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  1. Thanks for the info!!!!....Marshall
  2. Does anyone know who makes makes custom decals at a reasonable price for 1/72nd ans 1/144th scale kits?...Thanks Marshall
  3. Does anybody know a good reference source for the color schemes the 1st Sentai Ki-27s had in the Malayan Campaign?....Thanks Marshall
  4. Guys looking to buy Rising Decals sheet 72022 "The Emperor's Eyes"....Will pay a decent price for it and can use PayPal...Thanks Marshall
  5. Great news Kursad!!!...Along with the KC-135 series would love to see some sheets in this scale for some ANG C-130s. as well!!!!....Thanks Marshall
  6. Guys thanks for the response....Hopefully it will be a yes when i ask!!!....Thanks Marshall
  7. Does anyone know if the Speed Hunter Graphics decal sheets for the F-4s,F-15s,and A-7s will be released in /72nd scale?..Thanks Marshall
  8. Kursad are there still plans to do some F-94 sheets in the future?...Would love to see some sheets in 1/72nd scale for the F-94B and C....The NY,VT,and MASS ANG carried some very colorful schemes that would make some great subjects...Thanks Marshall
  9. Hope we see the Utah and Washington ANG birds!!!!!
  10. A dream come true!!!!!!!!.....Thanks Kursad!!!!
  11. Sheets are awesome Kursad!!!! Any chance we will see them in 1/144th scale for the Minicraft kits for those of us who have limited shelf space? ...Thanks Marshall
  12. Thanks for the response....I know almost anything they produced is almost impossible to find....Thanks Marshall
  13. Does anyone know a source for products from DB Productions?...Looking for DB19 the EB-57E intake set..Thanks Marshall
  14. Does anyone know what the markings will be for Minicraft's C-130J-30 that is due to be released in December...Also does anyone know if AModel or Minicraft has plans for a HC-130P or LC-130 in the future...Thanks Marshall
  15. Any chance we will see a sheet for the Pavehawks?....Would like to see a sheet that would include the CA and AK ANG!!
  16. Does anybody know of someone who could do the unit insignia of the 187th of the Wyoming ANG?....Would love to do some of their aircraft of the 50s in in 1/72 scale and C-130s in 1/144th scale of the 70s and 80s...Thanks Marshall
  17. Thanks guys...Would like to see the basic markings done and the fluorescent markings could be hand painted later on. Thanks Marshall
  18. Thanks for the response guys....Will send an email to Greg to see if this could be a future project...Thanks Marshall
  19. Does anyone know if there are decals in 1/144th scale coming in the future for the Fire Bomber C-130s of the NC,WYO,and CA ANG?...Thanks Marshall
  20. Thanks guys for the response!!!!
  21. Does anyone know a good source for DP Casper Decals?...Looking for sheets 72009 Java Sea and 72015 Operation Weserubung...Thanks Marshall
  22. I am looking for a few unit insignias for aircraft in 1/72nd and 1/144th scale....Does anyone know who does custom made decals for something like this?...Thanks Marshall
  23. Awesome!!!!!! Can't wait till these sheets are ready!!!!...Thanks Marshall
  24. Does anyone know if there is any plans for some decal sheets for ANG KC-135s for the new Minicraft kits?....Would love to see some sheets for Maine,Utah,Washington, and New Hampshire to name a few!!!...Thanks Marshall
  25. Sorry i meant "Old Shaky" LOL....Can't wait for the new decal sheets to come out!!!!!!
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