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  1. Afterburner sheets 48011.48036. 48053. all still available from Spruebrothers.com are early Jets like you are after. they also have a sheet for E Birds of VFA-27 its 48048. also at SB.
  2. MLT works for almost everything ....I spray XF-86 over top everything...have yet to have a reaction.. this includes Vallejo and similar latex vinyl acrylics.
  3. Spray Gunner. spraygunner.com.... as for a bulk discount you'd likely have to contact them directly
  4. I got mine from info@lightspeedglobalusa.com just shoot them an email and request what you need. Best bet is to just use a kit number from an IN Production F-14 not any type of Limited Edition or Special release. HTH
  5. I've masked in less than 5 minutes.....Seriously.....No adverse effects at all ... it is with post-it notes or de-tacked Tamiya tape but still...
  6. Got this one f/s. open Box w/contents sealed. Pics available if you need them. USA Sales only. 85.00 80.00 plus shipping from 39466. If interested please include your zip code for a shipping quote via USPS. PayPal preferred but a MO or cash at your own risk is just as good. bcavet@ hotmail .com Cheers Brian
  7. Christmas is early this year! Big Shout out to Bob @ Victory Models. He must be ready to ship the kits along with the free gift (weapons sets) for those with pre-orders. It's been so many years I forgot I had even ordered from him...Thank You
  8. Got through to Tamiya after weeks of trying....Got everything except the GE Nozzles they were already sold out...
  9. When it is announced lets hope they start with second letter of the alphabet. Bravo, Bravo
  10. Have 2 F-14A's and one F-14D for sale. 40.00 ea plus shipping SOLD Thank You
  11. I just used the 770 with MRP(Mr. Paint Slovakia) colors to do a 1/48 Spitfire. WOW is all I can say. I free handed the dark earth/middle stone camo and it looks like I masked it, super tight lines. I had previously used it with Tamiya and Mr.Color and it was impressive but with MRP it's even better. Highly recommend this tool...It will make the average(me) modeler much better!
  12. Block 30 GE engine Block 32 Pratt-Whitney engine. you can find more info here http://www.f-16.net/f-16_users_article7.html HTH.....BTW Tamiya only makes "F-16C" model kits...Typo maybe?
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