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  1. Don't forget that as a Japanese manufacturer, their primary concern is for the domestic market, that means mostly Japanese subjects, sci-fi and anime (all of which have seen several new tools in the past couple of years). They've already released most of the more famous Western subjects (Tomcat, Eagle, Raptor, Lightning II, etc), and it's hard to see them making new tools of the less popular ones when the majority of Japanese modellers probably have no interest in them.
  2. Hasegawa does have the option for horizontal or drooped exhausts on their 1/72 kit, strange that KH didn't follow suit for the bigger scale. Still looks like a pretty nice model though.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWPv5o9o_f0 Full build of the Academy kit. Looks like a really nice kit. Will definitely get one when it's released here.
  4. "With that in mind it's the admins feeling that the builds that are shared are of a certain quality; builds that are clearly well done but offer the audience the chance to find flaws and learning opportunities in minutiae. The build that was shared, in retrospect, did not fit this criteria." This is a pretty elitist way of saying someone's build isn't good enough. If potential newcomers to the hobby or those who are just starting out with their first couple of kits feel that their builds have to be of a certain standard before they can even get a chance to learn from the pros and get advice, they're going to get discouraged for sure.
  5. I can't decide which is worse: posting someone else's builds without permission, or the ridicule that comes after that to satisfy their own inflated egos. There's a difference between being honest and just being a jerk.
  6. Just read the news that Masayuki Tamiya, the current president of the company since 2008, passed away from illness on May 1st at 59 years old. RIP Tamiya-san, and thanks for giving us so many awesome kits.
  7. From the ongoing 56th Shizuoka Hobby Show. Source F-4C F-4D
  8. On pre-order at HobbyEasy with 20% off until end of May (final price $US45): http://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/tare0bal4idjzfrztyrj.html
  9. I want to try building a MiG-29 for this GB. Still trying to source some decals to make a Luftwaffe Fulcrum though...
  10. -The two piece cowls and the exhausts on Eduard's Spitfires. I can think of no other reason for Eduard to mold them the way they did other than trying to be too clever for their own good in a bid to impress. -The separate canopy and frame on Tamiya's 1/48 and 1/72 P-51Ds. Was it really too difficult for Tamiya to provide a canopy as a complete set instead of splitting it in such a dumb way? Hasegawa did it so why can't Tamiya?
  11. I like the breakdown of the fuselage for the Academy, it's going to be very easy to paint the metallic areas without having to spend time masking it. Clever way to eliminate the usual gaps between the CFTs and fuselage too. Pretty excited about this kit.
  12. Voted for the Harrier guide. I think the 1st Viper book is still relevant and comprehensive and as you said, the Harrier doesn't even have one.
  13. I have the same kit in the stash, will be looking forward to seeing how your's turns out.
  14. 1/176 Hasegawa F-14A (COIN/BASIC series)
  15. Sorry that it took so long to post an update. Between the last update till now, I've gotten the main body assembled and painted. The Light Gull Gray over White scheme looks attractive but takes a long time to mask. I also had to paint the tan for the radome, the anti-glare panel, the gray for the wing sweep bags, and the red for the fin tips and ventral fins. The decals were classic Hasegawa vintage. They went on okay, but are very thick. There are not a lot of them to apply for this model and things progressed quickly by this point. After that, I gave the model a basic dark wash and got everything assembled and ready for the final semi-gloss coat. I will hand paint the canopy later and then call this build done.