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  1. Have 2 F-14A's and one F-14D for sale. 40.00 ea plus shipping send emails with at least your zip code for a shipping quote to bcavet @ hotmail dot com Thank You
  2. I just used the 770 with MRP(Mr. Paint Slovakia) colors to do a 1/48 Spitfire. WOW is all I can say. I free handed the dark earth/middle stone camo and it looks like I masked it, super tight lines. I had previously used it with Tamiya and Mr.Color and it was impressive but with MRP it's even better. Highly recommend this tool...It will make the average(me) modeler much better!
  3. Block 30 GE engine Block 32 Pratt-Whitney engine. you can find more info here http://www.f-16.net/f-16_users_article7.html HTH.....BTW Tamiya only makes "F-16C" model kits...Typo maybe?
  4. This is so sad a report says five have died in the incident. Just awful for all and the families and friends affected by the crash... https://www.wfsb.com/news/five-people-killed-in-b--crash-at-bradley/article_d514bd24-e51d-11e9-b6ac-47e02ec67428.html
  5. Vallejo (Not the Air) hand brush pretty well IMO.
  6. No Issue with HW-USA either. I will continue to buy paints etc. from there also. Thing is It's nice to have a second source. If Company A is Out of a color Company B may have it in stock. I doubt I'm the only one who has run out of paint in the middle of a session....For me it's usually cause I just knocked the bottle over....🤣
  7. One mans junk is another mans treasure...🤣
  8. Just checked in at Sprue Brothers and on the whats new/home page they had an announcement that MRP aka Mr.Paint from Europe is on the way....Get you list ready I know I am!
  9. From a build standpoint it was great. I am not a big rivet counter. I'm in the camp if it looks like the subject then I'm fine with it. To me their 190D loos like a 190D...It's a relatively low parts count kit but has enough detail to satisfy most. 😁
  10. I recently built Tamiya's A6M3 #61108 . Like 61103 it is an EXCELLENT kit. Comes with wing tip folding parts and masking. Besides 1 seated pilot you get 4 standing ones which is a nice touch. From my point of view no aftermarket is needed. They are both recent releases with 61103 coming out in maybe 2009+/-. Hobby Boss does make some clunkers. I have 5 started HB kits that well...... I will finish them one day but I have to be in the mood for a fight when I open them up. Then I have 2 HB that went together like a dream. The A1B Jet and FW190D9. The A team must have designed those 2...🤣
  11. What about the canopy you add to the frame?
  12. I've lost count. I have so many My friends come over to my hobby shop errr house to buy model kits...LOL
  13. For fittings try hollow fly tying fishing lure tubing material.. I got mine off Amazon. I bought midge size and micro size. I dont know the dimensions but they are both really really small. If interested try this search term at amazon. HTH Micro Hollow Tubing Fly Tying Material
  14. Ever since Hobbico went under I have been trying to to find some replacement parts for those I screwed up building a 1/48 Growler. Well my search for a source is OVER. I ran across a new to me company called Lightspeed Global. They are HQ'd in Canada but also have a US address. I sent them an email through the contact page spelling out my situation and within a few emails and a few hours they had ordered my parts from Japan and today just over 2 weeks total the parts are en-route to me. GREAT Service I must say and finally I can get back to work on the Growler..http://www.lightspeedglobal.ca/product/search?PageIndex=1&PageSize=20&Sort=A&SortAsc=True&TotalRecords=0&TotalPages=0&MaxNumberOfPagesToDisplay=0&PagingStartIndex=1&PagingEndIndex=0 HTH the others seeking parts!
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