camera pack. Search over on Hyperscale to see his U-2"s and resin. In the mean time, these may help: Sincerely, Dave
  12. Here's a few walkarounds I thought you guys might like. Florida National Guard based out of Cecil Field. Most of the pics were shot by me, but a few were given to me by my friend and pilot CW4 Sean Hogan. Enjoy. UH-72: http://s1169.photobucket.com/user/SR10user/library/UH-72A OH-58: http://s1169.photobucket.com/user/SR10user/library/OH-58A%20plus AH-64A: http://s1169.photobucket.com/user/SR10user/library/AH-64A Sincerely, Dave
  13. I seem to remember seeing some pics of Euro 1 F-16's with grey radomes and RHAW blisters. I thought it was on HABU's site. I can't seem to find any pics now, so I'm hoping someone can verify this. Anybody? Sincerely, Dave
  14. Where can you get these sets in the U.S.? Dave
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