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  1. Yep They did that with the first kit out the door🀣
  2. The kit price would not be as bad if they had used the new tool upper fuselage. It still is too much for what you get. Now here is a crazy Idea. I would have made it an E/F special edition. All they needed to add is the 2 seater canopy and then the "S" and "V" Sprues, they include the rear pit large screen etc. Then have whoever it was that did the decals (Furball or Fightertown) add 2 more options for "F" Birds In my mind that would be about a 110.00 MSRP kit and a street price around 85.00 That would have been a Winner Winner Chicken dinner!
  3. AMK Tomcat Top Gun Maverick
  4. I've been with them for quite sometime. If you threaten to switch to another service they start dropping the price. You need to get to the representative in the customer retention department then start negotiating to get a price your satisfied with. In all the years I've been doing it this is the largest discount Ive ever received. I had my bill down to 121.00 on the previous negotiation and I forgot to call in and it jumped to regular price. believe me the same day I was on the phone. All I told them was if the want to keep me you need to get the price lower than the 121.00 I was paying and I want to keep the same channels. They always try to switch you to a lesser pkg. don't go for that. I haev a mid level pkg with the only add on is the HD pkg with Smithsonian channel HD Movies, Sony Movies etc... The key is keep threatening to drop them. Also in my favor I caught them at a good time. One of those subscription reports had just come out where they had lost in the neighborhood of 1mil subscribers so I'm sure they were under pressure to keep current people on board....
  5. Oh boy this is one of those good news bad news things....πŸ€‘
  6. Nice. I wish I had those extras. I remember a few years back 'MEtv" was airing Combat. I was so chaffed I could not watch. Where I'm at I'd need to get an outdoor antenna with a 75-80 mile reach. I'm missing out and worse I'm wasting money on DirecTv's crappy channel line up. I think i watch stuff on maybe 15 channels. Only reason I stay with them for the moment is I called in and negotiated a HIGHLY discounted price! My bill went from 178.00 to 88.00 a month. Even with that DirecTv still sucks!
  7. Just saw WGN is airing the J*A*G series all day starting with episode 1 at 8AM CDT, If your unfamiliar despite being a show about The JAG corps it has a good bit of F-14 scenes, the lead is a former F-14 navy pilot turned lawyer, and in general a pretty good show.
  8. ....so AMK is about to release their F-14....
  9. Exactly why I hate Acrylic washes. They are not consistent enough. I have pretty much given up on the ones from Vallejo and similar. I have 2 favorite wash these days. Flory Models clay washes and Tamiya Enamel. Unlike the Vinyl acrylics from Vallejo and similar They don't leave a residue line. Or a thin film coating that can strart to lift and pebble with subsequent layers of weathering.
  10. With mine I bought a nice little tool off amazon to clean the nozzle. Just search Airbrush cleaning tool. It is just a needle shaped tool that you insert carefully into the nozzle and clean out any obstructions. I also recommend Iwata's Magnifier or similar..It has a 60x lense and a light so you can see the most minute details and any damage that may be there. Both tools should cost about 20.00. If you can use lacquer thinner you will have better results in cleaning your AB. Also Tamiya sells an AB cleaner. It cleans EVERYTHING. It has a lot of smell so ventilation is Must. I have really enjoyed mine but have not experienced what your talking about. I guess the difference is I use a much stronger cleaner than Windex. HTH
  11. I think they are very similar to Vallejo and may even be bottled for Ammo by Vallejo. If you don't have Ammo specific thinners etc. I'd just try Vallejo products as a test. Just don't test on something you are working on, use an old kit as a paint test bed...I try new paints all the time and experimentation is KEY to any new product that you try.
  12. My friends and I checked the 3 closest to me. None had the clearance prices yet. I asked one of the Managers and they said it would be coming soon as they are expecting a new selection of scale models...they did not know details just that new stuff is coming...Hoping they bring back more Tamiya kits. How Awesome would it be to see F-14s on the shelf. Quick calculation says an F-14A with the coupon would cost about 70.00 plus your local taxes...The D about 6.00 more....just dreaming....
  13. Raymond Just got my kits I ordered at the end of April. πŸ‘πŸ‘ A couple of things. 1. I ordered 3 kits and they were each shipped separately and all arrived on a different day. 2. They were supposed to be traceable but none of the 3 packages were. That said I had No Idea when they would get here. 3. The packages were all sent Registered Mail so I had to sign for them. I was lucky to be home on the day the first one showed up so I did not have to go the PO the next day to get the Kit. At that same time I made arrangements for the other 2 packages. Which again were not traceable so I still had no Idea when they would show up. Everything arrived fine so This is not a complaint at all just questions raised to help you with the new shipping system. BTW I just placed another order to take advantage of the Anniversary sale. 🀩 Gotta ask others in the USA who ordered During the April sale were their pkgs sent in a similar way?
  14. Anyone gonna pay 100.00 street price for this kit? Me well I think it's WAY overpriced . Then I see Sprue Brothers has the overtrees for 53,00 Whoa... 10.00 more you get a Hasegawa kit with decals and Instructions. Gotta think Eduard overpaid for the plastic. Then to really put a kick in your gut the upper fuselage is for the early block Rhino's. And I think all the decals are for late block Bug's....more head scratching ....If it bombs l hope they don't get discouraged and maybe learn from it then Do an F with the late block tooling and then drop the MSRP price by 25% ...That in my mind would be a winner.
  15. I'll add my praise for the PS-770. It is as good as it gets for fine line detailing. Along the entire line You are getting an Iwata Style and quality AB for a lot less. In the US I bought mine from https://spraygunner.com/ they seem to have the best prices on the complete Mr.Airbrush line. I have no connection to them other than spending my money there..😎
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