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  1. Kursad any chance of doing a sheet of some of the colorful schemes used on natural metal ANG F-100s from the early 60s? Thanks Marshall
  2. Thanks Kursad for your response...Will we see any ANG aircraft on this sheet?
  3. Kursad could you give us some news and updates on the C-119 sheet coming in the future....Thanks Marshall
  4. Guys looking for Tiger Wings decal sheet 72104 ROCAF C-47A/B and JU-52..Any help greatly appreciated!!...Thanks Marshall
  5. Wonderful job Andrew!!!!....Where did you get the other decals from?....Marshall
  6. Andrew how you achieved that paint job on this project is something we would all like to know!!!!....Love Air Guard aircraft!!!...Again this is an awesome job with a difficult do it yourself project!!!!
  7. Kursad i know this may not be a new topic but with all the kits in various scales for the F-86 Sabre/Sabre Dog series and with so many colorful ANG schemes that exist for these aircraft is this a project you may consider in the future?...Those beautiful Alaska Air Guard F-86 sabres in artic red to all the colorful day glo red/orange schemes for the sabre dog series are just a few examples for this classic aircraft in this era...Have to believe a series of these sheets would be of great interest to so many!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Agree!!!...Would love to see a sheet in this scale for both natural metal and SEA scheme ANG F-100s!!!!
  9. Would love to see a decal company do ANG history sheets for certain states....Vermont would be perfect for that!!!...Have seen photos of the F-4Ds without the yellow tail bands and the lettering would fit from the F-16 sheets...An F-89 in the ADC grey scheme could also be done as well with decals from the scrap box...Have seen photos of the B-57Cs in overall black with both red and white lettering as well as one in a SEA scheme that shouldn't be that difficult to find decals for..A 1/72nd scale EB-57 with the colorful paint schemes they had is still a dream!!!
  10. Kursad with the profusion of kits in all scales for the beloved "Herky Bird" we will ever see some sheets for the C-130?...In the Air National Guard squadrons they alone have some markings and paint schemes that would be of great interest to many!!!
  11. Would love to see this sheet in 1/72nd scale!!!!!!!!!!
  12. The F-4 Mig Killers in 1/72nd scale would be awesome!!!..These are subjects that i don't believe have been done in this scale!!!
  13. Thanks Brendon for your response..Would love to see a kit of the HC-130 series in this scale
  14. Guys any opinions on the best kits of the C-130 in 1/144th scale?...Have heard mixed reviews on the Amodel and Minicraft kits...Any thoughts on what are the best?....Also do you know if any company is planning on releasing some aftermarket resin sets for those kits?...Thanks Marshall
  15. Agree!!!....Hope we see these in 1/72nd scale along with sheets in the future for some of the colorful ANG F-84Fs of that era!!!!
  16. Kursad some colorful C-119s in ANG service from Wyoming,West Virginia,and California in natural metal and day glo orange schemes would be nice!!!!!
  17. Diego thank you for your response!!!!Just bought F-4 sheet 72055 from another dealer that was out of stock at Hannants and am glad to hear this news!!!!..Thanks Marshall
  18. Is HiDecals now history?...Noticed some very depleted stocks on Hannant's recently and was wondering if they are still around...Thanks!!!
  19. Just ordered mine!!!! Hope some C-130s and C-141 sheets for the new Roden kit will be in future!!!!!
  20. Does anyone know where i could find reference on the F-94s that took part in the interception of UFOs over Washington DC in the famous or infamous UFO case of 1952...Thanks Marshall
  21. Kursad have you considered doing a sheet of ANG F-100s in natural metal schemes for both 1/48th and 1/72nd scale?...Thanks Marshall
  22. Love aircraft of the ANG..Just wish we had more decals for some of the aircraft of the 1950s and 60s!!!
  23. texasraider


    Would love to see some sheets in 1/72nd scale for some of the ANG units that flew the B-57!!!
  24. Kursad will we ever see those wonderful sheets of the F-100 you have done in 1/48th scale in 1/72 like you have done with other Century Series fighters like the F-101 and F-102 ?....Thanks Marshall
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