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  1. I have the same kit in the stash, will be looking forward to seeing how your's turns out.
  2. 1/176 Hasegawa F-14A (COIN/BASIC series)
  3. Sorry that it took so long to post an update. Between the last update till now, I've gotten the main body assembled and painted. The Light Gull Gray over White scheme looks attractive but takes a long time to mask. I also had to paint the tan for the radome, the anti-glare panel, the gray for the wing sweep bags, and the red for the fin tips and ventral fins. The decals were classic Hasegawa vintage. They went on okay, but are very thick. There are not a lot of them to apply for this model and things progressed quickly by this point. After that, I gave the model a basic dark wash and got everything assembled and ready for the final semi-gloss coat. I will hand paint the canopy later and then call this build done.
  4. Nagao-san uses PayPal and you need to create an account for it. After creating a PayPal account and getting the final amount payable from Nagao-san's email, you can choose to send money from your account page and enter the email address (listed above) and amount to send.
  5. Just send an email to Keishiro Nagao at lifelike@eos.ocn.ne.jp, along with the sheets, quantity you want, and address.
  6. Been slowly working on the F-14. I only managed to get the landing gear, Sparrows, and wings painted up till now. The paint is Tamiya's AS-16 Gray over AS-20 Insignia White. I also decided to open up the flat-faced intakes to make it look a bit better when viewed from the front. I'm also going to scratchbuild a small sensor pod for the nose later. This kit is missing the gun and the gun vents, I haven't decided if I want to show something for this area or just leave it alone so I can finish the build quicker.
  7. I would like to enter this little fellow into the GB if it's okay. Just a quick history of the kit: in 1980, Hasegawa released several kits as part of its new Coin series, so named because kids back then could buy them with a single 100 yen coin. They were meant as quick, easy builds for fun and also to introduce kids to the hobby. The F-14, F-15, F-16, and F-18 came first, followed by a OH-6, OH-58, Hughes 500, Jetranger, A6M Zero, and J7W Shinden a year later. In 1987, Hasegawa licensed the production of the Coin series to a Singaporean company called Howah International and was rebranded as the Basic series. The two Japanese prop planes were dropped from the lineup and the Teen series fighters were reissued with new decals (yeah, they were doing this 30 years ago too) to become the F-14A, F-15C, F-16A, and F/A-18A to make it a total of 12 kits in the series. I had my first experience with these kits when I was around 9 or 10, and was always on the lookout for them whenever my mother brought me along on her shopping trips. I used to crudely glue them together and slap the decals on them before playing make believe pilot. Now that I'm older but not necessarily wiser, I want to try doing it properly this time. The F-14A comes in a tiny box with the same box art as its equally classic 1/72 cousin, the old tool F-14A (https://www.scalemates.com/kits/130321-hasegawa-js-134-grumman-f-14a-tomcat). Markings are for a very early VF-1 bird. The instructions are on the back of the box. The sprues and decals. The kit is so old that one of the sprues has yellowed. The details are very minimal and the panel lines that are present are fine and raised. Measuring the length puts it at roughly 1/176 scale. The whole kit is really simple, I think one will spend more time painting it than actually putting it together. I'm a bit burned out after my Apache build and I need something that goes together real quick.
  8. 1/72 Academy AH-64D Block II (Early). The color came out looking real strange in the photos, not at all like I'm seeing it right now. Oh well. EDIT: Re-shot the photos in a different lighting to see if I could get the shade right. I think the photos below more accurately shows the color as the eye sees it.
  9. Finally finished it today. The rest of the build was fiddly but uneventful. More pics to follow in the finished build topic.
  10. Devastated. I'm really sorry for your loss. Stay strong.
  11. Got the flat coat on and unmasked the canopy, and I applied the decals for the white canopy detonation cord. The wings and engines were attached, as well as smaller pieces like the stabilizer and tailwheel.
  12. My last progress report of 2016. I've painted up the rocket launchers and Hellfires and applied the decals. I've also gotten the main rotor and Longbow radar painted and glossed, but I haven't applied the stencils for them yet. Unfortunately I've run out of gloss and I won't be able to get restocks until Tuesday at the earliest. I say I should finish this build by the end of next month or early February.
  13. Got the main body glossed and decals on over the Christmas weekend. The decal sheet comes with a full set of stencils, took me almost a whole day to apply them all. And that's not even including the markings for the rotors, Hellfires and rocket pods. But at least the hard part's out of the way. The Cartograf decals work well, but they're thin and have a tendency to fold over on themselves. Next will be a wash and flat coat before putting the main components together and then assembling the smaller bits.
  14. Been slowly working on this, but I'm on vacation now till the end of the year so I'll have more time for the build. Hopefully I can make some progress. Attaching the canopy was difficult because of the tight fit and it was difficult to take it off too. To make matters worse, the front instrument panel kept popping out whenever I put the canopy on, so I suspected that it may be too wide for the canopy. The main body was painted with Tamiya AS-6 Olive Drab over black primer. I think this looks about right to my eyes. The fit of the engines is so good that I'll leave them off until the end to make it easier to apply the decals. An example of the good engineering Academy did for this model. The engines and exhausts are separate pieces and this makes it much easier to paint. The exhausts are a simple push fit with no glue needed.
  15. If he had posted it in a less dismissive manner, maybe Kursad would have taken notice. Posting the link and just saying "do you know?" makes it sound like the blame is on Kursad for not doing his research beforehand. I don't know how you'd interpret it but it feels that way to me. And like I said, it contributes nothing to the discussion.