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  1. That’d be a great fit in 1:35.
  2. Agreed, tracking down the AVN company
  3. I was thinking about the PBR lift and I “think” it maybe the 355th avn Company that did it. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  4. Would you consider a fourth with Army fatigue cap? this guy looks terrific !
  5. 05112 looks to be a D/H with the anti-Strella device as well as the incorrect fuselage for a B.
  6. ICM hinted at switching it to 1/35th a while ago. I'd be unsurprised if there wasn't a D/H in their pipeline Regarding this beast, they were not aware of the Pod.If anyone has that info, Contact them ,they do pay attention . Yep, I'm down for one of these .
  7. Thanks, that sounds like a plan/ 20p might be better
  8. Decided to finally get off my leadbottom and do these. Question I have is buying a -10 for each aircraft a worthwhile purchase? I am sure I can find more useful items in the -10 but was curious about the mounts foremost. The Gallery/Trumpeter H-34s have them in the box and even the Operation Deep freeze box art shows one. Instructions say nothing . Another thing in the Gallery kits are a series of what appear to be bomb racks. Is there a good reference for these? Sorry about my ignorance, but hopefully some advice will correct that.
  9. Contact their customer service; extremely responsive and get it down quickly. I am happy with them.
  10. Good Lord, i am shocked to hear this Chris . I grieve with you
  11. I received my ski set today . First off, those babies are BIG ! Nice detail. full and clear instructions and some nice photos as well. Floyd also kicks in a Jolly Green Foot print decal too . I'm pretty pumped and this looks like the perfect post wedding project . Great item from Werner's Wings!
  12. Well, yeah, still disappointed it's in 1/48th instead of 1/35th but I understand the reasoning behind it . Sooooooooooo looks like a 1/48th Huey WILL be in my future despite my earlier fit of pique elsewhere . If these sell, the 1/35th should follow so a win all around .
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