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  1. Wow Dave you're awesome for reaching out to Arnaud and offering a way for the BAM line to keep going as he switches to a new job!!!! I hope you an Arnaud can work out the details, If so I will buy a LOT of those F-14 external fuel tanks!
  2. Tamiya makes a Semi-Gloss in the rattle can. Be careful and use a light touch if you go with them. Tamiya clears are rather hot and can melt decals and base paint if you go too heavy.
  3. In a month or so when I had some $$$ I was gonna buy a bunch of the new F-14 external tanks. It's not that I can't but those tank seams are one of the more time consuming things for me. Hopefully someone will get them back on the market.
  4. Sprue Brothers, No problems...Postal services YES!
  5. Windex will work. Also Mr. Leveling Thinner is safe on clear parts.
  6. Fightertown still list it as in stock http://www.fightertowndecals.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=59&product_id=61 HTH
  7. I have my room and plan to be there. very excited and can't wait for August
  8. Not going to help on this one but for the next one. What I do is deepen the existing lines and rivets where I know detail will be lost when sanding. I also place tape over details near where I need to sand to prevent excessive loss.
  9. Not sure what scale you need as I deal mainly in 1/48. These are Mostly Generic but in 48th they work fine. Try looking up Airscale, ANYZ, Baracudda Cals more WW2 geared, and then Eduard. Fightertown did some 1/48 stencil sheets for the F-14 but I think its sold out but can still be found on Ebay at times. It was about 20.00 at retail. Thats all I can think of at the moment...HTH
  10. The HP-CS is a great tool. The Creos Mr.ProCon Boy is also a great tool. I own both and use both. Consider this The Iwata and ProCon Boys are built by the exact same factory. No Iwata does NOT have a factory that builds their Hobby Airbrushes in house. Almost all or maybe even all Japanese branded Air Brush are made by the Fuso Seiki (RichPen) Factory in Japan but that is a whole other discussion. My thought is if you can get the same performance and quality at a better price then why spend the extra just for the name. You can't go wrong with either but if you want to save more than a few $$ b
  11. That's one Sexy Centerfold for sure! Currently building Nickel 102 OEF .....and yes that one or a similar VF-143 A/C is on the list.
  12. Sure can..... Tamiya X-22 It's an Acrylic Lacquer so spraying a Lacquer over top would not be an issue and at any point to be honest. Just be careful to not go too heavy it could reactivate and can ruin the finish. Using Tamiya and MLT I have done all colors including clear coats in one session. Never had one issue with 100's of models completed. To your original question. I do just that for almost every build Seal with X-22 thinned with MLT. Then I use Tamiya Panel Liners cleaned up with mineral spirits. I also use store brand enamel thinner when I run out of mineral spirit.
  13. ^^^^^^^^ See above. Do that and you will be good to go.
  14. Desktop sprue organizer works for me. I bought this https://www.hobbyzone.biz/shop.shtml#!/HobbyZone-OM13-Sprue-Module/p/102650226/category=17925293 It has 15 slots but b/c of various parts shapes it usually holds fewer parts trees. HTH
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