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  1. Gordon's Alive!!! (sorry couldn't resist) Great job on a scheme I have not yet attempted
  2. TB has the colours as :- Light Gray = FS36495 Dark Gray = FS35237 Blue = FS35109 I used Humbrol #147, Humbrol #145 and Xtracolor #124 respectively on my build Hope this helps
  3. Collection in 2007... Mainly Hasegawa 1/72 ... link to full list ... and some of my lastest builds Hasegawa 1/72 Hasegawa 1/72 Hasegawa 1/72 Revell 1/32 Hasegawa 1/72
  4. Only aftermarket source I know of are the VF-Decals set from Lucky Models Lucky Models Website My attempt from last year HTH
  5. That was my reason for posting, seeing as Hannants were getting some negative publicity, when it probably has nothing to do with them directly.
  6. Excellent choice of markings Dave, will be tracking this build - good luck
  7. Phone call from Banks Fraud Department - querying a few transactions: First 3 recent transactions check out OK, 4th transaction carried out this morning however was for 97p in USA not OK. Card Cancelled, new one on the way. Of note - Card was never used at Hannants so it seems it is down to any CC or DC transactions carried out in the last few weeks.
  8. Shots taken in 2007, since then I have built 8 and bought another 2 Did this with the Two Bobs 1/72 NSAWC/Topgun Vipers sheet
  9. Another suggestion for the surround, is print the black (I assume its black on the lanc) on the edges, then use your weathering to blend the black of the decal with the balck paint.
  10. Jimmy Click on the "My Controls" link (Top right) Click on the "Board Settings" on the menu options (bottom left) On the resulting screen change the "Your base time zone" to yours, and then click on the button "Change my Account Options" Hope this helps
  11. same as Mike used to be my Iwata Airbrush, but my Spray booth I bought last year now takes the podium
  12. I can highly recommend these >> boxes << - I have about 30 of the different sizes so far... 19 Litre boxes for my decal stash 1 of 4 4 Litre boxes holding most of my paints Other examples of uses are 5 of the 50 Litre boxes holding my DVD collection of just over 500.
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