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  1. are you sure?i think its the same as revell
  2. And the nosecone i think is wrong-i will probably use zactos-do you think will fit?
  3. I need a photo from the RUSSIAN MIG-29K cockpit - I think TRUMPETERS cockpit is wrong....
  4. I have started the MIG-29M TRUMPETER KIT 1/32-can i change the full length intakes and usethe ZACTOS THAT IS AMAZING or its only for the REVELLS KIT?
  5. What color is the top of the blackhawk canopy-is it clear green?
  6. the F-15D ΒΑΖ have different cockpit and what color it is?
  7. im trying to find and buy Sky's Decals SD32009
  8. im trying to find and to buy Cutting Edge 1/32 F-4E(S) Peace Jack Phantom
  9. I have HASEGAWA F-16A 1/32 AND F-15D REVELL 1/32.What i have to do to make them Israel.
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