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  1. Beyond our control The Venue has changed for our show. We received a call and were told the Clarion was sold and would be closed down before our show. With that we went into panic mode. Well no worries we were able to find a venue we could use on short notice. So June 22nd we will be back at the American Legion Hall on Ronald Reagan Hwy which is still in Covington please pass the word. All the info is at https://www.northshoremodelers.net/copy-of-home Hope to See you there!
  2. viper730

    J*A*G TV Show Fans ...Rabb is Back....

    😂I had to do the same thing.
  3. viper730

    J*A*G TV Show Fans ...Rabb is Back....

    As for call signs it's still Hammer...I remember one of those episodes when he was back in the fleet. They were flying over Kosovo and a Tomcat took some AAA. It was down to one engine and loosing fuel. But no worries. Rabb was able to push it to safety by its tailhook so the pilots could bail out in friendly waters. That part of The story was inspired but true events over Nam...Always liked when they gave a nod to such things...
  4. viper730

    J*A*G TV Show Fans ...Rabb is Back....

    I know that Sunday slot always seems to have an issue with live sports. I usually just extend the recording an hour or 2.
  5. But it's made by Kitty Hawk.....
  6. Just came across an article that he will reprise his role on NCIS LA...His new job Is as the CAG and XO on the fictional USS Intrepid. It is for the last 2 episodes this season starting this Sunday and next weeks finale on the 19th. Then 2 episodes at the beginning of next season. Also to make an appearance is Sarah "Mac" Mackenzie in the Finale this year. I kind gave up on the NCIS franchise over the last few years but I was always a fan of JAG so I will have the DVR Fired up to record the episodes. Surely we won't see Tomcats but Rhinos are sure to make an appearance ... Heads or Tails?
  7. viper730


    Same here.
  8. viper730

    Gator Grip Acrylic Glue

    Maybe you could bypass the online link and use this gatorsmask@yahoo.com HTH
  9. viper730

    Fightertown Decals

    Depending what you ordered He had put out a notice about new sheets being delayed from Cartograf don't remember the reason to why... They are now in hand as of a day or 2 ago. I know this only b/c He made a Facebook post of him packing everything into their bags..No doubt you WILL get your stuff just a matter of Him catching up.
  10. viper730

    Flory models sponge sanding sticks

    Cant speak to Flory models stuff but Infini Models make an excellent product...
  11. SOLD Thank You! Lightly used mainly for clear coats. Asking 25.00 plus shipping. USA only. PayPal or Money Orders Cheers Brian
  12. That is right we are moving our Annual Show to Summer this year. To fill a gap in the I-10 Corridor Show schedule Northshore Scale Modelers are moving this years date to June 22nd. More info can be found here https://www.northshoremodelers.net/copy-of-home Hope to see you there!
  13. I can't say for sure if they are for Tamiya. Once I get home from the Hospital Let me check my stash as I think I have a Tamiya B/C Blue Nose Snoots Sniper kit with Cartograf decals that include the Invasion stripes. I don't plan to use that scheme or the stripes and would sell them to you for a good price if you are interested.