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  1. I've used those tiny LEDs from mobile phone ( 1 x 0.6 mm ) , and for engine I've used motor from vibrating device, mobile phone too click the link above, there's about 25 pics how it's all done thanks for comments
  2. last few days- a lot of fun :woot.gif:/> I start with Revell's little kit, consisting from 22 parts, and ended up with 103 parts I've scratch the cockpit- floor, seat, instrument panel, back plate, rudder pedals, gunsight, flaps, vacuform new canopy, wing lights covers The lights and engine was taken from old mobile phone work in progres ( how to motorize the model) you can see here: ( it's on croatian, but pictures says all) http://www.maketarstvo.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=25160 hope You'll like it
  3. thanks guys, it's not a such big task - base is balsa wood block, covered with styrene, the rest is various sheets and rods from styrene the most complicated part was the dolly, made from styrene and brass rods altogether - 3 days :-) I've spent much more time detailed Arado's cockpit and wingfold the rest of my work here: www.m2models.hr
  4. I finished this few monts ago. The model is Revell's Arado ( old Heller) in 1:72 who has waiting some 15 years in shelf to be built. Engine and engine cover are resin. I completly scratch new detailed cockpits, canopy and wingfold with lovered flaps. The catapult is scratch from styrene, too
  5. Thanks guys! In Boeing company, they promise to search it for me, if I got the answer, I'll share it here My friend worns me about my bad english, so I apologize for it ( I've learned German in school and coledge) best regards
  6. Hi Guys, does anyone knows the colors of those plane? http://www.google.hr/imgres?um=1&hl=hr&biw=1024&bih=629&tbm=isch&tbnid=JWQqMXtrK0NefM:&imgrefurl=http://www.afwing.com/intro/P26/1.htm&docid=EsXvTMMOkVWu0M&imgurl=http://www.afwing.com/intro/P26/Y1P-26.jpg&w=432&h=216&ei=S5KnUP-QKMrLsgbqrYDoDA&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=665&vpy=222&dur=53&hovh=159&hovw=318&tx=182&ty=89&sig=104780060517789072654&page=5&tbnh=136&tbnw=272&start=60&ndsp=16&ved=1t:429,r:67,s:0,i:266 it's third prototype as far I know, no US Army on lover wings, just flag on rudder and four undeles But, 1.what color is the vertical fin ( red? Black?green?) 2.What color ere wings and horizontal stabilizators? 3.What color is fuselage ( it isn't silver, I'm sure, compared with prop in natural metal....) any help is verry appreciate... TIA
  7. thanks! Masts are from kit I've start with lycra thread, but than I noticed that masts wouldn't stay sraight, then I've made rest of rigging withe ordinary streched sprue
  8. built from the box I've added PE railings, resin figures and make my own sea main gum tureets and guns are vacuformed and scratched
  9. finaly done! alltogether there is 2279 parts in tjhis little bugger, 37 used from matchbox kit, only one used without surgery on it it still waiting for the wood stand and glass cover, and then I'll attach wire antennes
  10. the saga goes closely to an end... I've maunted the windshield, side and uper panels, mirror and window stands finished nacelle ribs I've put the bras pins in all nacelle struts and mounted the nacelle then I glued the bottom cover opened and make the strut rigging engine nacelle must have offset to left, resulted differebt upper struts then I've glued outer struts and vertical jig guides, so that I can glue upper wing in right position well, 50 more parts, and it will be finished....
  11. crossing the magic line - 2000 parts... original canopy is to thick, so I must make my own ...first - frame upper and side slide panels and vacuformed windshield vith oper smal windows than turn to lover side - practice bomb's racks (the main plate is 5x8 mm) anti-submarine bomb racks gun mounts than, I've mounted the floats,rigging and bomb racks and, beside the undercarriage, the lover side is finished!
  12. since the original indercarriage are very fragile, I was modified them with 0.5 mm bras wire , and ad a ''locker'' that is missing modified wheels - I made pneumatic valves and centar cover after painting turret gun guides than I made oil cooler and oil tank paint it and maunting a net and all put in engine nacelle than I paint propeller
  13. closing the navigator's office and navigator's desk table with map, triangle and ruler fill the radio equipment and closing the hull than I make the jig and glued the lover wing to place...and now it starts to look like an airplane
  14. the must funny part - putting all those stuff in hull I knoww it all looks messy, but this is macro mod on camera I've putt bollards on bow , anchor and all the things in front my favourite part - look below the pilots seat - signal rocket 0,5mm diametar and 1,5 mm signal pistol and finished back part more work required on left side - navigator's and radio man's offices...
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