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  1. Oh well so much for my summer Vacation.....But it is the wise decision. Hope I can make it to Omaha Omaha.
  2. Wow I hope it's the mildest of cases It does not spread through your whole family and you Get Well ASAP!!!!
  3. Just saw on the website the Mr Color Aqueous Line of paints are coming back and some are already in stock...Good Stuff indeed.
  4. I'm all registered and ready to go but If there is a spike I will cancel. My health issues make me hesitant to start with so any negatives give me more reason to rethink attending. But trust me I really really want to go.
  5. Have to think being out of money is due in large part to undercutting their wholesale accounts. They never did find that balance of offering good everyday prices along with occasional sales aimed at the online retail customer vs Not undercutting the wholesale sale price to a Hobby Store. With constant every week below wholesale price sales they did just that. I guess it was an attempt to get an influx of cash. Thing is they have been doing it for close to 10 years now. Who really knows how many Stores dropped them for distribution needs and how much money is gone from the books but loosing what is likely all your wholesale accounts is devastating, so here we are. Fortunately for us Sprue Brothers seems to have found that balance. Thanks Gordon!
  6. Plan to make the trip over. I have my Room booked for a while and next week will pay for my registration. Now I just need to finish the models....
  7. I use to get a box of goodies every few weeks from them. These days I may order a kit or supplies every 4 months. Thinking the last order was maybe Black Friday 2019...and yes still waiting for those available to order items that will never show up LOL.... Company is s shell of itself from they were only a few short years ago.
  8. Just saw that Lone Star Models is set to release the Cobra Company one. Orders reopen in June. I need one myself and plan to jump on it as soon as he opens the order links.
  9. Keep in mind they may still be shut down due to the Virus. As stated when things are normal they are excellent!
  10. Love the homemade splatter stencil...Thanks
  11. If you don't have any luck Try Lightspeed Global for the parts. My friend needed the nose sprue for a kit and they were able to get it for him in about 2 weeks. That time will be a LOT longer now as his dealings were pre-virus. Below are instructions direct from their website. Like you said If its discontinued just use a current kits info to obtain the parts. Can I order replacement parts? We cannot make any guarantees about replacement parts, however we will try to source them. Please email info@lightspeedglobal.ca and indicate the following: Brand Model / Model Number Part Your contact information, including name, phone number and shipping address Note: The average cost for a replacement part, including shipping and handling, will be $15 within North America. Exact charges will be determined once we have the part and your shipping address.
  12. I missed out on getting a Camel so I am in search of any boxing EXCEPT the Ships Camel. I have a Fokker D.VIIF Hermann Goering for trade. Straight up we each pay shipping. USA Only. You can reach me at bcavet @ hotmail dot com. Thank You Brian
  13. Just saw these at Sprue Brothers and now thgey are headed to my stash. ...I saw them on Face book but the price is not cheap and then add on Shipping from Canada prevented from buying...If you have not seen them all I can say is WOW ..link https://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/kmdklg4802tam.htm
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