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  1. ^^^^^^^^ See above. Do that and you will be good to go.
  2. Desktop sprue organizer works for me. I bought this https://www.hobbyzone.biz/shop.shtml#!/HobbyZone-OM13-Sprue-Module/p/102650226/category=17925293 It has 15 slots but b/c of various parts shapes it usually holds fewer parts trees. HTH
  3. Some one have a bunch of money. Maybe contact RPM and see about reacquiring the rights to MM and Floquil.......
  4. Glad you got it sorted out. Xtreme Metal is a really nice paint....Now if new Eduard decals would cooperate I could great finish on their P-51. I saw some post on youtube to deal with the clear film. You let is sit for 24hrs. Then with a white/mineral spirits soaked Q-tip you rub off the film. It's supposed to ball up and lift off with no damage to the decal or surface. Not sure how AK-EM will react so I plan to test this before I start rubbing it all over the painted surface... I have a feeling it may not be compatible but we shall see.
  5. Can't go wrong with Tamiya and I include the rattle cans in that. I decant those and they spray awesome. Mr. Color is great AK real color is really good and MRP Pre-thinned Lacquer inks? is right there. My issue with MRP is coverage. If you pre-shade it may take 4-6 coats to get the color saturation you need.. It took almost a complete(1oz.) bottle to paint an F-14 I did a while back. With Model master It takes maybe 1/3 oz. for the same job. I find Mr. Color Tamiya and AK real Color have MUCH better coverage. One thing I'll add is in my testing and applications all 4 are inter-mixable. That s
  6. I had the same issue. I used Tape almost completely de-tack-a-fied...is that a word... anyway it worked. Just put the fresh tape on/off the back of your hand several times til it gets less tacky but still enough tack to mask and when you take it off no residue is left to annoy you...HTH
  7. A bit late to the party but Tamiya in their rattle can line AS-7 Neutral Gray looks perfect to my eye. If you did not notice that is in the color call outs, along with AS-6 Olive Drab, in their P-38F/G instructions. I used it and loved the results. just decant and spray through your favorite Airbrush.
  8. Sorry for your loss. I also lost 2 of my Best Friends and they too were like my kids. It was really hard both were gone in the span of 14 months. I have since replaced them with a new "stray" that wandered into my yard. That said I still miss them an awful lot. All you can do is remember them and adopt another kitty to be your new "kid".
  9. It went from 10 down to 6 and seems to have less content. I have been an on/off subscriber almost since the beginning but no more.
  10. The new Tamiya Lacquers LP-xx are outstanding. Also their Spray can silvers are equally as great.
  11. Still have not started the F-16 for that group build....But yep I'm in for a Hornet or Super Hornet as well.......
  12. there was a change at some point in 2021 for Surface Pkgs. they no longer have a tracking number assigned til it gets to the USA shipping partner. I think it has to do with the North America operations they have opened up. Let me ask Do you see a carton number? It usually starts with UE. That is the ID number used on the container ship..... One other thing did you click on your order number DO21/ XXXXXXXXXXXX if you do it opens up a pop up window and that has more info..... FYI I placed an order in September and it just got P/U'd by Fedex yesterday and will be here in a few days. I wasn't worr
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