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  1. Frankly, re F-15 if it was me I'd just take 'em all apart and swap Mudhen longerons into the whole fleet--the E and derivatives have to absorb much more stress anyway, so using overstrength parts for the C's mission set would allow a better safety-margin for pushing the envelope in combat, especially with the addition of -229 or -232 engines to offset the slight added weight--if a clean E with 229s can move, a lighter and cleaner C with 3K# thrust MORE per engine should be even better.
  2. Did you guys hear we're not gonna have the Hot Dog Vendor "SME" to kick around much longer? Seems Gawker, FA/Jalopnik's parent company, got hit with bankrupting punitives on the Hulk Hogan lawsuit. On the one hand, liquidation may teach them a thing or two... on the other hand I'm having nightmares about the Hulkster trying to take over FA and talk mil/tech toys without seeming even more of an idiot. Oh BTW, on design flaws, how bout the known under-strength (I mean, corner-cut and not even made to contracted design spec) F-15 longerons that McDickless Douchebags was paid megabucks to fix back in the '80s and never did?
  3. Perhaps an easier approach would be to post the sprue-maps of the existing kit, and see if we can leave any sprues un-changed.
  4. I know Wings of War gamers who would kill to go up against that beast... Thorsten and I have exchanged correspondence about converting his P into a Q. Beautiful model! Trivial note: the Q gains a full gas-cell (10m) just ahead of the tail-taper, and a 5m half-cell somewhere in the front, relative to the P. Before the Airship Modeler site died, Zeppelin expert Andreas Horn and I exchanged a few notes and he sent me some of his notes from his own research in the Zeppelin archives.
  5. I'm gonna ditto almost everything the guys above have said, since my personal wish (Tomcat 21 concept) is Snowball in Hell.
  6. Stupid question--been away a while and not sure if this is the best place to stick it, so apologies if I've goofed and I'd appreciate a redirect. :) Two questions... 1. Anything new in F-15 conversion parts, like for the SA or SG with those trapezoid sensor housings next to the rear cockpit? 2. Anyone have any data about those 1/9 and 2 Main/8 Main dual-rails that SA is carrying? My gut would say to just use the off-the-shelf rig used on Hornets if it works, but this being Defense Procurement we know how they love to reinvent the wheel for that extra bit of profit.
  7. Have I not said before, speaking from professsional experience *as* a Recovering Journo, that "Journalistic Ethics" is an oxymoron, and anyone who still believes the charade of them is half of one?
  8. Is that like that sniper meme about "Smile... Wait For Flash"? :) lol
  9. DC, both civil and military, is like a toilet bowl: the biggest and fattiest turds float to the top, and it's overdue for a flush.
  10. ROFLMAO! Especially with how LEGO Fanboiz can rival the most rabid Hornet Mafia Cultists in the Bitchy Little Girl department... seriously, apparently there's an unposted First Commandment on some sites about "Thou Shalt Never Criticize the Holy LEGO in Even The Slightest Most Trivial Way."
  11. Even LEGO's hopping onto the F-35 bandwagon... Though it's been modified into a two-seater, and the colors are a near-ripoff of 1984 Transformers Thundercracker... LOL
  12. Not a 5G guru, but I'd venture that existing AWACS/JSTARS will still have a niche... the F-35s can't be everywhere and bird-dog everything for everybody even when deployed in quantity, so the big old buses will still have a place feeding data to the older fighters until they're fully replaced. Think "Local" vs. "Regional" coverage--and I'd also expect the older birds to pick up a new role as relays and data-processors to help assemble and distribute the Big Picture. Just an Armchair Analyst's two cents though--I would say Guarded Optimism is the order of the day. Also, Cuda and other next-gen AAM concepts came up chewing the fat with an Eagle jock I know over at AOPA Forum--he mentioned his personal wishlist including some kind of "Advanced Long-Range AAM" with more Reach Out & Touch Someone than Slammer, but the stumbling block we both saw was that any future weapon has to fit into F-22 and F-35 bays--which means no bigger than the "box" formed by the fintips of an AIM-120C, possibly even needing a retractable-fin design and perhaps even one side "notched" to allow clearance space for the launcher.
  13. Oh, here, just for laughs the latest from the Corporate Welfare Queen: I'm of half a mind to use their link and tell my Congressvermin "WHY? Stupor Hornet is the past and just so much Corporate Welfare--F-35 is the future, and the sooner we get it stood up the less it will cost long-haul." And THAT's why McDickless Dumb@ss is getting their arse kicked in all sectors, overreliance on iteration rather than innovation and only having retreads of the same old offerings to push rather than anything new and next-generation. It's gonna be real interesting once Mitsubishi establishes themselves with their new Regional Jet and decides they're ready to join the Big Leagues... Hell, they already build around half of 787 anyway, so how much leap would it be to do the other half? And oh by the way, how's it ethical for a CEO to on HIS time lobby employees to lobby Congress on THEIR time? Seems to me McNutless Wonder shouldn't even be able to use corporate email as a lobbying resource, if "ethics" were still geniumely a thing...
  14. I'm sorry, to me Political Correctness is an insult, "we don't think these people are good enough to make it on their own so we have to help them." Condescending and patronizing. Where's my Affirmative Action program for an autistic fighter pilot? *snort* :P I've yet to see a plane that cared if the hands on its controls wore nail polish or not, or the eyes on its instruments had mascara around them... only that the person in the seat had sufficient size and strength to reach the controls and exert the leverage required to operate them, and the mental faculties to keep up with the data it presents to them and provide appropriate input to them. Machines in general are far more truly Equal Opportunity than many people, in my experience...
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