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  1. Can't wait the second It arrives It will jump to the front of the line.
  2. Man I'm Jealous.....How soon can you post a video.
  3. Will masking be included like the Tomcat and other new releases. On that would you ask if they would start to include them pre-cut. Shaky hands would appreciate it.
  4. What a way to start the Summer!!!!!! Thanks For the info George
  5. You have to think Sprue Brothers should have them very soon. I did see JefVCornerstore.com has the AV-8A in stock and the had a limited number of the Pucara but it is out of stock at the moment.
  6. Nice Can't wait to see your built up display sample. Gotta put that new work bench to good use right... Do you know yet if ground ordnance will be included...
  7. Nicely done! I cant believe you did it so fast! It takes me anywhere from 6-10 weeks to get the TamiyaCat done....
  8. Looks Nice...Those Intakes don't look that bad and as said a few passes of the sanding stick can be made if you feel the need....Thanks for the photos!!
  9. Starting in about 2 months this will be my addition. VF-213 On the Last Combat Cruise A/C #204 Which flew on the last combat mission and was the last Cat to trap on that mission.
  10. I know right....BTW I just saw USA MSRP is gonna be $117.00
  11. ^^^^I am pretty sure thats an LAU-10 Zuni Rocket Pod
  12. I have to wait til Next week but I'm gonna order a few from Lucky with the slow boat method and then one via Airmail ..I just ordered the Meng F-18 and air shipping was 17.xx
  13. What a great excuse, Like I need an excuse, to build another Tamiya F-14....I freakin' love that kit and my display shelf and stash are testament to that....Alright One of the next I had on the list was an OIF A/C. It is VF-213's F-14D that flew the last combat mission. When Lion 204 BuNo. 161159 caught the arresting wire on the Roosevelt it sadly ended the Tomcats combat career. Thanks to Ebay I found the Decals, Fightertown's "Lions Last Roar" Sheet 48044. I will add DEF Models resin wheels also someone's resin seats. I may add Aftermarket exhaust but have not decided yet. Other than that
  14. Skunk Models workshop AKA Kinectic has an injection molded one. I have one ,yet to be put into use, but It's pretty nice to my eye. It has the catapult and blast deflector. HTH see it here. https://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=SW-48020
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