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  1. Stevens Has their MSRP set at $115.00 yes you read that correctly. That's just ridiculous. I could buy 2 from Hong Kong and still pay less than the guy who buys 1 from the LHS.....
  2. To add if whatever cleaner you use destroys the finish as said above that finish should NOT Be on there. But since this is an anodized finish, it is the finish ..... Therefore nothing should affect it..... As for the HP-CS, which this is, it is a ROCK SOLID Airbrush. I use mine all the time. While it does not get the finest of lines with the .35 Nozzle it will produce some tight patterns with the crown cap removed, proper thinning, air pressure and some practice. You can't go wrong with it that's for sure...I have had the HP-CS in my lineup for about 10 years now and have had no issues. I
  3. excellent stuff I just did my Tamiya F-14 and WOW!!!! If you ever used an Eduard set it's preety much the same thing. remove the plastic details and replace with the parts supplied. Instructions were straight forward. I can say this they are a bit more expensive than Eduard PE but they are also much nicer. If they are available for the kit Im building I'll buy Quinta. I think Eventually this stuff will make PE a thing of the past....
  4. It's Tamiya then everyone else vying for a distant second place.
  5. You cant go wrong with Tamiya. You say it's been a LONG time since you have built anything as you wait I highly suggest Youtube and some build review videos. AT times they can be a big help.
  6. Depends on the kits and Manufacture. Some LE kits, Hasegawa mostly, have a decal option that sometimes is only in that boxing and not even available with aftermarket. You may pay a small premium for that up front. If you wait and then decided you wanted those kit markings you may have to pay even more. Most Eduard LE kits are dual boxings. Those IMO are a pretty good value. You get 2 kits a LOT of decal options a couple resin bits on occasion and then the PE for less than what you'd pay for 2 Profipak kits. So yes value can be had just shop smart.
  7. Same here they are scanned at my mail office as received just need to be put on vehicle for delivery. Yep then the next scan is 200 miles away. But overall I have had really great service from USPS.
  8. I goof up paint(or something) every build its just a part of modeling for me....Just sand it or strip it and go from there. One quick example. I was 95% done with the 32nd Tamiya Corsair. I went to touch up an area and the airbrush hose got hung up and it ripped the AB from my hand the lid popped off and a big ole mess of paint fell on top the fwd section. I wiped most away then I let the rest dry. Next day I taped off the good areas following the panel lines and went to town sanding away the damage. I repainted and finished the build.
  9. Oh well so much for my summer Vacation.....But it is the wise decision. Hope I can make it to Omaha Omaha.
  10. Wow I hope it's the mildest of cases It does not spread through your whole family and you Get Well ASAP!!!!
  11. Just saw on the website the Mr Color Aqueous Line of paints are coming back and some are already in stock...Good Stuff indeed.
  12. I'm all registered and ready to go but If there is a spike I will cancel. My health issues make me hesitant to start with so any negatives give me more reason to rethink attending. But trust me I really really want to go.
  13. Have to think being out of money is due in large part to undercutting their wholesale accounts. They never did find that balance of offering good everyday prices along with occasional sales aimed at the online retail customer vs Not undercutting the wholesale sale price to a Hobby Store. With constant every week below wholesale price sales they did just that. I guess it was an attempt to get an influx of cash. Thing is they have been doing it for close to 10 years now. Who really knows how many Stores dropped them for distribution needs and how much money is gone from the books but loosing w
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