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  1. SORRY, just add ifrance.com/f15e-kit/ at the end (with no blank) of the top adress frame of this page....
  2. As i said in another topic, i have been workink since 9 month on the very old revell kit. This is the full scratched cokpit. much more in progress specialy the bomb bay witch is a full kit by itselve
  3. Yes i am working on a F117 nighthawk 1/32. ....since one year...... I have rebuilded everything, so it's a huge time-eater. I will have oportunity to light the cockpit and the bomb bay with leds. To make night pictures on parking before operation. I took many pictures of the built but i couldn't find time to post. IMPORTANT I found a way for people to see the picts from my different existing post on ARC you just have to put : ifrance.com/f15e-kit/ without blank at the end of the ARC adress in the adress frame. EX :http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?act=post&do=reply_post&f=14&t=89357 will be http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....e.com/f15e-kit/ THEN ALL THE PICTS WILL POP OUT cheers.
  4. richy

    GRIPEN drawings

    does anyone has a link to download maps? i have search on thoses links but unfortunaly i didn't found
  5. I bought the revell gripen 1/32 but unfortunaly i lost the nose cone. So, i am looking for acurate 3 view drawings of this plane on line to be able to rebuild the nose. Thanks a lot for your help. RICHY.
  6. richy

    jas grippen

    I saw this kit few years ago at a hooby shop in paris, but at this time i was not interested by that plane. Since, it as been bought by hungary, south african af and chezk af. I tried to find the kit but i was told that revell did a very small units mostly for people of the saab company. After some search i found a guy in Nice (france) that sold me one for 58euro. It's a good kit, same period as the revell fulcrum. If you use a ge 404 from academy hornet and a scratch cokpit and homemade decals it can do a very good and unusual model. Thanks for your answers :blink:
  7. richy

    jas grippen

    i found a 1/32 kit of the grippen but i am looking for good walkarounds to corect the revell kit. If you have good internet sites i am interested. Thanks for your help.
  8. I saw a walk around of the F-15K at "prime portal" i didnt know that type of F-15. Is it a strike eagle with GE engines instead of the PW, or there is more diferences?
  9. I saw on hannant site that trumpeter was going to release a SU 30 at 1/32 do you comfirm that information?
  10. very good plane, beautifull camo
  11. magnifique, bravo.......
  12. incredible, Zacto your definitly master scratch......
  13. "last cockpit test and everybody goes to bed...." 2AM .....when i think to my friends, who drink beers watching the match..... Hard time to serve in the navy...... That's all for tonight, if you like it, i will send a new story next week "replacing an engine" cheers. Richy.
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