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  1. viper730

    Gator Grip Acrylic Glue

    Maybe you could bypass the online link and use this gatorsmask@yahoo.com HTH
  2. viper730

    Fightertown Decals

    Depending what you ordered He had put out a notice about new sheets being delayed from Cartograf don't remember the reason to why... They are now in hand as of a day or 2 ago. I know this only b/c He made a Facebook post of him packing everything into their bags..No doubt you WILL get your stuff just a matter of Him catching up.
  3. viper730

    Flory models sponge sanding sticks

    Cant speak to Flory models stuff but Infini Models make an excellent product...
  4. SOLD Thank You! Lightly used mainly for clear coats. Asking 25.00 plus shipping. USA only. PayPal or Money Orders Cheers Brian
  5. That is right we are moving our Annual Show to Summer this year. To fill a gap in the I-10 Corridor Show schedule Northshore Scale Modelers are moving this years date to June 22nd. More info can be found here https://www.northshoremodelers.net/copy-of-home Hope to see you there!
  6. I can't say for sure if they are for Tamiya. Once I get home from the Hospital Let me check my stash as I think I have a Tamiya B/C Blue Nose Snoots Sniper kit with Cartograf decals that include the Invasion stripes. I don't plan to use that scheme or the stripes and would sell them to you for a good price if you are interested.
  7. I think I have the VF-2 option . I can't check right now As i am in the Hospital. Once I get sprung from this joint (tomorrow at the latest) I'll check for you.
  8. Microscale has them for your scale and aircraft? http://www.microscale.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=MD&Product_Code=AC48-0004&Category_Code=AC48
  9. The Acrylic line are all similar in that they are Vinyl water based acrylics. I think they are all made in Spain so they may all come from the same manufacture with just a slight different formula for each brand...I find They All are VERY fragile until fully cured and after that they still don't take to much handling. I spray them and leave them for a few hours then clear coat them. It kind of ruins the speed aspect you should get with fast drying acrylics. I may try adding in some of Mission Models Poly Additive to see if It will increase the durability. Now I really like the brush line Model Color I do all my figures with them, I just love the way the paint lays down. I have not run into the issue you have encountered. I wonder also if you just have a bad batch. I understand you cant bring them back but maybe contact the retailer and maybe they will send you some replacements...or contact Vallejo Direct they may do something for you...
  10. viper730

    Prowler Nose Cone destroyed. Options?

    Maybe contact Kinetic/Lucky Models. You can follow the instructions on this in this link..good luck! http://www.kineticmodel.com/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=4
  11. viper730

    AK Interactive real color paints

    Yep just found out they changed the Formulation a lil while back to be pure Lacquer. No big deal I was confused because first they marketed it as an Acrylic Lacquer. Really the only thing I wanted was a few colors to supplement my Tamiya panit stash. Like a dozen or so specific modern USN/USAF colors. I took the 125 mile round trip ride today to the LHS as they just got in another batch of the colors and some of the AKI High Compatibility Thinner which I bought. Did a lil test and their stuff works well and I like the Paints. So Mission accomplished as They will make a nice compliment to go with Tamiya paints.
  12. viper730

    AK Interactive real color paints

    Anyone use water with these my colors turn into a blob when I added water or X-20A. yet 91% IPA is fine as are MLT and Tamiya LT and store brand. Lacquer very confused as to why a Acrylic Lacquer wont thin with water
  13. viper730

    Static discharge wicks

    I use fine nylon bristles from cleaning brush a tooth brush or similar. I drill a #87 hole at the attachment point and put them in place with thin CA next I cut them to length and finally paint. They work great and are almost un-damageable ...🙃
  14. viper730

    Iwata Neo CN dual action airbrush any good?

    It's a basic entry level AB. IMO it's a step down not up. If you're looking to step up There are lots better ones out there. Here's Just a few to look into. Iwata Eclipse HP-CS. It can be found for 150.00 or less and it is a GREAT AB...The Talon mentioned above is very good and you can buy the Talon pkg. with 3 needle sizes and a fan tip. I bought it for the fan tip option and really like the way it performs. I use the fan tip for all clear coats and single color applications.Never realized how bad I needed a fan tip in my tool box!!! I have yet to use it for any other applications but would in a heartbeat if I needed to. I got mine for about 100.00 at SprayGunner.com. Some other excellent choices in the 150.00 and under range are Badger Renegade Chrome or the Xtreme Patriot don't personally own but have used them at a friends and they are pretty nice. Harder & Steenbeck make an awesome AB, the Evolution line is in that same under 150.00 range SprayGunner again...no I have no monetary interest in their store. As for me I have The Evolution Silverline with a .15 needle that makes mottling an easy task. I have the Eclipse and I also have a Tamiya Spraywork which is now discontinued by Tamiya America but still available in Japan. It too is an Awesome tool... I also have the Neo (impulse buy at Hobby Lobby for 30.00) but it' s more of there in case of emergency.... Just an FYI These are all essentially the same AB in that they are all double action gravity feed and the difference is hardly noticeable. I can load paint into any and get essentially the same hand feel, spray pattern etc. Only one the Eclipse is lacking a needle stop to help you to not flood paint while doing delicate Camo. You could add one if you wanted to, like the one found on the Iwata HP-C Plus,. Speaking of, it is also an option but pushes 190.00. All said These are just a few of the many many many options that are slightly more than the Neo. You may have wanted to save a few bucks but I found out the hard way ...buy the best tools you can up front cause you will likely be disappointed if you don't. Sorry if this is disjointed currently battling a really bad sinus infection and it feels as if my head is about to explode!!!!!! good luck and also chack youtube for reviews cheers
  15. viper730

    Does Tamiya X-22 gloss go bad?

    My bottles last 2 months on Avg, and mine turns blue but I thin it with either Tamiya Lacquer or Mr. Leveling Thinner. For me It does not affect the final color so unless it turns into a gelatinous mess in your AB I think it's fine.