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  1. The Bicentennial NJ ANG 105Bs were nice looking aircraft....Just love the old Century series aircraft that served in the Guard
  2. Kursad any chance wee could see some ANG F-105s sheets in the future?....Many of the Superscale sheets are ancient now and hard to find....Thanks Marshall
  3. Awesome looking sheet!!!!...Can't wait till its in 1/72nd scale!!!!
  4. Would love to see the RF-4 Rhinos from all the states in just about any scheme!!!!
  5. As a great fan of ANG aircraft would love to see a sheet in 1/72nd scale for this classic cold war interceptor
  6. Kursad any chance we see some ANG F-4 sheets in 2013?...Would love to see DC,Georgia,and California on that first sheet!!!!!
  7. Thanks Marv and Kursad...Would like do to couple of the C-130s in 1/144th and some of 187th's aircraft in 1/72nd from the 50s when they were an interceptor group
  8. Can't wait to get this sheet!!!...Awesome!!!!
  9. Does anyone know where i could find someone who could make the Cowboy insignia of the 187th from the Wyoming ANG in 1/72nd and 1/144th scale?...I would pay a good price for them.....Thanks Marshall
  10. Can't wait till the 1/72nd sheets come out!!!!
  11. Great news Kursad....A TEX ANG of the 111th FIS would be especially nice!!!!!!
  12. These are awesome sheets Kursad....Do hope they appear in 1/72nd scale sooner than later!!!!
  13. Can't wait for the sheets to come out in 1/72nd scale....Love the Hun and all the old Century series jets!!!!
  14. This is a great idea!!!!!...A number of colorful schemes and some great subjects from a number of eras and states
  15. Does anyone know the release date for some ANG F-86D/Ls sheets coming from Draw Decals?
  16. Can't wait for this sheet in 1/72nd!!!.....Like all the options especially the 111th FIS !!!!!
  17. The F-4s of DC,Georgia,Vermont,and Illinois have never been done....With those and others that have not been done or need some updated sheets and this would be an awesome project....Throw in some ANG RF-4 Rhinos and its even better!!!!
  18. Looking for reference on the RF-80s that flew with the Tennessee and Mississippi ANG..Any photos greatly appreciated....Thanks Marshall
  19. Thanks Norm..Saw a pic of one in an SEA scheme in Rene Francillon's old book on the Air Guard that came out in the 80s.....Will try to track down the Aerofax Book....Thanks Marshall
  20. Thanks Andre.....Trying to hunt down that book as well...Thanks Marshall
  21. Does anyone know of where i could find some reference on the C-119Gs in SEA camo schemes that were flown by the WV ANGs 130th SOS in the early 70s ...Thanks Marshall
  22. Thank you sir....Getting together some reference material on various ANG projects i would like to do in the future...Thank You for your service to our country....Marshall

  23. Does anyone have any pics of the C-130Bs that served with the North Carolina Air Guard in the 70s when they were in the SEA camo scheme?....Thanks Marshall
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