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  1. Thanks a lot for the tip, I'll keep that in mind for later.
  2. Been slowly working at this over the past week. I've managed to get the cockpit tub and instrument panels done. I've also been preparing the nose and forward fuselage parts. There are several panel lines that need to be filled and sanded or rescribed for the newer version of the Super Hornet, and these were duly completed. Lastly, I've tried to deepen the panel lines a bit as I felt they were fairly shallow and I wasn't confident of them being able to hold the panel line wash later. I did some dry fitting of the nose parts, which come in three pi
  3. From what I've found out, they have VFA-103, VFA-41, VFA-102, VF-114 (F-4J), VFA-101 (F-35C), and a panel masking set for the Meng F-35.
  4. This will be my 1st entry for the GB. I will use the Growler kit from my stash as it already has all the parts needed to build a F/A-18F. For the decals, I will use some Galaxy Model decals that I picked up from China. I haven't heard of or used this brand before this point so I have no idea about their quality. Hornets are not my strong point. So far, I've irreversibly wrecked a total of 6 Hornets during construction, 5 Academy and 1 Hasegawa. But a guy's gotta try. The decals. I picked up the VFA-11 markings and also a data sheet with stencils. Can't vouch
  5. I'm still confused about a couple of things, I hope somebody can clarify them for me: Are the squadrons only limited to those that are still flying today with a continuous linage like VFA-11? What about disestablished squadrons like VF-111? Are squadrons that took on the designation and name of previous squadrons like VF-84/VF-103 allowed?
  6. Was just about to post this. Good news for Tomcat fans, the best thing is that they won't have to buy the Model Graphix magazines just to get the whole kit this time.
  7. Came in here expecting news from Tamiya about a new 1:32 Tomcat, but it turned out to be another wish topic. Thanks for getting my hopes up.
  8. Those who said people are overreacting or being whiny and entitled are completely missing the point. From what I know, Photobucket did not give its users advance warning or a choice in this matter before pulling the trigger. No email saying anything like, "Hey, we're going to make some changes to our TOS soon, it's your decision to upgrade or move your photos to another host.". It came out of the blue, and plenty of unlucky users couldn't even access or download their albums because they had already busted the limit before this. If the idea of that doesn't make you uncomfortable in the slighte
  9. Managed to download my entire Photobucket album, including the pics that I posted here years ago. Not going to bother to update the broken links, I'm just glad that I have my photos back. I suggest everyone with an account log on and do the same, just click 'Download Album' in the lower right corner of your main page. Years from now, Photobucket will become a classic case of how a business committed suicide in a spectacular fashion.
  10. Don't forget that as a Japanese manufacturer, their primary concern is for the domestic market, that means mostly Japanese subjects, sci-fi and anime (all of which have seen several new tools in the past couple of years). They've already released most of the more famous Western subjects (Tomcat, Eagle, Raptor, Lightning II, etc), and it's hard to see them making new tools of the less popular ones when the majority of Japanese modellers probably have no interest in them.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWPv5o9o_f0 Full build of the Academy kit. Looks like a really nice kit. Will definitely get one when it's released here.
  12. "With that in mind it's the admins feeling that the builds that are shared are of a certain quality; builds that are clearly well done but offer the audience the chance to find flaws and learning opportunities in minutiae. The build that was shared, in retrospect, did not fit this criteria." This is a pretty elitist way of saying someone's build isn't good enough. If potential newcomers to the hobby or those who are just starting out with their first couple of kits feel that their builds have to be of a certain standard before they can even get a chance to learn from th
  13. I can't decide which is worse: posting someone else's builds without permission, or the ridicule that comes after that to satisfy their own inflated egos. There's a difference between being honest and just being a jerk.
  14. Just read the news that Masayuki Tamiya, the current president of the company since 2008, passed away from illness on May 1st at 59 years old. RIP Tamiya-san, and thanks for giving us so many awesome kits.
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