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  1. There are a few more pics of that MPP at Britmodeller: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235039249-f-16a-75-0746/&tab=comments#comment-3055529
  2. I have this picture from the time I converted a simple (1:300) C-141B paper model into a C-141A.
  3. OK, no warning yesterday but I got it today. Why?
  4. Yay! The forums are back! And I'm not getting the warning anymore! (Firefox 49.0.1) Thank you SBARC!
  5. In my case it only happens the first time I click on a link to the arc forums from a google search. If I click a second time on the same link, it works normally and I get the ARC forum page.
  6. Lol at the name of squadron leader Gelécul. It means "frozen a$$" in french. Culgelé is probably more idiomatic though.
  7. Pakistani Mirage 5PA2/PA3 too? They seem to have the belgian Mirage 5 keel and the Chilean Mirage 50C nose.
  8. IIRC, the only Mirage IIICs able to carry the Matra Magic were the ones used in the 80ies by EC 3/10 Vexin in Djibouti. All other French Air Force IIICs used Sidewinders (AIM-9B ?). That Mirage IIIC from EC 2/10 Seine in the first pic is carrying Sidewinders under the wings and an R530 under the fuselage. The Mirage IIIE/5 could use both Sidewinders and Magics depending on the customer/time period. I don't think the Mirage F1 ever used Sidewinders in french service.
  9. A few U-2 operated from aicraft carriers.
  10. The post is here in the "display case" subforum.
  11. The Yefim Gordon/Keith Dexter book on the MiG-21 lists 10 F-13 (BC816 to BC825) and 2 PF (BC826? and BC827) for the Indian Air Force. The table notes the 2 PF as "destroyed 6-9-65". The F-13 were delivered in 2 batches (6 then 4), the PFs being delivered with the second batch of F-13. There's a pic of the MiG-21F-13 BC821 in flight.
  12. The pics are from wikipedia and commons. A-4B refueling an RF-8A (another one) 2 A-4F refueling RF-8Gs A-4E refueling an F-4J A-4C refueling an F-14A
  13. July 14th... Saw a Mirage F1, a C-135FR followed by 4 Mirage 2000N or D, later some more Mirage F1s. All were going to Paris to take part in the air parade over Champs Elysées. I heard some more jets but didn't see them, they must have been flying over the clouds.
  14. A simple [Ctrl]+[v] does the trick for me. You could check your album settings, maybe there's some box there that should be ticked? Or something is interfering with photobucket's javascript? No built examples of aussie Miracles yet but there's an half-started Sqn 76 bird in an svg file (A3-16, silver livery). I should update and finish it.
  15. Here is what see when I hover on a pic in one of my albums. When I click on the "IMG code" line, it gets automatically copied to the clipboard.
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