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  1. Is the spring housing tensioner too loose? Give it a right twist and see. Still even at it's softest setting the needle should return w/o issue. After that check the needle maybe it needs to be cleaned. I believe the factory does a test spray of the unit before its packed for sale. Maybe they did not clean it properly. If that is not it contact the retailer for assistance. You should not need to purchase anything to make your new airbrush work properly. As for lube I use it on occasion. I'll put a tiny amount on the needle and then wipe it with my finger. So its more like lube residue...
  2. Hope not, maybe he is setting up a new website. The one he had was a bit hard to navigate.
  3. Thanks Dave Think I'll order some more goodies!
  4. Agreed, and Like I need an excuse to build Tom-iya-cat. Top notch stuff as all the builds have been fantastic. Thanks to Eracubsfan for doing this It was fun!!!!!
  5. Fantastic Stuff happening on your workbench.
  6. Lion 204 This is the Aircraft that made the Last Combat trap on the Last Combat Mission. The actual aircraft now resides in the Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola FL. This is Tamiya's kit with Eduard PE and one GBU38, DEF Wheels, Fightertown Decals from the Lion's Last Roar sheet and Quickboost Seats. It's painted with Model Master Enamel. VF-213 Lion 204 BuNo.161159
  7. Tamiya F-14D Fightertown Decals Eduard PE and GBU38, DEF Wheels and Quickboost seats. Painted with Model Master Enamels.
  8. Thank You. And she is done. Pictures going up in 10..9...8......
  9. It has only extended wings. By that It has a new wing spar in the fixed position. You can read the description in the Tamiya press release. Hopefully At some point you may be able to purchase the new part trees with the Late A parts.
  10. Bought from them about half a dozen times and Never a Problem.
  11. You can decant the spray can and use it in your Airbrush. check youtube for some tips on how to decant spray cans.
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